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  1. Part 2: Knott's Berry Farm After recharging our batteries and getting used to the Pacific Time Zone, we made the quick trip over to Knott's Berry Farm for another day of fun. Our first stop of the day was the recently re-opened Calico Mine Ride. I'm a huge fan of quirky, old school rides and this one most definitely fit the bill. Knott's did a fantastic job with the renovations as everything looked great. The glory hole room was actually really impressive as were some of the animatronics. I also appreciated that the ride has different narrators so there's always a little bit of variation each time you ride. Speaking of old made new, our next stop was the Timber Mountain Log Ride since it was right there. Much like the Calico Mine Ride, this was recently redone by the park. I can honestly say that this is now probably one of my favourite flumes. You don't get overly wet and there's only one drop, but the atmosphere and theming of the ride are great. Better than that, it's just really fun. I still think I like the flume at Knoebels a bit more, but it's real close. With those done, we made our way over to the reason we were even at the park, Xcelerator. Holy. Crap. What a ride. It absolutely exceeded all my already high expectations. The launch was by far the best I've come across and provided a nice forceful kick. Coming up over the top hat, there was definitely some airtime to be found and the ride kept a lot of its speed through the two overbanked turns. This is what Dragster really should have been. The only criticism I can come up with is that it was too short. But, since it was the prototype and therefore expensive as balls, I can give it a pass. Still though...wow. It probably found its way into my top 10-15 or so overall. Up next was something that unlike Xcelerator, I was not looking forward to: Boomerang. At this point, I've lost track of how many I've been on. They're all the same, painful and aggravating. But, I'm not all negativity. Here to help us out is Swedish supergroup Abba, singing about what I presume are Vekoma Boomerangs. Take it away! Thanks, Abba! Right across from Boomerang you'll find our next stop, the park's wild mouse coaster, Coast Rider. The ride is a mirrored version of the large park model Mack wild mouse rides (e.g., The Fly, Ricochet, etc). I've never been a big fan of wild mouse rides, but this one was decent enough. The brakes weren't on too hard, so you got some fun laterals going through the hairpins. After getting a quick but non-snappy ride on the park's flyers (seriously...I've been spoiled by Knoebels), we found our way over to Pony Express. I remember hearing the announcement for this ride and then it just kind of disappeared from any conversation. To be honest, I can see why the ride has faded into obscurity. It doesn't really offer too much in the way of thrills and I've never been a fan of the Zamperla motocoaster trains. But...this is a good ride for younger kids who are starting to ride roller coasters or for those who don't want the intensity of either Montezooma's or Xcelerator. We continued on and made a stop at the ride I was looking forward to the least today: Ghostrider. While Xcelerator found its way into my top 10, Ghostrider found its way into my bottom 10. In fact, were it not for Hades 360, this would be dead last...and even then it's close. I HATED this ride. There was no good part about it. It was overly rough, incredibly painful and jerky as all hell. I never wanted to see a brake run as badly as I did on this ride. After that "experience", we grabbed lunch at Mrs. Knott's for some fried chicken. The food was great, but holy insanely large portions! The only time I've seen that much food on a plate in front of me was at Lambert's Cafe last year. Needless to say, I didn't eat all of it. I don't even think I got through half. After lunch, we made our way over to the "steel clusterf*ck" portion of the park. Seriously, the area is a giant mess with rides overlapping and twisting through one another. Our first stop was the park's Mack spinner, Sierra Sidewinder. Like Pony Express, after this ride was announced, it fell completely off everyone's radar, so I had no idea what to expect. It was...ok. We didn't really get too much in the way of spinning, which seemed to be standard watching the ride go through a couple cycles. If it had been a bit spinnier, it would have been a good ride instead of "meh". Continuing on, we came to the best surprise of the trip, Montezooma's Revenge. I had never been on a Schwartzkopf shuttle loop before and I was hugely impressed by this one. The launch packed a surprisingly good punch and the loop was full of awesome Schwartzkopf forces. We ended up riding this over and over again, which was a big (although pleasant) surprise. It's a real shame these are so far and few between these days. It was a real winner. Up next was Jaguar! (the punctuation coaster). I know it's a family coaster, but oh man, was this a boring ride. It just kind of meanders through the course and doesn't really do anything special, interesting or fun. The ride also seems to love long pointless straightaways. Though, that may be due to its excessively long train more than anything else. Our final credit (because we're not whores enough for the kiddie) was Silver Bullet. Silver Bullet is a ride of two halves. The first half is boring and is everything bad about modern B&M rides. The second half was a lot of fun and provided some surprising forces and thrills. That last helix was fantastic and so is the weird double wing-over thing it does before getting there. Basically, once you hit the zero-G roll, its a fun ride. Before that? Meh. With all our credits in hand, we hit up the S&S towers, the observation tower and re-rode Montezooma's, Silver Bullet and Xcelerator until the park closed. All in all, I really enjoyed Knott's. I had come in thinking it would be a typical "chain" park like Cedar Point (not that there's anything wrong with that), but was pleased with the theming and the attention paid to the park's long history. If I ever make it back out to California, Knott's is definitely on my must visit iist. But, enough of my rambling, here are some photos! Arriving at Knott's! I think this sums up Knott's well...old park charm, but with a hint of corporate. It's a house. Made of bottles. So, that's accurate then. New and improved! Loved this ride. It was a blast from the past. Train! Also new and improved, this was a great log flume. You may get wet! Yeah. They got wet. LOVED this ride. Even with it being rather short, it's still a top 10 overall ride. I think I'd put it *slightly* ahead of Storm Runner. But both of those are waaaaaaay better than Dragster or Kingda Ka And now for something decidedly less awesome Ouch ouch ouch This coaster's name is a pun. I'm not sure how to feel about that. Something about wild mouse rides just don't excite me. I dunno. Maybe it's one of those "been on one, been on all of them" type things Oooooh...fountainy Ride your pony, ride your pony Ride your pony come on, come on Mony Mony Surprisingly, there was an acceptable amount of wetness on this ride. We didn't get drenched! Great. Now I miss Silver Dollar City. Boooooooo OH GOD MY SPINE Pretty sure one of my kidneys shot out during this ride Sort of spinny, but not really Now that said, it was pretty fun I also like the crazy UFO-esque train design Only who can prevent forest fires? You have selected you, referring to me. That is incorrect. The correct answer is you. Well here was a pleasant surprise! They sure don't build loops like that anymore... It was surprisingly far up the spike too...wasn't expecting it Punctuation! Unnecessarily long train is unnecessarily long. I see why this is used for GKTW at Knott's. You can probably easily do 8 hours on this ride. Lame first drop But this part kicked a lot of ass It does have a really vibrant paint scheme, I will give it that. This is part of the "fun half" of the ride Really Knott's? You have a bunch of coasters at your own park you can put on your shirts, but you still go and choose Big One? *sigh* Observation tower fun! Bleh. Boooooooooo It really is a giant mess down there The S&S tower was pretty typical. Nothing really too exciting. Hurray for Xcelerator With a train...and dirty window. Here's some more Xcelerator because why not It seriously needs a new paint job though We rode the train and got held up by bandits! Up next: Six Flags Magic Mountain!
  2. Here are some of my favourites: X2's first drop Cyclops' "OMFG airtime" drop Jack Rabbit's "OMFG airtime" double down Any ARM Larson drop tower I305's first drop
  3. Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
  4. I'm a big fan of Kataklysm, so I've had my ticket for this show for a while. Definitely looking forward to it.
  5. Last night, I once again answered the call of the Gjallarhorn and saw Amon Amarth for the fifth time. In support were Skeletonwitch and Sabaton. I love all three bands (Amon Amarth being probably my all time favourite) so I had a fantastic night. Skeletonwitch only played for 30 minutes, which was kind of a letdown, but what they did play was pretty good. It had been a while since I'd been to a death metal show, and this set really reminded me why I like going. I'm fully convinced Sabaton is one of the best live acts out there. Every time I've seen them, they put on a great show. Also, the Toronto crowd LOVES them, so that really helps. Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them again next summer at Wacken. The last time I saw Amon Amarth, they were at Mayhem Fest and only played a 30 minute short set. So, it was great to have a full hour and a half of them this night. After six years and five concerts, I finally got to hear my favourite song, Fate of Norns played live. No matter what else happens in 2014, that will be my top concert moment of the year. Here are some pictures! Skeletonwitch! Sabaton! Amon Amarth!
  6. My 80 GB iPod Classic is maxed out at 10,587 songs. Well...I still have about 150 MB on there, but whatever. My iTunes library currently sits at 12,618. I recently ordered a 160 GB Classic after Apple announced they were being discontinued. Can't wait for that to get here.
  7. I completely agree with you about X-Flight. I found it to be really boring and dull. I also really liked Viper, though I've only ridden it last year when it was backwards. That was awesome.
  8. This doesn't surprise me. I've had a Platinum Pass since 2012 and almost every time I use it to park, I get a weird look. Hell, they were still using the 2010 Platinum Pass cards until this year. There's not as big a demand for Platinum Passes up here since the next closest park is a 6 hour drive from Toronto. That makes absolutely zero sense. For years, there has always been the BS "rumour" of the park moving to Woodstock or something. But beyond that, no.
  9. This just makes me miss Knoebels even more. It's going to be a long wait until next year's pilgrimage. *sigh*
  10. I'm going to second the queue for Phantom's Revenge. That thing is insanely long and is never used. I've never seen it get anywhere near even halfway on the bridge in the few times I've been there.
  11. In a bit of a break from what I normally see, a friend and I ventured back to Toronto for a night of power metal. We saw Amaranthe and Within Temptation who both put on a fun show. I'm normally not into power metal, but I enjoyed myself and had a good time, which is all that matters. Here are some photos Amaranthe! Within Temptation!
  12. I've only been on a handful of GCI coasters, but the one that had the most airtime was definitely Gold Striker. That thing was amazing.
  13. ^ Sometime before my recent visit this July. When I was there in 2011, you just left your bag on the platform, but this year things were different. But again...since it was free, it wasn't a big deal.
  14. They should take a page of Kennywood's book and give free 90 minute rentals like they do for Exterminator since that ride also has a very strict no bags policy. My last visit there, I saw more people just throwing their bags on top or beside the lockers than actually using them. Seems to be a very trusting Canadian way of doing it.
  15. ^ Which I think is a bit extreme. To be honest, I didn't notice too much of an improvement from earlier this season when they had the boxes to now where they make you use a l ocker. It's like, "Oh, you were going to the water park today? HAHAHA YOU OWE US $2 TO RIDE GUARDIAN!!"
  16. ^ This is true. When I was there last year, everything seemed to be in rough shape. Though, I do kind of want to buy Witch's Stew if only because it's so unique and wacky. If only I had Prince Desmond amount of money...
  17. I rode it hands up when I was there in 2013. Granted, I got whipped around something fierce in the turns, so I probably shouldn't have done that. Still a fantastic ride (my #1 steel too) though!
  18. My two all time favourite TV series were Breaking Bad and The Wire. Sadly, neither is still on the air. However, I do have both entire series on DVD/Blu-Ray...so good times. For stuff that's still on, I enjoy: - Bob's Burgers - South Park - Doctor Who - The Simpsons (ok...mainly old Simpsons, not newer ones) - The Daily Show - The Colbert Report - @midnight - Tosh.0 My guilty pleasure is also The Soup. I don't know why I love that show, I just do.
  19. Cedar Fair - Canada's Wonderland Six Flags - The Great Escape Disney - Epcot Univresal - Islands of Adventure Sea World - Busch Gardens Williamsburg Herschend - Silver Dollar City Palace Amusements - Kennywood Independent - Knoebels
  20. 1984! 1. Big Bad Wolf 2. Colossus The Fire Dragon (Lagoon) 3. King Cobra (KI) Jeez...apart from Big Bad Wolf, it was slim pickings that year.
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