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  1. Making an overall top 10 gets harder every year. Since I won't be getting any more new credits this year, here is the current list. 1. Outlaw Run 2. Skyrush 3. El Toro 4. Intmidator 305 5. Bizarro (SFNE) 6. Phoenix 7. Maverick 8. Boulder Dash 9. Xcelerator 10. Gold Striker
  2. Oh yeah. That's the stuff. Pity it will never duel again. It was an amazing experience.
  3. Not necessarily. The general consensus for Canada's Wonderland is that construction for 2016's ride will start early in the 2015 season after Skyrider's removal. Of course, we're all idiot enthusiasts, so we're likely wrong.
  4. ummmm.... WHAT?! How did you come to that conclusion? Well, it's obvious Darien Lake wants to set the record for "most standup coasters kept perpetually in a field". This is their chance to really hit the big time.
  5. Seriously. Shockwave and CGA Vortex are two of the worst coasters I've ever been on.
  6. That video doesn't scream "floorless conversion" to me. Looks like another standup bites the dust. But...what replaces it? Let the speculation begin!
  7. In a shocking twist, Cedar Point will be installing Skyrider from Canada's Wonderland. Or it'll be a Triotech dark ride.
  8. I was at Wonderland on the weekend to say farewell to Skyrider. I was pleasantly surprised by the standing air as I forgot how good it was. But I was brought back to earth by the general roughness and uncomfortable nature of the ride. While I'm always sad to see a ride leave, I won't shed many tears about losing Skyrider. I look forward to seeing what replaces it in the not too distant future.
  9. Let's not get carried away here, guys. We have no idea what's in store for the park. For all we know, they could just be turning Skyrider's station house into a haunt maze a la Drachen Fire. We won't really start piecing everything together until probably next year when (if) we see construction start happening.
  10. Wow. Just...wow. I really need to get back to SFMM now (didn't think I'd ever say that).
  11. Really? You guys are bitching about the potential of a twisting first drop? REALLY?
  12. The most I've had in a single year was 70 which I managed to do both in 2011 and 2013. Conveniently, those were the years I did TPR tours. This year, I've picked up 40 new credits, hitting #300 along the way. So, I can't really complain about that.
  13. YES Noah's Ark is amazing. Actually, Kennywood has a lot of really nice traditional rides like the Turtle, Kangaroo, Bayern Kurve, etc. that are not to be missed if you're at the park
  14. Pardon my relative ignorance, but what are the skeleton key rooms?
  15. Just to troll the internet nerds, I've been tempted to wear my RMC shirt (because let's face it, I am one of those internet nerds) and just stand around taking photos and "noting" stuff in a book by the Minebuster bridge or WWC area.
  16. I may be in the minority, but I'm hoping for a new woodie going through the WWC area. With all the absolutely fantastic new woodies being put in every year, I'm hoping Wonderland takes advantage of this new golden age of construction.
  17. ^ It's entirely for public perception. After about the first week or so, the crew on Behemoth had a system down to where the seatbelts didn't affect dispatch time at all. Granted, they are literally the longest seatbelts I think I've ever seen on a roller coaster, but still.
  18. "For a limited time, if you renew your 2014 Season Pass you will receive one free Fast Lane PLUS that can be used until November 1, 2014! Excludes Halloween Haunt." Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.
  19. So, with the announcement for the 2015 attractions and nothing major taking over Skyrider's old spot, I'd assume the space will be used for whatever 2016 is bringing. Let the speculation commence!
  20. Other than there being only one ride of interest and 10 miles between anything, what is so bad about it? I really really want to ride Dragon Mountain. It's an incredibly depressing place and the animals are not in good shape. Unlike Sea World and the Blackfish protesters, the people protesting Marineland are right. The park management has a really sketchy record keeping the animals healthy and well...alive. http://thewalrus.ca/the-marineland-dreamland/
  21. It's a shame you didn't get to ride Boulder Dash at night. It is absolutely insane and awesome at night. It's a night and day (pun FULLY intended) difference.
  22. Not that I really needed an excuse to go back to Hershey, but this looks like it could be a lot of fun. I look forward to checking it out next year.
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