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  1. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b8/999_Perspective.png Woooahh.
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  3. I hate it when guitar solos in songs start off sounding real huge and epic but only last a few seconds. Like in Nemo by Nightwish.
  4. Trapped in purgatory A lifeless object, alive Awaiting reprisal Death will be their acquisition The sky is turning red Return to power draws near Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears Abolish the rules made of stone Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above Awaiting the hour of reprisal Your time slips away Raining blood From a lacerated sky Bleeding its horror Creating my structure Now I shall reign in blood! What a happy song!! Ten points if anyone knows which band performs this song.
  5. I would go in one for a laugh, I would probably be terrified but it would never convert me to christian. Ever.
  7. Exactly, loads of young people are prejudice arseholes who dont know what the f**k they are talking about most of the time. And yes, most of them are chavs. There are also some wannabe goths who say they admire Hitler and think Rammstein are a nazi band. Idiots.
  8. Camo trousers Black socks Emperor T shirt White boxers And sunglasses for some reason.
  9. Great pictures, but can someone explain what a tootsie roll is please.
  10. The first time I heard Bruce Dickinson sing.
  11. Hey Elissa, can you change mine to "Metal Up Your Ass" please. Cheers.
  12. Being doing work experience at a music shop today.
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