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  1. ^I thought it was Sharon that egged Maiden, not Ozzy?
  2. That looks mint, im gonna have to sneak into it too!
  3. When English people say "Dude" loads. And when people say "Tough titty", what the hell does that mean?
  4. Non smoker here, cant wait for the public smoking ban to start.
  5. I saw some science textbook that had a picture of Nemesis in it.
  6. Apparently Metallica will be playing a huge gig in England this year, its gonna be announced on Monday.
  7. That song is probably why James Blunt is rhyming slang for...well you work it out.
  8. Im gonna buy Guitar Hero 2 in a few days.
  9. ^ Nah you wanna be playing some Deicide. They have songs like Kill The Christian and Homage For Satan.
  10. I learned that RE is even more shitty then I could ever imagine.
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