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  1. No Ever dropped a brick on your foot?
  2. 0 How many times have you woken up this week?
  3. mat says: those bumps at the end lmao steve says: they killed mat says: i nearly broke my neck About a ride at Hull Fair yesterday.
  4. Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedys The best punk rock song ever?
  5. Yeah im going on friday night, and many chavs shall be slayed.
  6. Why the hell would anyone want to do a dirty sanchez anyway? Dirty Sanchez is also the name of a crazy welsh Jackass style TV programme thats probably not on in the states. Search for it on Youtube, its hilarious.
  7. I really dont think N Korea will attack America, unless Kim Jong Il wants his country to be blasted from the face of the earth.
  8. Just played the new Trivium album, The Crusade, for the first time. Buy it. Now.
  9. Well thats the Doomsday Clock a few minutes closer to midnight then.
  10. Yes, but only ones from France. Do you own a Nirvana album?
  11. Coursework sucks, im behind on loads of lessons, it smells.
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