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  1. Did you no that more people get injured by doorways then on rollercoasters?
  2. T shirt: Black with metallica logo Trousers:Blue route 1 jeans (baggy) Black socks White boxers
  3. Best:Nemesis,that flat spin is crazy! Worst:Grand National,the dive under the walkway would be awesome but it has a evil trim brake that ruins the it.
  4. Yeah.monkeys are great! Do you like wearing jeans?
  5. Mine was probably the alton towers corkscrew,It reminded me of hitting my head between 2 bricks.
  6. My name came from my love for the band Slayer and the way i hate chavs in an ungodly way.
  7. Yeah i got google earth yesterday too.Its incredible! You can see the car in my driveway and the potholes on the road outside!Awsome!
  8. I think the big one at blackpool is underrated by lots of coaster enthusiasts but overrated by the media and the public.
  9. My home park is Flamingo Land and my favorite ride there is Magnum Force,because its real intense and its a schwarskof.
  10. I got stuck on the lift hill on Grizzly Bear at lightwater valley.There were 2 girls sitting behind me absolutly terrified because they thought we were going to roll back down the hill.We were stuck for about 15 minutes.Shame the ride was dull after the 15 minute stall though,it would have been ok if it was a decent ride.
  11. Seat belts on the National will wreck the ride,one of the best things about it was the way you feel insecure on it.
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