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  1. Great pictures! I always get travel sick on roads like those, the views are nice but I hate the roads.
  2. I have to go back to school on tuesday
  3. I nearly threw up after my brother made me watch some of that programme, I thought it was a bit too gross to be educational. I remember it being on a nine o clock which i thought was a bit strange too.
  4. Yes Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?
  5. Im skinny but I have never had a problem with loose restraints, in fact I prefer them to be loose.
  6. Aye, emo is popular at my school, most people at my school are either a scene emo person, a chav, a wannabe chav, an idiot, a nerd or a wannabe metal head. It sucks.
  7. I would consider my self as very left wing. And I hate the BNP, many of the people in the party are neo nazi arseholes.
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