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  1. Air Race's sadly have a low PPH. The highest capacity still only goes through 600 PPH according to Zamperla's website. Probably the reason why not many big parks have purchased them yet.
  2. The only benefit I see in SFGAdv getting a giga is shorter lines for El Toro Even though you have 3 gigas in your top 5 steel? A Fury-esque giga would be the PERFECT compliment to El Toro and SFGradv would probably at that point have the best coaster collection in the world. But I don't think it would have as much of an appeal to the GP when there's Kindga Ka in the same park. All parks adding Gigas have each as the tallest coaster at their park. SFGAdv has the tallest coaster in the world already.
  3. With the next Coaster being the Park's 20th, you have to know it would be big, and dive coasters are big. I can see it, but would rather see something else.
  4. I would think with the topper track it would be best of both worlds. It can stay around for a long time with maitenence but not call for as much maitenence as a traditional woodie. For I-box track, I believe the same applies, but it would call for a complete remake of mainly the track itself. It could be a bit more of a price tag, however it is just a guess. Either way, I don't think this would be an issue we would see in any near future in the first place.
  5. I just realized the boat leaving was set up by Cedar Point. It was their way of saying Shoot the Rapids is leaving since it is a boat ride. It all makes sense now!
  6. That's what I figured. SF doesn't do webcams. I didn't realize it is so hard to set up a webcam to show the progress of the construction. pretty lame if you ask me. It's not necessary for parks to set up webcams at all. There's no profit from people watching a coaster being built online.
  7. Actually, Lagoon has the turbo drop and space shot towers, but after a legal dispute S&S actually owns the ride. That is why they haven't worked together since.
  8. I'm still trying to gather what this whole post is trying to say, but with regards to this section specifically, I think it's funny. Both El Loco at Adventuredome and Batman at SFFT broke down multiple times during the days I was there. Also you talk about how rides are hurting people... I found Batman to have the most uncomfortable coaster restraints and trains I've ever ridden. [emoji38] Never made mention of El Loco as I know that coaster hasn't been reliable, and I haven't heard of any mechanical issues with Batman. Since you said there actually has been some then I was mistaken. In regards to making sense of my post, I was talking about how back then, making unique rides happened more often because of two reasons: 1.Some enthusiast-made coasters nowadays have been found to be too extreme and hurt people, like Skyrush and Intimidator 305. 2. Coasters back then didn't have as much down time as there is now for new and unique rides, and maybe engineers and parks should catch on and change how new rides come to reality through the engineering and construction phases. My main point I've been trying to make, and final on this thread for now, is that Cedar Point has held up this standard that has not been met by their latest coaster additions. If they want to be considered one of the leading parks in the industry, they need to add something else than the B&M catalog.
  9. ^^^^ That is what I'm talking about! They are listening to enthusiasts because they know they wouldn't just say the coaster is good and the GP not liking it. The only reason I have seen that not working is when they are too extreme for GP, and some enthusiasts as well, for pain is not pleasure. (Yes, 50 Shades of Grey lied to you.) Now, it just seems that a balance needs to be found between what can be a great coaster without hurting anyone, and something that doesn't just have you say, "Well that was nice." This also brings up a good point. Back then, everything was a lot more chill about testing and making sure they were rideable, so that making unique rides weren't as much of a hassle. Nowadays, with any new concept of a ride, one thing happens to be "off" and that causes for an entire rebuild of that part, and an extra three weeks of testing. Yes, that is exaggerated for point to be made. It's definitely obnoxious for guests wanting to ride, but maybe people should expect it more often, or parks plan for it in the construction phase. It's happening so often now, (even outside of Intamin,) you think parks would have maybe caught on and plan accordingly in construction, maybe erect the entire coaster earlier, or give the engineers enough time to work everything out and make sure it all can work properly before manufacturing. S&S had a good idea when they built a prototype for their Free Spin coasters to make sure they would work properly. I haven't heard of any mechanical issues with Batman: The Ride at SFFT so far. Maybe other manufacturers should be doing that more often? And I find it odd how multiple people say I'm a fanboy complaining when in fact I'm not which I pointed out before. I shall say it again, I find Cedar Point over-hyped. It's still a great park, but it's not on this pedestal that the Golden Ticket Awards built for it.
  10. Yeah, the post was all over the place. My apologies. I was just trying to explain that the latest additions have not lived up to the hype that Cedar Point has created for themselves. That's why I believe something else that hasn't been seen yet would at least try to live up to the hype. My personal opinion about Cedar Point is probably why it seems I'm trolling the thread. I find the place and almost every ride there to be over-hyped. The only one that wowed me was Maverick, but it isn't anything the industry hasn't seen before. The others I rode were fun, but completely over-hyped.
  11. For the hype Cedar Point creates, especially the fan boys with how outstanding the place is and the coasters that get too high of ratings, nothing they have added has help up that reputation. At least with something new for once, (that we have been seeing built elsewhere,) it will at least be something more than a cookie cutter coaster.
  12. I'll just leave this here... As stated before, that was great engineering, but nothing new to the industry.
  13. In earlier times with Gemini and Magnum, the height difference really was something unheard of at the time. The rides were completely unique when first put in, and even the same can be said for Millennium Force. After that, with a slight exception of TTD, give or take on opinion, nothing else has really been done that's new. That's what I'm saying is that nothing unique really has been done at the park in a long time. Nothing they have made in recent years says that they are setting any kind of limits anymore, and I think it's why people are underwhelmed. So many rides are just safe bets and a lot of people here are saying, 'we've seen that before, what can you show us that will wow us?'
  14. You mean like CP did with the dive coaster concept 18 years after Oblivion? I guess we'll see Iron Mean Streak in 2029 Good point, but multiple Dive Coasters have been made recently, and Cedar Point basically jumped onto the idea of adding it because B&M doesn't have much else to offer the place that has every other type of coaster they have created. I personally just want to see something else. For Cedar Point, I want to see something you can't find anywhere else; exclusive to them. Maverick could be arguably what you can't find elsewhere, but nothing on the ride you could say was new and unique, just great engineering. Maybe they could offer the next new thing from B&M, at least then it would give Cedar Point something new. For a place to have a lot of older coasters be the first of their kinds but now just hash out mindless records on their coasters, they aren't giving the coaster industry anything to look at now. I think that is why so many enthusiasts aren't completely enthused about Valravn, even though it still will be a great coaster in it's own right.
  15. I would basically go to multiple parks and ask them to build something that I will pay for. Anything from a coaster, to a water park expansion. Just something I feel the park would benefit from really well.
  16. I know this, but the fact still stand that there was something we didn't catch yet that Paula revealed to us. As the GCI one is clever, we have also seen with previous marketing that they also put in obvious clues that are overlooked. So it's an observation to look at still.
  17. With all the talk of Santa and Christmas, I think it would be obvious something is in store for the Christmas area? No idea what, but it is something to look at as they still talk about it in January.
  18. This is why I actually love Lagoon so much, (besides it being my home park.) With multiple coasters to be just plain fun, as well as some rides, it doesn't have to have the fastest or extreme to have the best time, yet we still have Cannibal. The notable ones are Spider and Roller Coaster. Rattlesnake Rapids is the ride that I have the most fun on there just because of the scenery, theming, and the waterfall is always a great laugh.
  19. I think it was said somewhere that Mack building big coasters in the U.S. would actually cost more than it's worth, and that's why we don't see many except for family rides.
  20. Since its 2015 and everything is "offensive" or "culturally insensitive", I don't see St Patrick's Day happening From that type of thinking, the Thanksgiving area should be completely changed to something different! Thanksgiving isn't offensive because America gets to stuff their face with more food than they can handle. 'Murica
  21. Technically, their newest coaster was Krazy Koaster in 2014. (2015?) As that is a kiddie coaster, I say Silverwood could use another coaster. The rumored RMC I still think would work well here as they need another inverting coaster and adding another top tier wooden coaster to their line-up would be awesome.
  22. It was proven that it actually didn't happen.
  23. This is where it is shown that Lagoon really is underrated. There is no possible way it shouldn't have been in the top five at least. With how unique Cannibal is, being made in-house and being the second largest coaster addition in the states this year, it very well was a winning candidate. With how comical the Golden Tickets are on who wins the awards, they could have seen how unique and big Cannibal is and say, "This is the coaster!" (Props to anyone who gets that joke.) Even though Cannibal was deprived of ranking, Lagoon itself got it's first Golden Ticket ever, which is huge props for ANY park that has yet to rank with these awards! So, Cannibal at least got a honorable mention in the spiel as to why Lagoon got Publisher's Pick for Park Of The Year! A huge congrats to Lagoon Amusement Park for it's first Golden Ticket Award!
  24. At Nigloland, it's actually a Funtime Free-Fall Tower and the kiddie drop tower is the Zierer Drop Tower.
  25. So, as I have ridden the ride before it closed, I must say this ride is absolutely insane! I don't want to give any spoilers of a few amazing surprises, but the airtime and hang time is all over this ride. The drop does not end, and with it being a beyond-vertical drop, you are out of your seat for the entire thing. The best are the restraints. They are very minimal, and feels extremely small on you. For me, it didn't really reach my mid-section, so it was quite a thrill, and I'm not all that bulky. Very fun ride!
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