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  1. I'd call it a rewinding barrel roll. One inversion is the barrel roll, one inversion is the rewind... Or maybe a barrel roll and a barrel unroll. I need to remember to sleep at night. Switchback Barrel Rolls was voted on and approved by the LIF board of directors, so We shall know soon what it will be officially called in a month.
  2. The fifth element. Sounds like a best-selling novel.
  3. The secret element is the special helix over the waterfall. It's a inline twist to the left, then it immediately turns to the right. And there's only 3 Inversions. The Immelman loop, diving loop, and special inline twist element. The switchback double barrel rolls (or whatever it will be called) technically was announced with the ride in the renderings. I believe it most likely would be something else, but we will know soon enough. Also, it should be considered two inversions, so four all together. Because it does invert you two times on it (as relation to the renderings.)
  4. Sucks for those wanting to visit the park those days, but that is now a set income that really will help benefit the park, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. That's Lagoon for you. They have a small footprint with rides and such compacted in. Reason why you also see more flat rides here.
  6. So that's why Wicked has that loud rattle every track segment. I figured it had something to do with the track segments not having a smooth weld between them. It's funny actually, cuz some seasons have the rattle and some don't. Hopefully it's bypassed on Impulse, cuz it's rather annoying.
  7. Would love to see that as well. Looking forward to the day when Valleyfair and Dorney are at the same level! No, because I would like to see both at higher levels for different things. Valleyfair for inverting roller coasters, and Dorney with custom coasters in general.
  8. I think only the three rows of 4 have been announced. All the other things I've heard is it won't have OTSR's (thank the coaster gods,) but feature ART Manufacturing's restraints which are on BomBora and WMG in Canada's Wonderland. Also, the cars would be a car of two with the last row connected.
  9. It's because Lagoon wants people to go to their park to ride something no other park can get. Unless they sell the model to a manufacturer, only place to ride this is Lagoon. Great way to get more people to the park outside of Utah.
  10. Utah on the other hand, has gotten VERY little snow, and have been getting mostly rain the past two months. We have only enough snow to keep the ski resorts open and two snowfalls this winter season for the lower elevations. Only one of the snowfalls has the snow stayed longer than one day. It is HUGE concern here and wish we could take the snow from the winter storm you guys are having. Because if we don't get a lot of snow FAST, we would have the worst drought coming in summer. It's been a scary winter for us because it's too warm.
  11. It is already been proven (during construction of the tower) that it will only be a dual elevator lift system.
  12. Basically, it was what parks built up and what ones didn't, and what one (Elitch Gardens) fell into a hard situation.
  13. I believe somewhere it stated there will be a viewing area but I'm not 100% sure. I was imagining the queue will wrapping back there too. We will see, but I'm sure the park will want to show off everything! It would only have the overflow parking as a viewing spot. The temples will however have a small viewing area.
  14. Hopefully they opt for a permanent Air Race in the future. They we know can at least handle wet weather. It's not that bad of a price either at I think about one million dollars.
  15. I would rather see another family coaster added first before another thrill coaster. Cedar Point needs another that is fun for the entire family. AKA Firechaser Express or a spinning coaster. Something bigger than the small coasters they have in the children areas, but don't have to be over 48" to ride.
  16. An employee said she wasn't able to ride, but went to guest services and they said she was allowed, but she chose at that point not to, and is now filing it to court. She is the one who is taking it too far, when the issue was already solved. She just needs "justice."
  17. It is bound to be some magnetic trims. If this turns out to be an actual launch of some type during the middle of the course, you could say that's the surprise they are keeping secret. They really could go either way with it! Lagoon, we give you Cannibal, but wait, THERE'S MORE! SURPRISE!
  18. It has already been confirmed it will be an elevator lift, and the park hasn't said they got inspiration from wicked with this coaster, only that it seems some inspiration comes from Wicked. The biggest similarity is that they are both designed by Dal Freeman.
  19. Did you even read the article........it clearly stated: "A memo from Bolliger & Mabillard, based in Switzerland, appears to detail a new $15 million coaster tagged in the memo as The Dive Coaster." I completely read past that. Oops.
  20. The coaster should not ever come back. The name has a bad reputation and the GP will think they brought back the original, and not ride it. Besides, it can't be because Banshee is in his place. Which is a good thing. However, an all new RMC that hints to Son of Beast coming out of the grave for revenge would be appreciated. Could be called Vengeance or something.
  21. The GP will eat up the diving aspect of it, just hope the layout after the drop is good. That's the biggest problem with Dive Coasters in my opinion. However, it never did specify B&M. It could be something else completely with the diving aspect.
  22. So thankful SFMM only went for 2 inversions on TC! The park is WAYYYYYY TOOOOOO positive G heavy! I would be very happy to see SFMM's next chapter concentrate on the negative side ... AIRTIME PLEASE! Airtime along with a giga drop would be preferable Thinking about it, SFMM would be the best place to get a giga coaster that's more about airtime than speed. They have a hyper that is more about the forces and speed than anything else, and the park lacks airtime anywhere (except when TC opens.) I could honestly see that being their next coaster. They have been saving up these past years with the coasters only totaling around $10 million each.
  23. It's a hit and miss with them. Either something amazing from RMC or a ring of fire.
  24. It's the same reason many intense coasters are considered rough as well. For example, Maverick and Skyrush.
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