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  1. And it was short lived. As it was a soft open, they have closed it for the night early with technical difficulties. Hopefully it will open again tomorrow.
  2. Colossus: The Fire Dragon - Lagoon
  3. So why not in every row then..? Because in the last row, noone would be able to see you fall out. First row, not sure. It's either to see the track ahead, or because there's nothing in front to stop you from falling forward? Definately not sure of the first row. In the middle rows people can see you in trouble, and maybe help or have witness to you falling out... It definately is morbid however to think about what ifs to people dieing and how to make sure it is safer for people, or even worse, for insurance and liability.
  4. From my view, there was no big deal made here until the topic of children's heads exploding was raised. People who aren't familiar with the park were asking for clarification, and I was providing it. I don't care about the policy itself at all. I just think that calling something a safety precaution that doesn't aim to actually make anybody safer in any way builds distrust, as lies often do. This isn't a lie. They do have it in place as a safety precaution for simple reasons that linearinduction has stated. They wouldn't have created this policy if they felt it wasn't necessary. It's in place, they have it there for their tragic reasons, and it isn't in any way a real disservice to anyone. Single riders are definately still able to ride all of the rides in other rows, except for Jet Star 2. I believe Jet Star 2's case is a manufacturer policy, or in the case that one seat can't physically keep only one rider safe in any situation for the ride. They did a few summers ago have a no single rider policy on Spider as well, but has since been removed. Again, it was set in place for the same reason as all other single rider policies at Lagoon. Another SC-2000 model had an accident where a single rider fell from the ride. All of these policies make sense from a safety point with the accidents that have occurred.
  5. Accidents happen everywhere. Remember all of the weird policies they put in place on NTAG after the person fell out? Also, people are acting like single riders aren't allowed on the rides at all. These two specific rows on only about half of the coasters doesn't impair enjoyment at the park. If they really care about riding the back or front of the ride, they can easily find another single rider or an odd numbered group to join on. Besides, it's only us coaster enthusiasts who are making this a big deal.
  6. It's a rumor that's been thrown out on the LiF forum once or twice. You might be wise to doubt it. It's something that may or may not be true. If it is true the redesign was not nearly as radical as you are thinking. Cannibal most certainly still doesn't have OTSR's. It's being thrown around the GP like it's true. From test dummies being thrown off Cannibal, to injuring peoples' waists. I've heard many different rumors from co-workers that come to me asking if it's true.
  7. I don't see how it's ridiculous. It might be odd, but it's not going to completely ruin the rides to go on a middle seat. It's safety precautions they take so that if any injury happens, there is a for sure witness. With Cannibal's late opening still undetermined because they want to make sure it is 100% completely safe, it makes sense Lagoon looks quite a bit into safety and takes extra measures.
  8. For Wicked, you ride in an empty seat, regardless where it is. Cannibal I presume would be the same concerning single riders. The only real problem you would have on any ride is Jet Star 2, but you do have the option of being paired with a random stranger and sitting on their laps, as well as riding front or back rows of the other coasters with trains.
  9. Flipping is different from spinning. Spinning messes with your vertigo much more to make you nauseous. Being upside down and flipping around is easier to handle, and really doesn't make the ride a spin and puke like many think it would.
  10. It might be a launch, but with what linearinduction stated, it's more than likely trim brakes as the MCBR and final brakes both have the same LSM fins. I didn't think about that at first. It's definitely been debated quite a bit on lagoonisfun.com if they are for a minor launch or for trim brakes. Also, it wouldn't be noticed if it was a launch or brake in any of the tested videos as it could very well not even be on as they were only testing. In short, it's speculation.
  11. I was debating with myself on which spelling was right. I ultimately went with the one that looked wrong would be the right one.
  12. Its interesting how a nice bit of the GP find this ride boring. Could anyone point out why they would? It's interesting how the GP have a more negative outlook on this ride than enthusiasts. Usually it's the other way around.
  13. It seems to be so they can make sure it clears the element. Plus the tight turn into the brake run could be a bit more fun as well.
  14. Mid course launch?! Is that a thing? Am I the only one that missed this? It most likely is. With the photo posted by Lagoon with a curved track and magnetic fins, the discussion led to it being a small launch to get through the overbank faster instead of having it be a crawl through it. It's not noticeable as it's in between the temples and waterfall, and it has not been officially stated by Lagoon. Maybe it's the secret element, maybe it's something else, but I don't see why Lagoon would post a picture of it if they weren't hinting at anything.
  15. There really isn't a way to trim it. If you look at all the testing videos, they have all breaks and such going as slow as they can already, and to me it seems the mid course launch before the over bank was not on. That would mean it would still be a speedy ride if they did have to trim it, although I don't think they would need to. I believe the biggest setback at this time is getting all the themed elements done completely. This would mean the waterfall feature, as usually it is turning that takes most of the time once a coaster is finished. If you look at Phantasialand's new coaster, the track is up, but now they are working on the themed elements and won't open until next year.
  16. It is not Lagoon's trend to open rides in June. The last time a ride opened in June was Wicked, with all other rides open March/April. The last three opened a week after opening day, but Lagoon is very well on opening rides at opening, it's just some things are out of their control, and they want to be safe with Cannibal, which I don't blame them. I don't get why everyone says Lagoon never says anything and they are being as secretive as Area 51. They don't have to update everyone on knowing that another bolt was tightened, or a tree was planted. They have publicly stated they want to be safe with the ride, and with it being in-house, who should say they shouldn't be?
  17. Spinning coasters are very fun coasters for everyone. They don't have a high thrill, but everyone in the family will actually enjoy it. They are basic coasters that are fun. It wouldn't hurt to get one for DL.
  18. Basically, the two major coasters with trains (Roller Coaster and Fire Dragon,) don't allow single riders in front or back rows. The only one you can't ride at all is Jet Star 2. The ones I am not sure about are the three family coasters: Bat, Bombora, and Puff.
  19. I know this, was just stating that putting Lagoon and Silverwood into one trip wouldn't be easy. I understand that Silverwood pulls from a huge geographic. Really does have me hope they get the rumored RMC or at least another marquee coaster. The coaster line-up is really good, just small.
  20. Silverwood and Lagoon is actually a HUGE distance apart. Driving from Lagoon to Silverwood nonstop would be a good 12-hour drive. When I did it two years ago, it took us between 18-20 hours to get from Utah to northern Idaho. It's hard to put the two parks together into one trip unless you want to have a nice road trip in between. This really is the reason why the two parks aren't talked about too much outside of locals. They are spread into these areas where no other parks (or attractions,) are around for miles, unless they are small and really just for locals. Even Elitch Gardens isn't talked about much anymore. Must say, both are great parks but location is their weakness, as well as a strength (no competition for guests.)
  21. Beanie Babies that still aren't worth more than what they were back then! Those were always collected in my house.
  22. Think of the people who actually live in SLC and have people talk bad about SLC. It's depresses us, greatly.
  23. Cannibal has been officially announced by Lagoon since September. They don't have any information on their website about Cannibal as they only announced half of the complete ride, and want to keep most of it a secret until it opens. From what's said, they want to test the ride for at least a full month before opening to the public. It's best to wait until Mid-April to visit.
  24. Are you joking...? Enjoy and be grateful for Banshee while waiting patiently for the next coaster in 2018. He didn't say KI needed a coaster, he just said it's big enough for a Wild Mouse. He isn't asking for it to be a roller coaster.
  25. Sad to hear man. And I'm not talking about coasters! About Wicked's trains (and then Impulse, so), is the parallelepiped lap-bar an improvement in design? They both are the same. However, Wicked's always tightened on the launch so hopefully that is improved with Impulse or not possible since it won't have a launch. If talking about how the design is itself, the pro is how open the seats are with them. The con again, is how they tighten on you. It also does get uncomfortable if an employee puts all of their weight into it. Overall, it's a good, comfortable design with the right circumstances.
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