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  1. For those of you getting really scared about this: don't panic. The last thing we need is for them to think we're scared, even though their missles are crap. They probably won't do anything anyway. If they want some quality missles, they should go to Cuba! (Cuban missles are powered by swimming Mexicans. It's true!!!!)
  2. You know, earlier in the season seemed as if they were really improving operations, but now it looks like it's back to classic SoCal park style. Is Tatsu the only one with bad operations? How were the dispatch times for the other rides?
  3. SFMM 6 CaLP 16 WOF 4 CP -13 SFOT 10 SFOG +17 PKD 7 BGT 12 SFNE 12
  4. www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_marine_world.htm I searched to see if this has been posted, and it doesn't look like it. Apparently the direction signs have been changed to "Nitro". I think it should stay as Medusa, Nitro's station is friggin ugly!
  5. Sounds like typical CF to me, CP is supposed to be the second oldest park in the nation, yet there is nothing historical looking in it.
  6. That's why you use block sections, not just plain circut mode.
  7. Wait, are you saying Kingda Ka was the only ride that DIDN'T break down?!?!?!?
  8. Now some other Britboy is doing some Robb/America bashing...
  9. A pic from ROAR's derailment, from XtremeCoastin: You can see the fifth and sixth cars sticking up and leaning to the left.
  10. V2-dude [10:36pm]: I wonder if my bunny is done cooking... XLRBR [10:36pm]: the foamy-greeny-aqua-mariney is sexy XLRBR [10:38pm]: *this V2-dude [10:38pm]: The buuny's still alive. XLRBR [10:39pm]: ^still evil XLRBR [10:39pm]: lol V2-dude [10:39pm]: This sledge-hammer should do the trick. V2-dude [10:39pm]: *WHACK* XLRBR [10:39pm]: AGH! V2-dude [10:40pm]: OH NO!!!, BLOOD!!! XLRBR [10:40pm]: *cry* XLRBR [10:40pm]: *faint* XLRBR [10:40pm]: too much blood makes me kinda quesy V2-dude [10:41pm]: It's still moving... XLRBR [10:41pm]: now Imma blow chunks XLRBR [10:41pm]: excuse me XLRBR [10:41pm]: lol V2-dude [10:42pm]: "Little bunny, since you are in so much pain, I have a treat for you" XLRBR [10:42pm]: hey wait where is everyone? System Msg: Loser_nerd has joined ThemeParkReview on Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:42 pm V2-dude [10:42pm]: "It's called an "SLC"" V2-dude [10:42pm]: It died. XLRBR [10:43pm]: lmao XLRBR [10:43pm]: not the death the SLC lol V2-dude [10:43pm]: Bunny tastes good. V2-dude [10:44pm]: MAMMA!!!! XLRBR [10:44pm]: still the only two talking...and ur just makin' fun of now aren't you? XLRBR [10:44pm]: what? V2-dude [10:44pm]: SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING DAMMIT!!!! Blazen_AZN [10:44pm]: don't eat the bunny! V2-dude [10:45pm]: should we post this in the random thread? System Msg: coaster1 has joined ThemeParkReview on Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:45 pm
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