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  1. First coaster: V2@SFMW Last coaster: Medusa West on closing night. Highlights; -Rode Medusa for 100th time -Riding collossus with BOTH tracks running (it wasn't even frightfest) -Saw S:TE RACE-only once though, during testing. -Saw ROAR! derail
  2. ^I don't think many people (GP) will like 6.7g's. That's the reason they modified it in the first place.
  3. B:TE wouln't take that long to build because its small and isn't a terrain coaster or anything, and Zonga already has a concrete slab for it. I still think Zonga's getting new trains though, and it was just oof the site because it was SBNO. P.S. Is flashback still on SFMM's site?
  4. A rumor a few days back on Screamscape said that Zonga was going to be replaced by a B&M. I know SF didn't buy any more than Tatsu and the two Goliaths, but I was just thinkin maybe Batman from Astroworld is coming to SFMW. I know its an Intamin, but maybe the person who gave them that rumor mistaked it for a B&M because of the track type. That's probably not gonna happen but its a possibility. I've also heard that the only reason Zonga is down is because they're getting new trains.
  5. ^You should ride our ROAR! at SFMW. It has better trains, dispatches quickly(the ops check the restraints in about 10 sec.) and the first drop has better air than the one at SFA.
  6. 1.CP 2.IOA 3.BGT 4.SFMW 5.SFGAM 6.SFMM 7.PKI 8.SFNE 9.PKD 10.Hershey
  7. They just announced it, it's South Park's "The Line Ride"
  8. Vekoma SLC! They don't do anything but make right turns and bang your head. And then the slack of speed, Kong at SFMW just feels like its going to valley.
  9. Millenium Force-the world's most overrated rollercoaster. Scream! really bugs me too. They could have done something better than put a clone of medusa east in a parking lot, and there is already a floorless in CA, so I don't see why they coun't put in something else. And then Grizzly at PGA, that ride just pisses me off...
  10. It was changed because of an accident. I wish it were still a flyer though, sorry elissa, but Hamtaro sucks!
  11. http://www.rollercoasterpro.com/onride_videos/
  12. I havent been there in awhile and I was just wondering, how many trains is each coaster running?
  13. Medusa @ SFMW is pretty weird when there is a long line, the queue doesn't even switchback properly! It sorta circles around and then goes into a long strait path. And if you have been on Zonga (back when it was still open) when it is walk on. It's makes you dizzy! http://www.sfmwzone.com/cgi-bin/gallery/emAlbum.cgi?c=show_image;p=Roller%20Coasters/Zonga;i=16;img=zonga11.jpg
  14. You know what would be a good nintendo ride? A Yoshi skycoaster where you dangle from his tongue!
  15. I'll be really impressed the day I see Colossus racing.
  16. 1.Montu 2.Alpengeist 3.Top Gun: The Jet Coaster(carowinds) 4. DD ice 5.BTR
  17. I've been stopped on Haunted Mansion at DLR becuase a little kid was scared. I've been on Zonga @ SFMW when it stopped on the third MCBR. Also at SFMW, I've seen Taz swinging, but not spinning.
  18. My home park is SFMW. My favorite coaster is V2, fourth car. My favorite flat is Hammerhead.
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