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  1. The bottom right hand corner of the route 66 sign says "porn". I wonder if that has to do with anything?
  2. I really like how when an idea or concept gets ruled out someone brings it up a few posts later, in such a way that they sound confident that they are correct.
  3. You're kinda contradicting yourself there saying it's unacceptable for us to make bad remarks about CGA employees, and then turn around and talk about us. Quality, not quantity. I would also like to say that while I have not yet had the chance to experience haunt for myself, everyone I have spoken to in person (not just other SFDK employees) who has gone tells me the actors are nothing to write home about, yet all I hear on the internet is praise for them. Seems a bit suspicious to me.
  4. I've had THBS at SFDK valley when we ran a test cycle after some downtime. It was between the last airtime hill and the brakes.
  5. Fail What makes wood coasters so popular is their simplicity, this just takes it all away.
  6. Could be 'Vu from SFOG, it fits the hints, or Bullet/Weiner(?) Looping.
  7. Congrats, I can tell you from experience that you will have some of the most fun and frustrating times in your life. I work up the road at SFDK. Care for a little friendly competition?
  8. ^ The whole train does pass through, but only on the 2nd launch.
  9. V2's full cycle (plus you get to watch a fat kid try to climb in!): youtube.com/watch?v=TznBrjSOM1I
  10. -Themed as a train -Constructed, but not designed, by a railroad company -Europe
  11. It's not another coaster, it's the other train from the coaster that derailed.
  12. Well, I haven't really seen the changes of the park this season, and I hadn't been there as a guest except for maybe an hour or so before or after my shift to get a few rides in, and I wanted to check out the rest of the park.
  13. Whatever he is, it's a nice touch. P.S. ROAR crew > Boomerang Crew
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