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  1. I have a bunch of HO trains, but no layout yet. The layout will go into a former Union Pacific caboose that I own (currently under restoration.)
  2. WTF?!?!? I go on a trip for two weeks and you guys try to make a replacement for me? Everything that babies can do I can do better! I am officially challenging the baby to a crying competition the day he is born! We shall see who is the one who really has nothing better to do than to whine about things that noone cares about all day!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I'm bored
  3. That guy with the "Vomit Mountain" shirt looks kind of like Joe(ParkTrips).
  4. Nice coaster. The name could have been better though. I recommend using "Armando Alejandro Estrada ".
  5. Ah, I see. The only reason Kenny kept comming back is that every time he dies, his mom gives birth to a new baby named Kenny, and yes, he does survive in the newer episodes.
  6. ^ Actually, Robb will "ROFL!!!!!" at anything that has to do with Elissa's misfortune.
  7. ^That's why "real" trains have a sand compartment.
  8. I found what appears to be PGA's old train for sale by used railroad equipment dealer. It's the red locomotive on the right side of the top row:Link
  9. I think "Grey Dawn" where the seniors take over the town should be on there.
  10. I felt it too, I was also on TPR when it happened.
  11. ^,^^ I'll have my liscense then too, and I also live right by the bay. I can't make it this year even though it's on my birthday.
  12. You mean the motion sensing function they stole from the GBA SP and added right after Nintendo showed the Wii control so they would look innovative and creative?
  13. ^The new controller will most likely be a success, a perfect example is the DS. I too, don't think the BlueRay format is a good idea. I heard somewhere that BlueRay discs can only work for the first system they are played in, so borrowing or buying used games isn't possible, is this true???
  14. I changed my votes so I'm dropped to #3 from #1, if that makes any of you happy.
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