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  1. Part 3 One final shot. They got V2 running, and it ended up having the longest line of any coaster, but still shorter than Thomas For all you flat ride freaks out there, this was the world's first Zamperla Hawk 48. Hammerhead More penguins! Penguins! These guys looked like they were going to fight, but someone threw a fish into the pool and the one on the right went to get it, what a fatass This is NOT an acceptable amount of wetness!!! Alright, stop plugging Toyota already! As you can see, the park was pretty empty. Back to the Pacific Northwest setting, I see. Shouka was about to start, so I thought I'd watch. Much better than Stargate, but I still wish they would bring back Dino It's fellow TPR member Rollerholden! The standard verision is much better than the Giant Frisbee's, IMO Tazmanian Devil is the park's Frisbee. Bird pirate treasure theatre island world or whatever it's called The gator is just angry because he has to live under a Vekoma.
  2. Part 2 Every park should have a first aid station this close to their Vekomas, part 3 coming later Three trains in one shot! The shark comes down to bite the train Boomerang, one of the better ones. VooDoo was stuck in this position for about ten minutes Elephants WOAH, screw the lions and tigers, this looks like a MUCH better exhibit a little monkey thing a baby bat, sorry about the blurriness Sounds interesting, let's check it out .....so was he. This guy was lying around..... Giant tortoise It's the themed yet generically named Skycoaster!!!! The flamingo pond behind VooDoo I wonder how he feels, out of all the rides in the park to be named after him, he gets the world's slowest SLC. This part of the park was DEAD FISHY!!!!!! Thrilla Gorilla with it's new sign
  3. Ever since I started working at SFDK, I haven't really had the chance to enjoy the park as a guest. I happened to have a couple of days off this week, so I decided to check out the park. after, part 2 to come later before This one's REALLY wet The park's splashdown boat Loose articles are a no-no. Next up was ROAR Even hang'n'bang was a walk on, and it normally has the longest line Believe it or not, Thomas had the longest line in the park. His moving eyes are REALLY creepy Here comes that metrosexual Sir Hat dude Thomas attracts all of the kids with his huge fake plastic..........wheels. (Seriously, those wheels are actually fake) Thomas comes around the bend A big problem with the new statues is that kids love to play on them, despite there being a barrier They really are milking the name change, it's even on the bathroom sign "I'm the giant snake on the side of Medusa's station.... GIMMIE SOME CANDY!!!!!!! It was a five minute wait for the front, and a walk on for every other row Time to ride Medusa! The red train, however, had it's front row open. The yellow train had it's front seat roped off. The hang'n'bang going up the lift A look at a closed V2 The Entrance Plaza
  4. The trains were probably too light. The coaster's hills were designed for heavy trains, and there is a BIG difference in weight between the G-trains and the ones it was desinged for, so I'm not surprised.
  5. ^The PP rider was attempting to stand up on the drop, and the girl on Hydro was doing something stupid with the restraints, I don't know what though. It wasn't their sizes that killed them, it was their idiotic actions.
  6. Highly doubtful. Considering that the two existing models have both killed someone, there's no way another one is going to be built. They never killed anybody. Two people being assholes got themselves killed on them. There's a difference.
  7. I remember reading that until the 90's Arrow coaster brakes' default position is open, which is why they have to chain the trains to the transfer.
  8. OMGZ you caught me in front of Roar I feel so special now....
  9. ^^LOL!!! The old train ride from KGA (PGA) is on there!
  10. Cedar Point sold Millenium Force to SFMM in exchange for their entire collection of Dippin Dots.
  11. It's Bowl-ij-er and Mab-i-y-ard. High i's on both words.
  12. ^^We are improving on dispatch times a lot. The fastest I've done on ROAR is something like 35 seconds.
  13. Seeing how the ride has stadium seating, I don't see why they don't let tall people ride in the lower seats.
  14. Dammit, you beat me to it, I was about to post this. Anyway, you dont get more redneck than that.
  15. Wait, it's just roaming around? What if it wanders off and causes chaos?
  16. They had better not screw up and let Batista win, it would be the worst moment in WM history.
  17. Congrats. Good thing you got pictures of her before you guys fill her mind with your feindish ways.
  18. Get the AC44. Quality locomotives tend to run out of stock frequently. It was like a miniature war buying my P42DC.
  19. Pretty decent looking kid there. What happened?
  20. Here is my caboose which my layout will be in: It now wears a coat of primer and is awaiting painting.
  21. On Vekoma Boomerang leaving station: "I don't get it. We're loking down but moving up" Ride ends. "Oh, I get it, we were going backwards!" Reaching the brake run: "That was better than sex!"
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