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  1. It's inspiring to see SFMM brought to standards. I really hope it lasts. I think it has potential of being the best Six Flags park.
  2. I'm sorry, but one cannot resist a good "That's what she said!" when presented one. So, That's what she said.
  3. Aren't parks creepy in the winter? Just went to auditions at Six Flags Great America last month. Very eerie.
  4. Nice pics. I miss Disneyland, even though I was just there three months ago.
  5. I'm suprised we don't hear more about these tings happening. Even at Fright Fest, characters aren't allowed to even touch a guest. In pictures, hands must be in clear view at all times. This is to avoid stupid things like this.
  6. I liked the fact that they said Tatsu was TOO fast and needed to slow it down. Heh, and they were worried it wouldn't make it back to the station.
  7. Mmm, compliments. Thanks lads and gals. I appreciate the comments. I prefer Disneyland during the regular season. The christmas stuff (except for HMH) look a bit out of place in my opinion. Plus, Haunted Mansion is still better without holiday layover....only slightly, though. I was dissapointed we couldn't do DCA that day. I wanted to see what'd be like when there's actually people in there. We went last year around December 15th and it was pretty much empty. Also, a couple days after this trip, we went to Santa Monica and rode the West Coaster. The video thing they got in the cars is really cool. Can't wait for that at Six Flags next year.
  8. All my "croud"s were fixed 'cause I know it was just eating everyone up inside. Thanks for reading, everyone. Oh, and I have a confession to make. When that was going on, we just went into that little shop that connects Frontierland and Adventureland to get through instead of going all the way around...
  9. ^I know that was the case with Magic Kingdom in Florida and I wouldn't doubt it if Disneyland reached capacity that day too.
  10. After the hour long L Train ride getting searched at the airport and the same boring view for four hours straight I arrived in California where James and Roxy greeted me The whole week was a lot of eating Carl's Jr. playing with big palm tree leaves eating In-N-Out Burger and playing some Guitar Hero II we figured it was time to hit up a theme park. Disneyland here we come! Mom says "It's EXTREME Speaking of EXTREME our first ride of the day was the EXTREME tram ride from the parking structure. Yes, Christmas day. It was damn crowded. We were trying to be smart, so the first thing we did was go get our fast passes for Space Mountain. Why? Didn't I mention it was freakin' crowded?! We hadn't eaten, so we figured it be a good time to get some grub. There was a severe chair shortage there. We really had to work fast to grab some chairs before others took them. The dish was delish....that is until James stole some of my bacon... Grrrrr..... Okay, stomachs full...let's get out into the park First ride of the day? The Haunted Mansion Holiday. This is my favorite ride ever and it's just as awesome with the holiday layover. Awesome enough to make James scurred. Don't mind if I do! Bumm bummmm buhhhh "No, really! We ARE allowed to run it! I swear! Go check for yourself!" Tee hee! It's sessual! The Thunder Train of Death! Wheeee! That's alot of butts. I tried to do some amazing voodoo dance to make these crazy smokers stop smoking for the day, but it just made them want to go to the "petting zoo". "Big Thunda Ranch, bizznitches!" Poor Maggie the Cow... I'd be mad, too, if I were wearing that hat. .......exciting..... I'd like to say that we rode The Matterhorn, but by the time we got around to it, it had closed for the night. But it still looks pretty. Our flash passes...er.... fast passes were up, so it was time to ride Space Mountain. "We're in SPAAAACCCEEE" I love the "new" ride especially these airgates....I'M GEEKING OUT! Still looks pretty. Havin' fun under the small castle. I've come to the conclusion that the reason Walt Disney World's stuff is bigger is because they know they have to compensate for a smaller.....you know what.... "They call me thumper" While getting our fastpasses for Indy, we saw Jungle cruise only had a ten minute wait "Sir, please get your smelly ass off of the trash receptacle." "Blah blah blah blah corny joke blah blah" The back side of water! It's EXTREME! Since the smokers wanted another smoke break, I decided to check out the Disney Gallery. They had some cool stuff there like props from the Pirates movie. And this cool model of The Haunted Mansion: and this cool view of New Orleans Square: Again, because of the crowds, we took advantage of the awesome that is Single Rider Line at Splash Mountain. James and I got very wet but Roxy doesn't get wet...water gets her instead. The Psychodelic Pooh Ride had it's own "Do your own landscaping" attraction. Man, whoever said Disneyland couldn't be as beautiful as Walt Disney World just didn't know where to look. we got some eats down by the Rivers of America Oh Em Gee! My straw turns colors! "What the hell? Carrots?!" To get away from the insane crowds, we went over to play on Tom Sawyer Island And they had, yet another, smoke break. "We go' get cancer!" What's really funny about that picture is this guy... Damn, James is always stealin' my food when I'm not lookin' and....drinking my....maranara sauce? Ohhh yeah! We haven't done the new Pirates yet! 20 minutes? Sure! Ye be seekin' adventure with salty ol' pirates, eh? Roxy wants Jack's.......belt.... Sit closer together, and mark well me words....dead men tell no tales... Braawwwck! Walk the plank! As we, literally, ran to Toontown and dodging the mobs of people along the way, We stopped to see the golden spike. None of us had never been on Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, so we did just that Ha! Amusing. Monkey: "What's the password?!" Me: "Walt sent me" Ptschh, James is a peeping Tom. While in the line, James fell into some "dip". Heh, I always knew he was a toon. All in all, pretty fun ride. I especially like the part where it looks like you're falling through Toontown. Guess she's got a thing for rabbits. Time for a new credit! This is what we call the Kiddie Coaster Dance Whoo! Yeah! Number 70, right here! The inside of Mickey's house look like a mental hospital room with padded walls While waiting for our Fastpass time to come, we went into Innoventions. There, James and Roxy played some free DDR Oh, yeah, and they had this funky roller coaster game but it was pretty lame. We shuffled through the crowds to get back over to Adventureland. All of these people are waiting for the fireworks show. While we were waiting, I totally scored some extra fastpasses from some people with a wheelchair (cause they didn't need them). James played with the pole and scared some people behind us Mo? Who's Mo? Uh oh, Roxy's driving.... Indy was awesome. We got to ride it about three times, but each time went through the same door. No matter, I love that ride. Much better than Dinosaur. For our final ride, we went to Tom Morrow Land and went on Buzz's Ride Thing. One last EXTREME group photo and we headed out through the crowds Goodnight, Mr. Disney. This Disneyland trip was an excellent way to end 2006. The entire year was awesome with trips to Cedar Point, Walt Disney World, and beyond. Hopefully next season will come very soon and give us all more opportunities to create new EXTREME memories. Until next season.
  11. Thanks, friends. Hmmm..... I find it odd that I got moved to the Random folder.... I mean... it IS an amusement park TR.....
  12. "I am so bored." Ugh.... "You know...it's not too cold out. Maybe I'll go to my REAL homepark." So, I threw on my shoes.... and walked to one of the best amusement parks ever AND it's open all year! With such rides as The Screamin' Swing and No Parking: The Ride I decided to ride The Screamin' Swing Man, this ride is intense Sometimes I can't even tell which way is up. And fun was had by all, yay! I decided to skip the kiddie ride. and rode the BIG ONE Talk about intense. I even made a POV video to show you how intense it is. Big One POV Intense, right? Next, was this inverted coaster. Mighty fun, and it even had a spiral lift I decided to skip the dark ride, cause it looked too scary. and went on The Twisty One That ride rokked out loud. I even bought my on-ride photo This park does lack in good flat rides, though. Man, it seems like Huss isn't even trying anymore. Things were getting intense, though, so I decided to go and check out the water show. Amazing, I'd totally see it again. It was getting late, so I hit the Screamin' Swing before I left. What a great day. Everything was walk-on. It was almost as if no one else was in the park. Man....I hate the Off-Season.
  13. Jenny I got yo' number! Anyone who's played Duke Nukem 3D, there's the number in one of the bathrooms. Shweeee.
  14. I rode Indy when it first opened...I think I was around 6. It's deffinately safe.
  15. I still want to believe that one day Magic Mountain will be brought up to where it needs to be standards wise. Anyone have any idea why Superman doesn't go up all the way anymore?
  16. ^B&M doesn't really do launched coaster, I don't think they care for them. The only exception, I believe, is Hulk at IOA.
  17. Why do they call it Wreck Less driving? Shouldn't it be Wreckful? or Wreck More?
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