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  1. I do love the Murder Ride from House of 1000 corpses, also got from horror: House On Haunted Hill - Roller Coaster - Terror Incognita Lift Tower (NSFW - mild profanity) Crash
  2. There is a roller coaster using the Metro underground tunnel so I would look to 2117 at earliest for Metro to return. Not that I believe they will rebuild Metro then but I will be dead and not feel the need to come back and comment.
  3. How do you pay double? The year pass is $71.99 and the monthly is $5.99. There is a 11 cents price difference between the two options every 12 months. You are not paying double for those months as the cost is the same; but you are losing a free benefit of four extra months. To best take advantage of the 4 extra free months; you would need to renew your pass every other year. You could get 16 months of 24 months for the price of 12. Just buy a new pass every other year in September and you lose Jan to Aug of every other year. Call that your healing time Knott's evened the ground t
  4. I heard that shortening summer school vacation breaks is making parks less feasible outside of year round resort areas. If your operating schedule is Memorial Day to Labor Day in norther states and kids don't get out until mid-June and go back at end of August leads to very short time to make money. You used to have an almost 100 days of summer to make money. That had been cut shorter.
  5. looks like it's Yom Kippur. no idea if it will be crowded at all that day though. i'd guess not bad. but that's just a guess. According to isitpacked.com, the park will be packed on Sept 23rd. Sunday the 20th, might be better. www.isitpacked.com/crowd-calendars/six-flags-magic-mountain/
  6. They need something like Helix at Liesberg to replace Revolution and Viper. A good long terrain coaster on the mountain. Or possibly something like Firechaser Express.
  7. "Until they start adding family rides, I will hate that place." You have Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott's and Legoland if you want a family park or rides. We need a thrill park with big coasters.
  8. I have touched the roof on one of the granite looking tunnels on Dsisneyland Matterhorn.
  9. What do you think happened when the roller coaster train returns without some sort of collision and everyone else on the ride is okay? We all know the ride is old and rough; but it is not rough enough to kill a normal person.
  10. Sign at Six Flags Magic Mountain: "Line jumpers will be removed from part without refund! Unless you give us $40. Heck, you could give us $100 and we will even help you. Walk you to the front row and snatch it from others; we will, serial!"
  11. I don't see any other parks in California getting another big coaster. Cedar Fair would love a 300+' tall coaster for Knott's but Buena Park would never allow it. The Disney parks will likely get another expensive highly themed coaster but nothing overly thrilling. Magic Mountain is the only park with large buffer zones for noise. Magic Mountain can't compete with Disneyland, Universal or even Knott's on the themed family business so why even try. 10 to 20 million only buys such a realistic dark ride. Knott's is forced to compete because they don't have the room or noise clearances t
  12. Here are my suggestions: 1. Don't ride any coaster or attraction that you are too tall, wide or thick for the restraints or if you are missing limbs. 2. Don't climb fences to retrieve lucky hats or other dropped items. 3. Don't get a job there and walk or pass over coaster tracks. If you follow that advice that I can guarantee you that your odds should be 1,000,000,000 to 1 that you die in the car trip there instead of on a coaster That said, I doubt Magic Mountain is any degree of being nicer than Great America. Maybe a little bit and it does have more coasters.
  13. Mark me impressed! I don't think, even in some of my greatest years of roller coaster riding, that I could handle 12 consecutive rides on Batman. To me it is one of the jerkyer, more intense rides in the park (Not to mention one of the best inverted B&M's ever). I think Batman would be one of the few SFMM coasters that I could ride over 10 times in a row and not be injured and / or bored to death. Tatsu might be close but hanging there gets uncomfortable. BTW: Has anyone been this week? I wanted to go Tue or Wed and was wondering what waits for Tatsu, X2 and Yolo were like.
  14. I think that just varies greatly depending on the wood obviously. in one of the videos, they are talking about needing to replace a lot of the wood on the lift hill anyway. then, the different elements might need different bracing, so that of course would be new. Wood doesn't really have a useful life. There are 200 year old original wood homes still standing. They said some of the lift hill wood was badly damaged by chain grease so it needed to be replaced. If the other wood doesn't show signs of insect damage, fungus, rot, or splitting; it could last another 100 years. It all depe
  15. I am wondering of the people that love this coaster; how tall are you? I am 6' tall and found the lap bars way too tight. Kind of made any airtime less enjoyable.
  16. I really like Scream too. Maybe they could get Banksy or another graffiti artist to lay down a nice mural on the parking lot.
  17. My guess is that since you still walk up a tower and slide down the slide and not have a powered lift hill or speed boosters that it is a slide and not a ride or water coaster. Inner tubes and rafts can go down water slides but this one needs OTRs and extra padding because you are going to land on your face when you stall out half way up the loop
  18. I am just happy that the giant octopus or whatever it is found work again after Disneyland kicked him out of the subs attraction for animated fish. I would imagine that any coaster section on this short of track would be kind of a joke. I would prefer that they skipped it so that they didn't need lap bar or loose article checks.
  19. I did the same thing. I got Gold Pass from the sale, redeemed at the gate; and forgot to take it to the processing center and forgot to get the gold benefits. So I emailed Six Flags and this is what they had to say: " Subject: Question About Season Passes I went and processed my season pass but forgot to take my voucher to the Processing Center to add Gold benefits to my pass that I received during a sale. I log into my pass benefits and it shows "combo pass" instead of "gold pass". My pass number is REMOVED and the Plu # 10024057 is to add the gold benefits. Is there anything t
  20. I would run to Tatsu first as it is only running one train and the line can be 2 hours last Friday by noon when the park wasn't that busy yet. I believe everything else had two or more trains that needed it. Also, if wasn't very busy at Scream, Batman or Riddler's Revenge on Friday and if no one is waiting for your row on the coaster you can just stay on. I got 4 rides on each without even leaving the station and having to walk around. In fact when someone was waiting for my row I just got up and switched to another so I got to ride on the front middle and back. I asked and none of the ri
  21. "They did a good job with that garden! BUT..... What if they filled in the whole area with grass or play fountains like the coca cola soke zone at USH?" I am hoping this is a little less permanent; as in, until they can put in a new attraction. They still have the queue area up too so hopefully something else fits in the footprint and can be installed possibly by 2015.
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