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  1. ^yeah that buffet place was very good, I thought CP's fries had some sort of reputation. owell
  2. ^that would be very funny. "the garbage cans are getting a new style of bags this season!!!!!" lol
  3. of all the 4 parks I've been to I liked Cedar Point's Coasters the best. they have really good burgers and of course the famous CP french fries and also I've eaten there every time I've gone to CP so its become a tradition.
  4. well, I would be there but like so many others have mentioned distance is a main factor in why I can't attend this, owell. I liked the idea of having something like this done "midwest style"
  5. Filled mine out, as soon as I get a job (hopefully soon) I will be saving my money for diffrent trips. as I put in the Comments section of the questionaire I assume anyone under 18 would have to be accompanied by a legal adult, correct?
  6. ^Robb since you like people catching that kind of thing, I would like to commend you on your musical choice for the Sky Princess video, I love Devo whereas everyone else my age is probably like "who the hell is that?"
  7. ^do they make you sign a paper like that if you get at job at SFGAm? that would be terrible.
  8. Concidering the small amount I've been on here are the best: Steel: M-Force, Raging Bull Wood: Viper's double dip, great airtime. if I remember correctly the Boss had a pretty fun first drop.
  9. is the downloadable video the footage or season video? the season video of Nara dream land was hilarious "Welcome to Walt Disney's Ghetto Land!" LOL! another very funny thing I noticed on the season DVD was "the hell song" was playing durring the Fuji-Q Highland video. lol subtle but funny.
  10. yeah Im doing 100% custom supports in my current project which is well underway and will be released april 22nd, take a look http://nldc.interfix.net/p422
  11. Not nessecarrly (sp?) most of the money spent on TTD and KK is for themeing, it would be very expencive though
  12. I'm still waiting for a rocket coaster that is also the tallest and fastest to be used to its full potential, like instead of just a top hat or top hat+bunny hill maybe make the ride last more than 20 seconds thus making it worth the 3+ hour wait.
  13. ^thats not an Invert and its now called Dominator, For me its Raptor, since I've only been on V2 (sfgam) B:TR (sfgam and sfstl) and Raptor I have to go with Raptor.
  14. One mini should be white, but I think the white one is one that got damaged in the fire. Im looking foward to riding this coaster.
  15. I love cobra rolls, especially the one on Raptor. its a very disorenting inversion.
  16. wow, that looks like fun. it looks as if S&S/Arrow have created a fun ride, but it could be dissapointing, who knows. guess we have to just find out.
  17. -Expedition GeForce -Thunder Dolphin -X -XCLR8R -Apollo's Chariot -Phantom's Revenge -Riddler's Revenge -Silverstar -Nitro -Medusa east -Alpengeist -Montu -Superman: Ride of Steel (sfne) -Colossos (heide park) -Megaphobia -Ghostrider -the Beast -Son of Beast Thats all I can think of off the top of my head
  18. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Cedar Point Epcot Holiday World Indiana Beach Magic Kingdom Michigan's Adventure Mt. Olympus Paramount's Kings Dominion Paramount's Kings Island Six Flags America Six Flags Great America Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Six Flags Over Georgia Six Flags St. Louis Timber Falls most were added this season 8)
  19. Thank you very much for your help but my family is too broke :crying: so I have to push the trip back until my b-day next year. I will leave Chicago on Friday Feburary 11th and on Tuesday the 14th. I will be checking around on sites for deals (if they even have any this early) thanks again Elissa and Jarmor.
  20. oh Yeah the Crystal Beach Cyclone looks amazing, I wish they would make a clone of it, I would love to try it.
  21. hello all. I realize that you guys don't need to plan a trip a SFMM rather just get in your car and drive for a couple of minutes and your there...but not all of us have that privlage. I live in Illinois and really want to get to SFMM because I'm having my mid-winter coaster withdrawls and need to get on some before I go crazy but my family is on a tight budget so I need some help getting the best prices for everything. the dates I want to go are somewhere between March 25th and April 1st. I greatly apreaciate your help. Thanks ~Zach~
  22. Thats a shame cause that looked likea kick ass woodie! and I'd love to see the POV of it aswell.
  23. in 1995 I rode Viper at SFGAm and was terrified until 2002 I was not really interested in coasters. then I rode the DEmon at SFGAm thinking "what the hell am I doing" as I boarded the train. I had such a good time I rode 6 times consecutivly (sp?) and I've been a coaster freak ever since.
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