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  1. ^Should click the link in my sig based on his avitar
  2. but GeForce doesn't have any loops either so who would they be pleasing then?
  3. Personally I like coasters the best but some flats are ok, I've never actually been on a drop ride so I couldn't say and water rides are pretty good on a hot day, but defenitly coasters are the best.
  4. well at this point whatever we say is purely speculation. I hope that SFGAm gets another B&M especially if it's something brand new, but we haven't seen anything yet so its all speculation.
  5. Great I guess this means I can't apply for a job there
  6. I woud totally love a TPR shirt, something like "how much brain damage could one Vekoma cause?" or a big picture of a togo or vekoma logo and says "some credits don't come easy" ~Zach
  7. ^whats with the hate aganist SFGAm's coasters? I have to say Mean Streak without a doubt, it's terribly rough and has a trim on the first drop, WTF?
  8. ^to be adventrous, and to try something different. remember that enthusiasts make up very little presentage of the people who visit amusement parks so were not really who their looking to please. but anything we think it is is purely speculation, unless Will Koch is posting what the big expansion is. ~Zach
  9. Its almost the weekend yay!!!! I have a radio show tommorow at 10 and it goes till 2 you can listen online at www.wgbk.org its a classic rock show, if you have any requests you can pm me with them...wow I just totally plugged my show!
  10. Iam so excited about riding this coaster this season. that tunnel looks amazing.
  11. What howler doesn't count as a steel coaster? Elissa is there anything wrong with having 3 wooden coasters? I would love to see a steel hypercoaster (B&M or Intamin) as much as any enthusiuast but I don't think that there's anything wrong with three wooden coasters.
  12. Im thinking world's longest wooden coaster, that would be great.
  13. ^I still like the picture of toby in the pot and on the plate with salad in the recipies section.
  14. I got stuck at the top of B:TR at SFGAm for about 20 minutes in 2002 (no evac) and I got stuck on the final brakes of Ragin' Cajun at SFGAm for about 10 mins last year and that was the first time I ever rode it! no evac though I wish I had some more interesting ones.
  15. Age: 16 Middle Name: Elias Pet Peeve: Bush and all his followers Color of your bathroom: light red Favorite Movie: dazed and confused and sideways Favorite Song: Remember the Future by Nektar (I know you don't know who that is www.nektarmusic.co.uk ) Favorite TV Shows: Futurama, Family Guy, Simpsons, Seinfeld, Lost, Alias, 24 and the greatest show ever made: Life as we know it (now a casualty of ABC) Favorite Band/Artist: Nektar, Pink Floyd, Raspberries, ICP, Fastway Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Splash Mountain (I haven't been to WDW since '95!) Yummiest Ice Cream: Pralenes and Cream If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Bob Stroud Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: Precious my extremly stupid dog, Fifi my wierd cat and Mysti my very very fat car Favorite Color: Yellow! Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): DDRing Favorite Soda: diet anything, and Faygo gotta have my faygo Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: not too bad, more jelly less peanut butter Best Vacation Spot: I enjoyed the Grand Canyon alot Cook or Go Out: I like to cook (even though I suck at it) I even took a foods class! Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach, I like girls in bikinis Favorite coaster: Millennium Force (my name doesn't give that one away ) Favorite videogame: RCT 2/No Limits/Halo 2 Favorite boardgame: Trivial Persuit (all except sports and LOTR) Favorite book: Crossing California by Adam Langer Favorite magazine: MAD
  16. Congrats from someone who also recently hit 100 (posts that is) still waiting to hit 100 coasters. maybe by the end of this season!
  17. my first (and current) car that I share with my Dad is a '91 Buick Skylark, can you say POS?
  18. ^Will get a B- on vocab test <100th POST!!!!!!!
  19. I hate ugly teachers... I don't know how many of you watch wrestling but so far tonight's smackdown! has sucked. except John Cena, he's always awesome.
  20. I saw this on the news last night, I cracked up. there's nothing like seeing 2 elephants break through a wall its making laugh now just thinking about it.
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