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  1. American Psycho - Misfits ooh it changed now its... Nuttin but a g thang - Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre (good old school!)
  2. my best advise would be to DL spyware guard and spyware blaster, and hopefully those help. ~ZACH~
  3. Personally I like the songs: Tsugaru (sp?) Kind Lady (best song ever!!!!) Crash! (great song to start warming up with) Ready Steady Go Dam Dariem (sp?) Air Rubber Neckin' (great remix) Brick House (yeah its not a "DDR song" persay but its in ultramix 2 so I count it) I play on standard or heavy with my arrows sped up by 1.5X and goodxX I love your avitar!
  4. "It's just a flesh wound!" gotta love SCHOOL spelled "SHCOOL" that made me crack up.
  5. Agreed, desert rose is pretty good from that album. Im listening to Red Puddles by F.I.L.T.H.E.E. IMMIGRANTS
  6. ^what does that have to do with my rating? I think I would be R for language and sexual references and other assorted "R rated" things
  7. I'm a guy who likes girls, I like girls alot actually still having problems finding a girlfriend though. I have no problems with gay people, I know alot of gay people, I find nothing wrong with it, its just not for me. would temporarily (sp?) turn for the rock though :shock:
  8. anyone who likes that billboard will like these here, not as cruel but quite funny nonetheless. just slightly less cruel but still funny much more cruel and still funny, and finally a happy reminder for all you ~ZACH~
  9. I don't watch alot of movies but... Harold and Kumar: Great movie, better than Cheech and Chong (as far as "stoner movies" go) um....Team America was really funny, I reccomend it to anyone who likes south park. yeah, I don't really watch alot of movies.
  10. I need a job! I applied at Target and Starbucks...but neither called back =( I don't wanna go to school tomorrow, the idea of 3,000 annoying kids dressed the same way hurts my head :? I will probablly have to go to bed soon, not to sleep however (why I said bed and not sleep) I will probablly stay up until like 1-1:30 watching Family Guy and Futurama. less than 2 weeks till SFGAm opens for the 2005 season! I wonder if I get a full 2 hours on Radio this saturday. I get to go DDR after school today! YAY! I wonder whats on TV...Lets play turn on WinTV and find out!...OOH Drew Carrey, nothing better than a funny sitcom at midnight. my head is a scarry place huh? I think thats all.
  11. ok about time for me to post a couple of pics. These are the best ones I have on my comp right now. heres my dad and I with RVD! (Im on the right) heres my on-ride photo of Raptor, I look really messed up though heres me infront of TTD
  12. Congrats on 100, I hate Enchanted Castle! when I went they wouldn't let me ride the little dragon coaster, I was too big issed:
  13. alright heres a few from Joe Schwartz collection (www.joyrides.com) enjoy! http://www.joyrides.com (ADMIN EDIT) Picture way too big! this is not from joyrides and its not front seat but it is on ride of Steel Force! hope this helps ~ZACH~
  14. Sheikra looks great. Hydra looks like fun. Hades looks awesome (I actually get to ride this one!) Rita looks insane. and um...Kingda Ka looks like TTD.
  15. for anyone who's interested SFGAm sent me the 2005 map 2 days ago so here is the map and HH attraction guide! 2005 Park map! SFHH attraction guide
  16. for anyone who's interested SFGAm sent me the 2005 map 2 days ago so here is the mao and HH attraction guide! EDIT: sorry didn't mean to double post
  17. Its too bad they never built that, the idea is really similar to that of the first gen. intamin freefalls.
  18. Since everyone else is grading the coasters I guess I will to... Stand Ups: Iron Wolf: C- Mantis B Inverts: Batman the Ride: B+ Raptor: A Hyper: Raging Bull: A Flyer: Superman- Ultimate Flight: B-
  19. Crazy goddess, Coasterdude5 and robb let me know when you will be at SFGAm, I would love to meet up with you. it sounds as if many have a really good season planned.
  20. I don't know anyone at parks that personally, although sometimes at Viper (sfgam) the ride ops staple me jokingly, ouch anyway...
  21. arrgg, I vote for more unknown or even known classic rock in coaster videos! lol, I did like the DDR songs though, reminded me of being at the arcade
  22. I may be able to marathon on a coaster for maybe an 1 or maybe even 2 hours but probably not any more than that. but if someone wants to ride a coaster for days and days go ahead it doesn't bother me any.
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