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  1. I hate the Wendy's commericals where they announce you can choose stuff becides fries...wow! I can't beleve people actually get paid for writing some of these incredibly stupid ads.
  2. that was quite strange, interesting however. I would be a little concerned if anyone who was in a mental hospital and not declared "SANE" was released...this is off topic but anyone who's in MI should drink alot of Faygo!
  3. ^thats a cool promotion, I would do it but I won't for 2 reasons: 1.I already have a Six Flags pass 2.I have no plans to go to New Orleans for a couple of years so that would really defeat the purpose of getting the free ticket but its a good promotion anyway
  4. if the winking smilie and the lol wasn't enough to convince you it was a joke then I'm sorry I was "freaking out" and for the record, I'm not freaking out now. let's all calm down
  5. ^lol Iwonder what that could be...I don't think drugs are to blame for hitler's birthday, I think his mom is to blame. and Colombine, well those kids were teased and very messed up mentaly, for anyone who "celebrated" yesterday I hope they enjoyed it. I did not "celebrate" however. there were cops at my school though, whoevers stupid enough to bring pot to school deserves to be caught.
  6. I would print a picture of an adult on the coaster to prove it and say "this is photo proof of adults on the kiddie coaster! LET ME RIDE!!!!! lol thanks for the site Joseph I am going to email him today."
  7. I got my SFGAm passes last October, before the park even closed because they had some super deal where you would Huricane Harbor free then a couple days ago they sent me a pass in the mail and it was the same except it was blue and it had a 2 year old picture of me on it! then t validate it you have to activate it online, I heard this is a test market thing that SF is trying to do for all people how had passes last year get.
  8. ^thats horrible, this is one of my stories, even though its not about what happened to me. a group of my friends and I decided to go to SFGAm in 2002 and one of my friends had to go to the bathroom so we all waited while he was in there. he was taking so long we get the idea (to mess with him a little bit) we would all clap when he came out. as he exited the bathroom he noticed all of us standing there clapping and cheering and man he looked pissed, that was a very funny moment, well...at least to me it was.
  9. depends on the person, me personally yes! is Tupac dead or living in some third world country on royalties?
  10. Give me a high five! *virtually high fives coasterzak* Halo 2 on xbox RCT2 on PC No Limits on PC DDR on xbox
  11. ^thats such a get rich quick skeem! I say let him eat the bunny, he's an asshole though.
  12. Yeah thats terrible, wait till Elissa sees this! :shock:
  13. ^yeah thats a great song, Im now listening to... Master of the Flying Guillotine-by-Jumpsteady. changed! Murder the Nation-by-Bio Killaz ~ZACH~
  14. I have a Nokia 3200, any phone with a camera is good enough for me http://www.nokiausa.com/phones/3200
  15. about five minutes from where I live theres a pancake house called "elis" which has great pancakes and fresh orange juice. every other resturant here is a chain one
  16. ^look at flying scooters age, its right above you :shock:
  17. ^get a beater like Im getting ('92 Buick Skylark)
  18. ^I do have a membership card (yes it's valid ) do you have his email adress? oh yeah when I went to ride the dragon coaster I was even wearing an ACE shirt and they still wouldn't let me on!!
  19. sorry admins didn't know the pic was that big. I hope those pics helped anyway. ~ZACH~
  20. I'm at school!!! yeah...I hate gym, why is it that Illinois is the only state that requires physical education every day?????????????
  21. ^I would crack up if I saw that, I saw one at a KFC once that said "eat your wife out here" I almost couldnt breathe I was laughing so hard.
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