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  1. ^8.5/10 very interesting name. does it mean anything?
  2. when bridging the gap between 5th grade and highschool there comes a time when people become un-human and start to like whatever the media can throw at them, Backstreet Boys are one of these things. how long will this last?
  3. here are some funny pics I have found, please enjoy I sure hope they mean rooster. kockins? anis? um...pass can these nuts fit in your mouth? roughly translates to... bum bum! kick...where? Traditional recipe?
  4. Can't argue with that I like ferrits and dogs and monkees, pretty boring choices I suppose.
  5. since Im a radio person I have to ask, what format is the station? Harvee Birdman is a great show.
  6. ^thats a good question, some people are very desperate arn't they?
  7. ^10/10 makes me think of my favorite coasters (B&Ms especially come to mind)
  8. I usually eat some crackers and a diet pepsi. good stuff
  9. and PGA, CCI has re-formed and become the gravity group. first coaster=HADES!!!
  10. ^technicly not a CCI but I know what your saying, it is quite exciting.
  11. Linkin Park-Radio metal, uneeded manufactured for the masses. Blink 182-wow look Im running around naked in a music video, you never know what they'll do next Radio Rap-any rap that is played on radio is complete crap. IMO even underground rap is weakening Ozzy Ozbourne-SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! you haven't been good since Randy Rhodes died so just stop already we can go without the Black Sabbath farewell farewell farewell farewell farewell on this years Ozfest. Eminem-anyone who has a CD release party and says a band "might" be there without even telling that band is a complete and total moron and should die. Dave Mathews Band-4 words, Rich Suburban Wannabe Hippies. Slipknot-a good way to describe this band is "conformest metal" because everyday as I walk into school everywhere I look everyone's wearing a slipknot shirt or hoodie "were different, we like slipknot" remember your unique like everyone else. alright enough ranting. bands I'd like to see more of Donnas Misfits Nektar Raspberries Ramones (and I don't mean Blitzkreig Bop, pick up a copy of Rocket to Russia kids)
  12. ^yeah that was a great parody. but anyway yeah this was a great movie, http://imdb.com/title/tt0088847/trivia
  13. ^8/10 mysterious and dangerous sounding, I like it...do underscores count as spaces?
  14. I have PC GameBoy Color Gameboy Advance N64 Xbox thats all.
  15. XL for me, I will probablly get one depending on the color and design.
  16. how about President's day? the coaster can be called "Lincoln's Revenge" or maybe Martin Luthor King day and the coaster could be called "the Equalizer" lol
  17. ^it was scrapped so no more track and supports on the hill anymore. I think this is defenitly a rumor, I'm thinking and hoping that the next coaster SFGAm gets is a floorless.
  18. I love this movie and interestingly enough it was filmed right up the street from my house! :shock: I love the Family Guy parody of it... tony the tiger "it was a banner freaking year at the tiger house, old man gave me a carton of cigerettes said 'hey smoke up tony There Greeaatt!'" gotta love it.
  19. nothing...well, I will probablly put some serious work into my IW recreation and then watch Wrestling at 10 central then more work into the IW recreation, than watch more wrestling at 1am then more work into the IW recreation then watch some futurama or family guy or simpsons or some show I have on dvd and finally go to bed.
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