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  1. People seem to be in uproar about this. As if it somehow is changing their lives. And that they're amazingly great people for standing up and posting the exact same thing millions of people have likely already done... It's rebellious and individualist. In a conformist sort of way... I can say that there's a baby seal being clubbed somewhere right now, doesn't mean the government is suddenly going to get up and save it. We are infact asking the country to go to war. Nobody wants that. We complain when we get involved with other countries affairs... and we complain when we don't get involved in country's affairs. I don't find this important at all actually, as all sides know he is evil.
  2. 1966 - Views from Backstage Little Dipper as got quite a history at the park. Back in its time as Chase Thru the Clouds, this ride really did put the park on the map. It's a shame it's been scaled back to a kiddie ride, but the fact that it's even still standing is something to be grateful for. This station has changed many times over the years, it currently uses a fairly bare, open air design. Most people are unaware, but the park has got there own little water supply right next to Racer. Drawn from a natural spring, it fills the lagoon after winter. Plus it shows off some twisted sections of track! There's never a shortage of green here at the park. They've got a commitment to keeping it pretty, and it really shows!
  3. Ugh... I typed my replies out, but then I closed the window. So I will just say thank you very much for the comments! Again, huge thanks to RD for making the Jet Star for me. The story's gonna take a more personal twist as the 70's come along. Mainly because I don't plan on making drastic changes every year, but want to keep the park at a good pace. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1966 - Meet the Staffords Hello all! My name is John Stafford. I'm the towns resident coaster enthusiast and I've been selected to document my trips here from now on. My great grandparents have been coming every year since the park first put in the Racer. That's my wife Angela and our kids Arnold and Jenna. Lots has changed since the old days, but we still love the park and all it has to offer. The kids love the ferris wheel. Especially Arnold who insists on riding it everytime we pass by. This is the spot I proposed to my wife and I'm so glad that it's still here. Even if it's quaint comfortable atmosphere has been drained.. We're oh so looking forward to this thing next year! Track work appears done, though they must have a lot planned if this is still opening up next year.
  4. Looks really great! I've always had the urge to do a Tumble Bug model.. But never had the skill. I'm taking a CADD course, hopefully I can learn. I'd say put some personal touches on, like signage. And I think the cars may be cool if you did them maybe a brighter green with some yellows for trim.
  5. My explanation that assholes get the girls has mostly been said.. They're outward, and get more attention since they're at the front of the action. Though I think another reason is that once they're with a girl, they don't have any opinions to disagree on, and substitute what the girl wants to hear, and feel no wrong with it. This can really be any guy though. The nice guys seem to get criticized for speaking their minds. Even if they have self confidence, girls hear you disagree on one thing.. and they think you're 'mad at them' and then they hate you... Something along those lines. I'd rather have somebody speak up than stay quiet and be completely whipped about everything. I must agree with Allen in saying that all I've really learned is what not to do haha. God, my dumbass friends seem to just love doing the opposite of what makes me happy... They get with complete whores, one falls in love, the other doesn't even really like her, and vice versa on the girls end. Then I try and explain it's a terrible idea and they are only going to get sucked into a downward spiral which will inevitably end in heartache, and they shoot me down. OK, so you have some temporary happiness. You're forgetting the fact that you've yet again abandoned me for your own gains. And you have the nerve to say I'M the one who's wrong? Isn't friendship a little more important than your shallow women? I'm only really ticked that nobody is listening to me, again. Even though this EXACT same situation happened about a year ago. Glad to see they've learned something. Seriously, keep a close friendship, the second you create the idea of a relationship, you close the doors of a close friendship to soo many people. When you can't even be alone with your friend because somebody else is so heavily concerned and protective about something happening, there is REALLY something wrong.. I love being the bad guy, but it's too bad the bad guy never gets the popular vote. [/megarant]
  6. My goal is to have girls around as friends and get rid of that drama all together... Though nobody ever seems to listen when I tell them they're just gonna get screwed over. I try and keep my distance to keep things simple and friendly, though somebody always seems to jump in ahead of me and screw up my plans of just having a friend around... And I still have to go to hell and back! Stupid hormones... Though someday I'll find something that works.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be in a relationship to hang out with and have fun with a girl! It seems to work best in high school if you just hang out and let things happen at their own pace. I've always been dodgy about just going up and asking someone out... I've decided it's terrible being the only one of my friends without a girl. Seriously, it's no fun seeing 4 people with their arms around girls and you sitting there off in the distance...
  8. Being home on a Saturday cause your parents don't want you to have too much fun isn't too great either! I believe I know my own limitations on sleep and activity.
  9. Haha, all in due time! Good call! No clue how I missed them... Yupp, you're right, it's a Jet Star II.5 haha. RD made some modifications to its original model. I won't be using any of that track I don't believe. My park is already hanging on for dear life with crashes! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1966 - Approaching Opening Day The park has undergone numerous changes in the past year. We can now witness it's full waterfront beauty. New fountains, planters, rides, and architecture are sure to draw the eye. The Middle Eastern Cafe has been fully renovated and converted into a bumper cars ride. An interesting fate for such a classic building.. The old Roll-o-Plane is back in style, sure to give some great views of the water. A new scrambler sits dormant awaiting its first customers come May. You may recognize this fountain as the centerpiece of the swimming pool. It's been relocated and spiffed up in its new location. Can't forget about the star attraction! It won't be open until 1967, though construction is still working fast.
  10. You can save them as a different file extension through paint.net. They probably .bmp or something, and saving them as .jpeg's cuts the file size down tremendously. It's what I do to post my rct3 pictures.
  11. Chief Wiggum: Trash cans tipped over... cheese packages poked and repoked... all signs point to one obvious culprit. A giant rat. Possibly my favorite scene ever is when they get their house repossessed and Homer is attempting to hang himself on the tree in the front yard but instead he uproots the whole tree haha!
  12. I would like to re-iterate this post as I've still not found anybody with the file..
  13. Pshhh.. I do upload them here! The photos at the end of last update just happen to be EXTREMELY old and while 90% of all the photos here are uploaded as attachments, I don't believe the first few pages are... yet. Someday I'll get around to updating them.
  14. Ugh Photobucket is such a pain... I've used flickr on occasion, I may switch full time to that. And transfer my files if I can. I've got tons... But it may pay off in the long run. Though I am surprised that this has been becoming quite common for me! And it's never happened in the past. Perhaps my park is getting much more popular! And I do have some news today.. Big news actually! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday, the park publicized its plans for the next 2 years in a press release sent to newspapers and media around the area. The details are below.... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Today the park embarks on a new frontier. Take a ride on Hornet! The parks first STEEL roller coaster. In connection with this huge new attraction, the park will be adding its biggest addition ever! A new area putting you right up close and personal with the lagoon from which the park earned its name. This new addition will include some rides which were put out of service temporarily, as well as a new flat ride, a Scrambler ride. Also new will be the renovation of the now out of service Middle Eastern Cafe into a dodgems ride. ----------------------------------------------------- A special thanks to Rudie for designing this monster!
  15. I ain't much into the No Limits stuff. I guess it's cause of the lack of scenery for the most part, but I do love what you've done here. RD has said it well. You can make your ride however you damn well please. The criticism that you get back shouldn't be related to the style of it, but more so how the style could be improved. Where's the creativity in doing something exactly as it is in real life? I like your interpretation of it very much. Really nice colors, and some interesting hills for sure!
  16. Haha, and Skrillex live presses play and bobs his head... Daft Punk, I can't even decipher all the things they're doing on the spot live. I've only fairly recently been getting into their live performances. With a lot of bands I have to understand the initial form of the music in order to understand the adjustments they do to it. But live I must say they do some phenomenal things! If I ever find the time to watch an entire set I certainly will. I've listened through their Alive albums and geez.. I wish I could do some of that stuff with remixes. And add on top of all that, they're robots haha. Soo much better than a mouse head. Though I love that too... I hear they're working on a new album. It's been what? 7 or 8 years since their last proper new music? Really looking forward to it.
  17. Don't know if I recognize this one or not... Love it either way! There's some magical areas.
  18. Any time! As for your support issues, you may want to use Moby's Framework set and ues a box structure instead. And a solution to your problem may be to locate some flanges. CPcisco made a huge expansion set with every possible height and slope of flanges and such you can think of. A worthy investment to clean up the ride.
  19. This is one of those parks I've been very undecided about. All the pieces are here, but there's little sloppy things that prevent it from getting up to that next level. On Coaster, there's many areas where supports stick through the track, and the basic vertical construction you have for the supports seems a little odd. I don't think they'd have such thick supports, nor as many of them. Mister Twister, it looks great, but your custom supports have some flaws. The biggest is that you used the huge 30mm thickness for all of them, on a coaster which according to its size, should be using primarily 20mm beams, as it's not large enough to warrant 'beefed up' supports. You can use some of the thicker supports, but I wouldn't recommend it on bents and horizontals. I'd use them for your vertical supports primarily. I'd say something similar for your other two wooden coasters, They are all the exact same monotone brown. Don't be afraid to use some color! White works for supports, so does the tan brown. You can use different rail colors. It's subtle things that make or a break a park. Your architecture looks nice, though again, it lacks color and uses the same dark brown. You've made efforts to put in different terrain textures, but you have both extremes. You have areas of lots of grass, and areas with excessive dirt. Blend the areas together and don't forget rock textures in high sloping areas or areas where land has been considerably mangled. And don't forget foliage around your path edges. You've got it in a lot of places, but clean it up a bit. A lot of the in game foliage feels kind of dead but overgrown. Organized planters can still use in game foliage, such as you have in picture 8. But like in picture 6, the area just feels rather dead and uninviting. And last thing, turn up your graphics! I'm sure your computer can handle some sort of anti-aliasing or shadows. Just go to options and adjust it to max before taking pictures. The park has got some really good points to it. Though they just need some touching up to have me convinced. You're doing great, just don't forget about your aesthetics.
  20. Not his fault, RD swayed the entire community to love Schwarzkopf.
  21. Yupp, I'm working on this one too! I hope you guys can appreciate the efforts put in by both of us and really enjoy this one!
  22. I apologize that I again don't have a real update... Past week's been rough. But I do have some news on next year. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1965 - Middle Eastern Cafe The park has stated that a huge announcement will come sometime in the next 2 weeks regarding next years new additions. Rumors have spread that some more old rides will be put back in, though some speculate its time for a new coaster. The park has given us some indicator though. Seems we're getting some changes (again) to the Middle Eastern Cafe. Should be interesting to see what's really going on...
  23. I'm what you'd consider an 'atheist'. I'm not all for Christianity.. but that doesn't mean I shoot it down. My favorite band is a Christian band, and many of my top 15 or so are Christian as well. People on both ends like to flaunt their beliefs, I know a lot of Christians that can get obnoxious with it as well. But I think partially why atheists get criticized more is the fact that their 'religion' is bare and heartless on the surface. A person who can't believe in anything is generally viewed as more cynical and lower down. I think that BOTH sides ought to stop throwing around their beliefs, because they are THEIR beliefs. And just cause it says your supposed to preach the message in the bible doesn't mean I want to hear it!
  24. You have NO idea! Haha, the amount of erasing and re-aligning of those 4 terrible rails took forever! Not to mention the subtle slope changes on the connecting beams. Though I'm really hoping the end result is worth all the work.
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