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  1. Thanks! It's been a lot of work to get the park a new face. And I'd love to see some of those pictures when the time comes. It won't be for some time though.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1960 - Nothing Like the Sunset The Caverns are still operating. The facade has remained untouched since it's opening. The so called 'backstage' of the park is now being used for patrons. It leads to the pool which was luckily salvaged after some extensive renovation. We now have a full view of two of Twister's main elements. Still the centerpiece here, the only change is that the floor has been updated to concrete to cut down on maintenance costs. The famous string lights that have been there since day one are still there, in an updated format. The Racer, yupp. More Racer goodness.. The Dance Hall is still used for dancing.. Still popular as well. Nothing like a sunset ride on this mammoth. Beauty at its finest... Can't get enough of the horse. A rough overview of what the park looks like at the entrance.
  2. Opening Day - 1960 The entrance has begun filling with people at the beginning of the day. Nothing new here. Some pavement and landscaping make the area pop. The park has went all out on the landscaping, as evident here. The layout technique that was done in the past to keep opposite way traffic to a minimum has again been implemented. Racer still stands dominantly over the park. The new flairs on the station are really evident. The classic Snack Bar sees itself added back in a quaint area as it's architecture reflects. Not much change back in this corner yet. It's been opened up a bit to give it a more Middle Eastern feel. The Rotor is surrounded by flowers. It was decided that trees would have clogged up the area too much, not givig a proper view of any of the ride structures. It could be called bare yes... But emphasis on the ride structures was the point to this area. Back in the 20's this area was bare as well, getting back to the roots was a major concern when redesigning the park.
  3. I despise everything that has to do with rap, but for some reason I love this guy. It could be that he doesn't use over processed beats that sound like cheap hip-hop. Or maybe it's cause he's actually got class and doesn't feel the need to have at least 50 swears per song. But when he does swear it actually feels like means something and isn't just a word there to fill in the spaces. And possibly the best part is he doesn't just write songs about gettin bitches. Plus he's from my hometown and I actually don't feel like it's a smudge on us.
  4. Ahh yes.. I can say you won't be seeing a steel coaster in this decade, but things will pick up once the seventies come rolling around. The odds of a Schwarzkopf appearing are high at this point. Haha. To anybody coming across this park. I would recommend that this point in the timeline is an excellent time to go back and read through the thread to see what you've missed. All the history of the park is coming together at this exact moment in time, and before a new era begins, I think it's important to see where this park has came from before you can see where it's going next. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1959 - Piecing it All Together On to the next part of our tour. We see the now famous Cyclone, finally becoming beautiful once again. Once the park went under, people began realizing what a gem of a ride they had in their backyards. But unlike the hundreds of coasters lost to the depression, this may see a happy ending. Sporting the facade created in 1935, the ride has been enhanced and emphasized by a modest garden and fountain right outside the queue. The queue itself has been renovated to allow for more guests and smoother movement. Still unfinished are a ride sign as well as the benches and lighting. Some may be disappointed to find that Sky Streak (Chase Thru the Clouds) has been kiddie-ized. However, it retains its first drop making it one of the more intense kiddie coasters out there. Also notice the brand new (custom) supports that were added!
  5. I have to say that for some reason, this park is extremely appealing to me... It's not necessarily packed with tons of custom scenery, insanely curvy paths or anything like that, but you've got it all organized and put together so well, that it doesn't really matter! VauTour is one of the best coasters I've yet seen in RCT3. It's like you've taken us along a journey from start to finish, where the finished product appears to be something like an actual park would create. Keep it up!
  6. ^ Yeah... It's not easy trying to track the depression.. There's simply too much going on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1959 - New Traditions The famous Racer station, an icon at the park, has had it's trademark facade leveled, and redone. The fire which sparked the end of an era, is giving way to another beautiful creation soon to be another recognizable feature of the park. The spire which held the letters for the ride has been retained, only moved. The letters are still en route, but are modeled after the original letters. The new station has a more traditional, open air feel to it. It's been designed to be much more efficient than the old station, and is now capable of running four trains, or two sets of racers at a time. One other huge difference on the new Racer is that its track has been extended considerably and reworked to allow for the new station. The result is sure to make it an even more impressive yet congested coaster. New rides are going to be joining the lineup for opening day. Including this beautiful Rotor sitting at the location of the old Tilt-A-Whirl, only raised on an artificially created hill. You can also see that two old icons will infact be returning. The old Jefferson house which has been there since near the beginning, is being converted into a gift shop, with the second floor acting as a museum. As well, the old Allan Herschell Ferris wheel built for the 1924 season has been refurbished and will be opening with the park on opening day. The public should consider themselves extremely lucky that the company holds such high value in family traditions and values. Otherwise it's near certain these great rides would be lost forever.
  7. 1959 - Mob Rules? We return to to the park to see it yet again, having fallen victim to the elements. It's a tragic tale dotted with stories of stunning success, and shocking failure. We all know the park has seen some bad times. The terrible events of the depression took a huge toll on all of us. Unfortunately, the constant we all came to live for every summer, all but vanished into history. Luckily, some of us we not willing to let our enjoyment fall by the wayside. The park saw a short rebirth in the late 30's. For a second, we all thought we would have our favorite leisure place back for good. But as fate would have it, the timing wasn't quite right and the depression still wreaked havoc on America. The park was lost to nature yet again and sat on the back burner for a few decades. We never saw much activity from that old bluff up on the hill until now. A group of legitimate businessmen known as Salizoni's Construction Coorporation, are tired of their ways in olive oil and office buildings. They want some spice for their spaghetti. While on a business trip, one of the men discovers the remains of the old park in the woods. He goes back to the boss and suggests they expand their business there. But the boss has a better idea. Rather than merely move up there, he goes to the city and makes an offer they can't refuse on this gorgeous piece of land. Within weeks, an unknown project begins as the dust is once again blown off. The plan... re-establish the park and turn a large profit. With a nearly unlimited budget, the project is teeming with life. Among the most notable changes (though unadvertised) is the converting of the restaurant across the lagoon to a club including gambling, and alcohol. All coasters will remain standing, however one will be changed to a kiddie coaster to accommodate for the boom of children. Progress is steady. The park is expected to reopen to eager crowds on Labor Day 1960. Among the first new buildings to go up is this centerpiece to America. Representative of opportunity and prosperity that is offered to those coming overseas. No details are available of the fate of Sky Streak, but it is known that the wood has almost entirely been replaced.
  8. Well I've been real inactive lately... But I'm still here... I plan to have this park posted sometime around Halloween, but I can't possibly anticipate any delays on this. I originally intended on it being done by September... Oh well, the longer I work on it, the better it gets.
  9. Anybody been listening to any halloween music? I'm getting in the mood early with some King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. Into the Coven - Mercyful Fate
  10. Wow, can your computer handle all that .3ds??? There's so many poly's... I suppose no limits is a good enough program to render it all though! I personally like the layout, it's unique.. Nothing says he has to make it exactly like a certain manufacturer.
  11. Only been on Lightning Racer and Wildcat, I liked Wildcat much better. Much more intense in my opinion. Hopefully they start churning out rides 2 a year.. Not likely though!
  12. Kennywood Knoebels - 3 Credits Six Flags Great Adventure - 13 Credits Jenkinson's Boardwalk Amusement Park - 2 Credits Wonderland (New Jersey Boardwalk) - No credits... Morey's Piers - 3 Credits A pretty succesful year. Next year I think I'll hit up Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion. Haven't rode Intimidator yet, and looking forward to the Busch Gardens coaster..
  13. I stopped by the park yesterday and for once in my life I actually saw what many people have been saying about Kennywood in action. I noticed more people at the park NOT having fun then those who actually WERE. I was disappointed at how many people I saw on the Racer sitting there and merely tolerating it. Not what I like to think of Kennywood as... But what really put me over the top was when my group was accused of line jumping by some older couple on the Exterminator. We had seen people further ahead of us in line that we were messing with. So we decided to wait for maybe a few minutes at the doorway in the queue for them to exit the ride, letting maybe 20 people pass us in line so we could carry out our joke and have some fun, we never exited the line, we knew this, no line jumping occurred. It was disheartening to say the least. Especially since the couple went ahead of us in line and it didn't affect their position in line anyways. We explained our story and after much to do we were finally allowed on the ride, I thanked the ride operators and we were on our way. A little ridiculous.. I'm glad the operators at least had some sense. (I was prepared to give a passionate coaster enthusiasts speech if things got out of hand!) Overall though, I had one of the best days in recent memory there. I got there at around 5:30 but still had tons of fun. Even if our group was the only one to have any.. The lines were surprisingly long for the last weekend in August. Operations were scattered from ride to ride, Phantom wait was into the first set of turnstyles, yet the wait was only around 20 or 30 minutes tops. But I was disappointed that so many people were clearly not enjoying themselves. Kennywood's charm really is going down the drain, which is now noticeable the second you walk in the park. I'd take general improvements over a new ride next year if it means Kennywood gains back some of its atmosphere. I can honestly say it wouldn't bother me if they replaced the Pitt Fall with the old Phantom Phlyers, or something similar.
  14. I just watched TRON: Legacy and I was extremely impressed. My original thoughts were that I would overall not like the movie, but be held in it primarily by the soundtrack by Daft Punk, currently one of my favorite artists. But infact, I loved the movie, and the soundtrack held it all together perfectly. I have to say, this was one of the mosr visually attractive movies I've ever seen. It was all so clean, crisp, and easy to look at without being overwhelmed. As well as the actors which were all 'pretty.' The whole plot line seemed hazy at first, but it all gradually pulled itself together and I was looking forward to what piece of the puzzle I would get next, and they all fit nice and snug. The acting wasn't 'superb' but it pulled a lot of emotion, which I think is just as important. I never saw the original Tron, so I don't have anything to compare to, but the revisiting seems like it held the spirit of the original. And they could not have picked a better duo to do the soundtrack. They made an appearance in the movie which was pretty clever. They fact that they believe in all these odd links with people and robots is just so perfect! On the other hand I watched Due Date a few nights ago and found it overall boring with nothing in the sense of a visible plotline. Not all that funny either! There were parts where you could tell the audience was supposed to laugh, but I didn't find myself laughing. Whatever the bearded guys name is, basically played the exact same character he did in the Hangover, only less funny.
  15. I didn't feel it... I was playing my music too loud, I probably thought it was the bass shaking everything! Anyone for 2012 starting early?
  16. Custom scenery forces the community to be ever changing, and ever improving, something I believe is beneficial. This is in part to 'generic syndrome.' Once a good project comes out, there are many that imitate it, forcing the most talented creators to do something totally different and unique. I don't know about you, but I'll take one fantastic project and 10 not so good ones that I can ignore, than 20 average ones. Much of the custom scenery being created now is improved upon versions of older sets, lots of path sets, wall sets etc.. They are all of a better 'quality' than their predecessors. It allows more creativity to flow since the ideas in peoples heads can now be fully realized with all the custom scenery.
  17. Agreed. ADTR is at the top of my list and constantly switching with August Burns Red and Parkway Drive. Currently though my favorite band is Muse, with Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Mastodon following closely behind.
  18. I recall many complaints about I305, and now it's one of the best coasters in the world? Will this be any different? I hope not. It looks like a strange move, but I'm sure it'll all make sense when the first riders come back in the station.
  19. Top for me is Storm Runner. I was surprised how much more forceful it was than Dragster. Runner ups: Volcano: The Blast Coaster Flight of Fear (KI and KD) Nothing else really sticks as forceful for me. I only rode Volcano once, and can't remember it to the fullest. I'd love to go back and try it again along with Intimidator which I haven't done yet.
  20. I think B&M is gonna do something a lot like Intimidator or Millennium. They have to stay competitive, and for sure they aren't gonna sit back while Intamin takes the lead. The park's got a Behemoth style ride already, it wouldn't make much sense to make a taller version... Not all that marketable. I'm sure that we'll see something unique and amazing that should yet again put B&M at the top of enthusiasts lists. Maybe they're developing the worlds first combination barbershop and coaster. Get your haircut while you wait! The ride will take care of all the loose hairs. And the gift shop could sell the hair and market it as some sort of used seat cushioning.
  21. Aftermath Upon further inspection... The track above the station seems to have caved first, hitting some equipment, sparking an electrical fire. Eyewitness reports will back this up as well. It was first thought that the fire caused the track to fail, but that was not the case. The structural damage is very small in comparison to most amusement park fires, and it was kept under control for the most part thanks to the town fire department. However this still comes at a large price. The roof collapsed during peak hours on a fairly crowded day. One ride operator is dead, along with about a dozen sent to the hospital as a precaution. Mostly scrapes and bruises, though one of the other operators has a broken arm. The station was quickly evacuated and being that they were already single file, nobody else was hurt! The ride has since been shut down indefinitely while an in depth investigation can be conducted on the structure as a whole.
  22. Thoughts on the layout? Lift hill supports? It's based loosely off of Katun.
  23. I've not commented on this before, but I love it all around. It's not too flashy, but it's got a great atmosphere. It's amazing what you're capable of doing without custom scenery.
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