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  1. Lady Gaga's new album... The only way it would be 'perfection' is because she didn't progress, and just did a bunch of time tested techniques and songs, for fear of being ridiculed. I've heard a bunch of songs from Born This Way, and while they aren't bad, it feels like I've heard them about a million times. It's meh. Just a re-branding of old songs. But less catchy. I can see how somebody would say it's great, but for a star like her, she really needed to change things up and PROGRESS. Which I didn't hear. Now I fear she's doomed to her fifteen minutes of fame and won't gain much of a new fanbase. Mastodon - Oblivion
  2. I present to you now my track of the week! . . . . . Blue Thunder POV Custom Scenery Needed: Moby's Steel Jungle V1 Moby's Curved Walls and Floors... http://meganaut.com/mcw.html Old Spice's Trees Old Spice's Vegetation Set Vodhin's Emerald City of Oz Extras Vodhin's Benches Vodhin's Light Kit Vodhin's Light Kit 2008 Shyguy's Planters Shyguy's Main Street Set 1, 2, 4, 6 Shyguy's Catfish Cove Shyguy's Circus Center Set 3 Big Burger's Timber 2.0 NYR's Stadium Seating Version's 1 and 2... http://rct3.aks-arch.com/ Weber's Aged Footers... http://rctdb.com/custom-scenery/webers-aged-footers/ Gadget's Coaster Goodies... http://files-upload.com/253211/Gadgetgoodies.rar.html TechnoDude's Coaster Essential's... http://www.mediafire.com/?c1tj0sncay94sd0 CoasterFreak's Art Deco Set... https://rs202l33.rapidshare.com/#!download|202cg|61273276|Coasterfreak-ART_DECO.zip|99|R~0 CSF Steel I-Beams... http://www.coaster-net.com/downloads/files/325-steel-i-beam-set/ Belgabor's Invisible Doodad's... http://www.rctland.com/ubbthreads/exchange/file.php?id=196 ATH Catwalks... http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/1936 I've posted links to sets which I thought may be more difficult to find. Making it less fuss to download this. If there is a problem then by all means remove the links.
  3. I'm still plugging away at my Schwarzkopf... Yours looks spot on Twitch! I was thinking of doing the same thing with the double tubed track, but it's a bit complicated in the timespan. I'm glad you got yours working, it's much closer to the actual track style.. I really love the layout, nice and flowing! Going up the lift... A 'Johnny Rockets' style restaurant.
  4. Dominator has to be one of my favorite steel coasters, regardless of where it ranks. I've ridden it many many times including during its stay at Geauga Lake. I don't know what it is about it, but I just adore it! What I do know is that statistics and biggest this, longest this, don't matter to me. They're cool to know, but make no effect on the final ride. I haven't been back to Kings Dominion since they got the ride, and I really hope to in the next year or two, to get a ride on I305. But if I do that, chances are it'll be on the way to BGW for whatever they get next year. Will I have an opinion on the two? Yeah, probably, but in the end will I enjoy both parks? Yes, I think that's the most important part, not big rides or more coasters.
  5. It's been done! I really appreciate the help, hopefully you enjoy the finished product as well.
  6. Didn't want to make the picture big for such a bland picture.. Hope this works well enough. There isn't much speed once it gets up the turn. It sort of coasts in around 10-15 miles an hour.
  7. I'm going for an old model look, like Revolution and SooperDooperLooper, hence the single loop after the long straightaway. I've changed it up a bit, there's now room for 4 trains safely, what do you think??
  8. Any Schwarzkopf nerds have any comments on the layout before I start finalizing things?
  9. Unfortunately... Missed this one. I'm assuming the deadline is Tuesday, and I wouldn't be able to half ass something by then! Although it doesn't appear like many have so far created anything.. I dunno, hopefully I can find some time.. If not, good luck to the rest of you! And feel free to have lots more RCT3 competitions, I've got tons of unused time in the game.
  10. Yepp it still stands. It's right by the Potato Patch, it's been there for decades. Not quite sure the exact year.. You'll still enjoy it as much as you did in 2005 that's for sure. It's more refined. (Not the corn dogs, the park!)
  11. If you're going to stop anywhere else, be sure to get yourself a corndog from The Lucky! That or Deep Fried Oreos... You won't be disappointed with Kennywood I assure you. Through the years it's held up remarkably, and still holds its spectacular atmosphere and stay-with-youd-ness. It doesn't have biggest or 'best' but the charm and personality of the place makes everything there at least 20 times better than if it was carelessly thrown in a Six Flags park.
  12. I have to say also QR, that Wildcat is my favorite woody, and certainly rivals tons of world class steel coasters. I don't remember riding on the old PTC's, but the Millenium Flyers really help the ride fit in with it's theme being an old Bobs style coaster set at the turn of the century. I also have to say I enjoyed Mean Streak, a rough ride doesn't bother me at all, the more I'm moving, the better I like it. And Boomerang coasters.. They don't bother me either, Hershey's is smooth in my eyes, obviously not the smoothest, but it's smooth enough to where you can actually enjoy the ride.
  13. I'm ecstatic because following an amazing swag-filled day at school, I come home to see the new August Burns Red single posted on their Facebook. I'm currently headbanging at full volume.
  14. Yes, you would be able to do that. I don't have tons of experience combining tracks. But to my knowledge you would simply copy the track pieces from the minicoaster, and then copy and paste the two loop segments from the looping coaster into the bahndaten, and the wagendaten you need to have the looping coaster cars selected, not the minicoaster cars. It's a simple process on the surface, but there's always unforseen issues... So if you encounter them, simply redo the process from start to finish.
  15. The only was is to create the track you want invisible as an invisible track using the Revolutionary Rides mod. There is a download that has this created with all cars available on one track in game. I'm assuming you are making the invisible track something like a train or a water ride. http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11766773&postcount=43 That should do it.. You have to have the Invisible Track installed through the CTR Creator though. Some quick googling of 'Revolutionary Rides' and 'CTR Creator' should solve that. To the mods: This isn't my file, so it isn't uploaded to the exchange.
  16. Well I've been to Hershey four or five times already. It's probably my favorite, but I'm looking to expand to other parks I haven't been to. (credit whoring..) I'd say it really comes down to distance here. I think it's a shoe in for Great Adventure, especially considering 31 dollars off admission for everyone who's going... But Knoebel's is a bit out of the way from Dorney, and it could add an extra hour and a half of driving on the way up... I'm still discussing it with my parents, nothing has really been ruled out yet.
  17. Haha yeah, I akways says it's not about the rides, it's about the experience. Who cares how 'good' something looks, or how fast it goes, if you have fun?
  18. Haha... yes... Insane air time!! And try avoiding the rows with no lap-bars... Those two don't quite work together! (Last I went there were literally a few rows that were missing lapbars! They didn't even block them off!!)
  19. I'm going on vacation this summer, and I've hit a few snags in terms of where to go. My original plan was to hit Knoebel's, Great Adventure, and Dorney Park. However, being under control of my parents, that simply isn't the best way to go. My parents would like to do something other than an amusement park at some point. They're old so they can't stand three parks in a few days... We'll be going the last week of June (28th to possibly into the 2nd or 3rd) I would like to visit at least one of these three parks, but I don't quite know much about any of them other than the rides. I'm not strongly opposed or for going to any of these parks. I prefer wood coasters to steel, but love both. My carload will include: Mom and Dad Me and either 1 or 3 friends depending on who can come or who is allowed. My parents probably won't spend much time in whatever park we go to, which means a general admission or cheap entry price is preferred. I also get discounts for being a TPR member along with my parents. Any sort of wildlife area is something my parents are looking for to do while me and friends are at the park. We may or may not be spending two days at whatever park we go to. Details are sketchy and I'd like to get the plan down so I can concentrate on making sure my friends can go. I know there's plenty of you who have been to these parks, so any help is very much appreciated!
  20. I'd say you should try and spend a whole day at Kennywood. If you are thinking about heading out from Kennywood early to go to Idlewild, I'd say it's not worth it, Kennywood pretty much has everything Idlewild does, even though lines are a little longer and it's a little pricier. But if you're planning on spending about a day at each, hit Kennywood first day, and perhaps a majority of the next at Idlewild. You'll be able to ride everything major without the need to rush from ride to ride. Lines aren't bad there. It's a perfect day to not get all worn out.
  21. Former Park Owner Sues Bank The former owner of local amusement park East Side Lagoon Amusement Park, Alfred Jefferson, has filed charges this past week against Monongahela Sterling America Bank. He is claiming the bank did not do their best to attempt to salvage the park during hard times, and is asking for $100,000 in compensation. This comes after the bank has begun recovering as a result of the New Deal. There is hard evidence on his side, as between the start of the depression and the time the park closed, no cost cutting methods had been made by the banks financers. The park had ordered multiple new attractions following the depression, yet all of the orders were cancelled at the expense of Al himself. There is also an incident where the park opened and ran all of its rides all day while the park only had a total of 40 admissions all day. This development is expected to reach fruition by summertime, and if any ruling is made in favor of Mr. Jefferson, there may still be hope left for the little park that could. And perhaps if funds are invested wisely, the park may see reopening by 1936, with possibly pickup in attendance by the 1940's. A picture dating back to 1929, when the park was in its glory days.
  22. Really liking the park! Has a great atmosphere to it. As for the Schwarzkopf, I recall somebody making Zonga, Taz, whatever... and for the lift merging with the Junior track and using the curved transport pieces. I do believe that is what the actual Schwarzkopf lifts are like. Maybe try something like that?
  23. Yeah, in my opinion, Lakemont was good solely for Skyliner and Leap the Dips. Honestly the rides were pretty much run horribly (they didn't even look to see if everyone was in cars, let alone checking seat belts) One of the operators was asleep, another very close to it. I understand it's a boring job, but that's a bit ridiculous... I would say for sure try and go to either DelGrosso or Idlewild. I've never been to DelGrosso, but I've heard very good things about it, and Idlewild is a classic park, I've been there many times even in my teen years and thoroughly love every second of being there. Tons of classic rides, two good coasters, waterpark, quaint, well run, extremely beautiful, and one of the most historic parks in the country. I recommend going to either of them. Because it'll be hard to spend a whole day in Lakemont. Prices aren't too high at either of those parks, if any admission is charged.
  24. Hmm.. My friend took a shower in the Sierra Mist mister area... I've rode a dark ride with a car full of women, by making my friend go in the train with the makeout couple! classic... same happened on a musik express same day.. Then of course... Who can forget those haunts the parks have? Always great to abandon somebody and hide behind something and see their reaction! Also, my friend took a flag on a ride, sat in the back, and by the end of the ride it was in the front seat and the whole train cheered when it got there! I'm not sure if you're allowed those on rides... haha probably not.. And though not me.. My friend's dad apparently had 9 people in a log for a flume.. Not sure how that even worked!
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