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  1. Trying my hand at some non-custom scenery. Wasn't my original plan, but I'll see how it all pans out.
  2. Racer Area Progress 1937 Week 3 Week 5 Week 12 (Back in business!) More updates of the rest of the park to come.
  3. New August Burns Red album Leveler came in the mail for me today. I'm absolutely loving it! There's a few songs that really exemplify what ABR is capable of.. This one in particular. It's a sort of post-rock prog-metal sound mixed in with some kick@$$ metalcore.
  4. Do both coasters posted as well as the one in question share a similar fate?
  5. You said it was second (technically third) of its kind. Is the milestone referring to inversions?
  6. Is the picture a clue to the manufacturer of the ride?
  7. I went to the park yesterday for my school picnic. While I didn't have a good day, it had nothing to do with the park. It was running as smooth as I think it's ever been. All four sides open on Pitt Fall all day, lines went quickly for everything, even on coasters running only one train. I was literally the first person in the park, and the first in line for the SkyCoaster. Which was the only problem, we waited around 45 minutes for them to open the booth. (Which was around 11:15) We got first ride of the day. I can't really say much else. All the additions looked fantastic and SkyRocket was much better than I remember it being last year. Not a memorable day for me, but it's very good to see the park still in good condition.
  8. 1936 Spare a Toilet? LOG: Day 1 First day back at the park. Renovations slated to begin in the next two weeks. Visually, park looks better than expected. First impresion.. Massive amounts of overgrowth and vines, but seeing only minor structural problems at entrance. There doesn't appear to be any mine subsidence here. Apart from shingling and resurfacing the roof and brick, we may fly in under budget on this one. Horse statue showing very little cracks or wear. A quick coat of paint a some sealer and we should be clean sailing. Twister is giving me doubts. There is seemingly an uncountable number of sections needing retracked, rebuilt, or simply done away with all-together. Adding to my worries, the station is in major need of restoration, it's falling apart! *******Expect major delays and provide extra budget for this ride!!!!!!!! The Caverns, not so lucky here... Concrete and wood in horrible condition. Expect major refurbishment. GOOD NEWS!! Most stunts just a little dusty. Interior in good condition.. Expect full 20 grand on this one. Racer, breaking even. Not great, but not too bad. Expect retracking and replacement of structure. Most of low-lying structure in fairly good shape. High points awful. Full budgeting for this. Tip, DON'T USE!!!! Awful stink. Backed up onto floor. Exterior fabulous. Interior an absolute wreck. New plumbing a must!! Make sure not to bring lard again for lunch...
  9. Haha, I've always felt uncomfortable with phones in my pockets on rides... I always find myself holding onto them for dear life even if I'm riding the merry-go-round! Last year I finally bough a pair of zipper pants so I can comfortably go on rides with my phone and not worry about losing it. I do quite like when parks have a system of cycling loose articles for each train. Like Cedar Point will lock the bins to trains that aren't in the station. I wish more parks would use that instead of having a bin right in the heart of the line where people can easily just grab it and screw with it or steal it. And lockers can kinda be a pain because you have to wait in line without having your phone. And for teenagers and children that can be a hassle having to communicate with parents (or just random people for no real reason.) And I would like to add this to the mix... It's well known that Parques Reunidos acquired the park a few years ago. Now I would like to know how people think they've been handling the park. I personally can't see much change for the worse. Apart from Sky Rocket not quite filling the atmospheric gap that was left when they removed the Turnpike. Seeing that Cogo's sign made me feel so comforted.. So far I don't have the connection with Sky Rocket. I hope that in the next few years we'll really see what they've got. With Pitt Fall up for sale, Garfield's Nightmare due for a remodeling, a hole left by King Kahuna, and a rumored large expansion, I think it won't be long before we see what this company really wants to do with Kennywood.
  10. Kennywood was never meant to be a big competitor to the big parks like CP and KI. They realize they need big attractions to stay on the map, but they also stay in touch with their roots, being a (mostly) family oriented traditional park that is a Pittsburgh tradition plain and simple. They make their business off of school picnics, and I don't see the real need to appeal to people halfway across the world when they can make plenty of business with locals. They blend big and small which ensures a healthy mix of people. I realize in the 90's Kennywood wasn't exactly the friendliest place with gangs and such. But they've fixed that unlike other big parks such as Gang's Dominion as I've heard it called. And as for Noah's Ark. It is a bit odd to say they didn't bring it to it's full potential. The structure was falling apart, and a year after adding Lost Kennywood, spending 2 million dollars with an original intended budget of a couple hundred thousand, I wouldn't exactly call neglectful on the parks side. It reopened in August. The park simply doesn't have the budget to create every ride as a Universal scale darkride or attraction. They spend as they can, as has been true since 1898. The park has other worries apart from the ark, and therefore aren't draining pointless funds on it. They've remodeled the ark twice since it was built. I'm sure at some point they will again, but as I said, they have other more important things to worry about. And as far as Kennywood's concerned, if the Ark's in visibly good condition, and people can still hear the foghorn, that's about all the general public needs. The park is trying it's best to compete. And I don't think it's a far stretch that in the next 5 years that we'll see the opening of another fantastic world class coaster. They did it with the Jack Rabbit, they did it with the Phantom. They'll do it again too. Kennywood's always had the ability to adapt when other parks couldn't. That's what makes the park great. While other parks have become cookie cutter imitations of each other, trading coaster for coaster, attraction for attraction, in some endless competition to become world famous, Kennywood is unique and will always have a quality that most parks will never have. Modesty. Never has it been in their interest to become some huge megapark. And the atmosphere at the park holds true as America's Finest Traditional Amusement Park. - Garrett "Please back up your opinions" Lindner
  11. I really appreciate the thought out comment! People hardly like giving them these days.. I'm glad somebody is able to recognize the work and research that has gone into this project. It's taken me around a year to get this far, with plenty left in store. And yes. There are two separate bathroom locations. One at the front, the other at the back of the park. And the colors do in fact coordinate to the areas given. But the green represents overlap. The $150,000 is what is able to be put forth *at maximum* excluding loans and other messy things that I'm sure the park would rather not get into. That's the very top of the price the park would like to pay for refurbishment. You all can expect an update in the next few days. I'm planning out how exactly I'd like to make this happen.. And with my school picnic to Kennywood on Tuesday, you can probably expect a posting of my Thunderbolt recreation fairly soon after that.
  12. Must be your humility. I third it! Seriously grrt, chill out, just because you're well liked by the opposite sex doesn't mean they all are interested in you. World doesn't work like that I'm afraid. Haha, I'm not as stupid as you think... You'll probably have a hard time decoding my sarcasm and exaggerations here... Most do. (I have a very dry sense of humor!) Clearly not all women are interested in me. I'm not a little middle schooler yah know!
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