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  1. Interesting; thought it was like how some of the parks in Japan have horns or alarms going off signalling the train departing the station (which I think is from their railroading rules but I'm not sure).
  2. Well, came back from the park at around 6:00. What can I say; I had a blast! Several things: - I unfortunately did not get to ride Bizarro. While I was gathering my courage to ride it the coaster decided it would be an excellent time to become a modern art sculpture and sit there broken down until I left the park (that's when there I saw the chain lift operating, though it might've been like that since it was broken down; who knows, maybe it's still broken down!). Maybe next time when I'll go to the park will I go on it. Am I bummed? Yes; partially since I should've ridden it sooner but what happens happens. - Batman was great; very comfortable throughout, and the cue times for the ride were incredibly short. I did hear the ride ops (or was it the control box?) making a siren like "boo-oop" noise before the train left the station; I'm guessing that's a cue to let the ops know the track is clear and the train is ready to depart? I've heard it with Pandemonium as well. In any case, great ride, and I would love to see the park get another B&M. Probably my favorite ride at the park. - Cyclone was tons of fun; I sat in the back and yes it thrashed me around but wow what a ride. I'm glad I got to ride it before it will close, because when it returns it will not be the same. I will say a few things about it; one, the trains were making this horrible squealing noise when they went around several bends - not unlike actual trains going around curves, and that the queue times were longer than expected; I don't know if this was because a good number of people were trying to get their last rides in before it closes, or that the ops were slow. I do remember sitting on the brake run for a good 30 seconds, which was longer than when I sat on Batman's brake run (I know they're 2 different coasters, but both were running two trains and both rides do not have MCBRs). It was worth the wait however. - Thunderbolt was great. Good amount of airtime towards the front of the train, not so much sadly towards the middle (I didn't get a chance to sit towards the back). I rode this one twice; the first time when I entered the park, and the 2nd time when Bizarro broke down. - Gotham City Gauntlet was your typical wild mouse, though this is the first time I've been on a mouse that had fixed cars; the rest I've been on were Reverchon spinning models. Talk about a thrashing on that ride! Not the greatest ride at the park, but it was enjoyable. - Flashback; okay this ride was probably my least favorite of the ones I rode. It was not because it was rough; truth be told it wasn't as rough as I was expecting, and while I did get some headbanging going backwards into the cobra roll, it was otherwise pretty smooth. I guess what I didn't like about it was going backwards through the inversions, and when I left I had to sit down because I was so dizzy (going forwards was fine, however), and not the good kind of dizzy like when I got off Batman, and now I do feel some pain in my chest area where the restraint was (it was like that before I went on Batman). I am glad that I went on it though, since I get the gist of how Vekoma Boomerangs feel. Would I ride it again if I were to go back to the park? Probably not. - While I did go to Hurricane Harbor I didn't stay long and only rode one waterslide (the purple one at Monsoon Lagoon I think). I managed to scrape my elbow on it as well, but while that didn't deter me, the fact that I was walking around with no glasses didn't help matters, and I left the water park soon after. Which is a shame because I know there are some great rides there, but I couldn't see anything. Again, maybe next time. - I skipped Pandemonium, Mind Eraser, and Goliath. Pandemonium because of its queue length and because I was too zonked out from leaving Flashback to go onto another ride (until I had lunch, and then I went to Batman after that), Mind Eraser because quite frankly I would like to have my mind not erased, and Goliath which looked like it took all the qualities of Flashback and put in the bad qualities of the SLC at the park. Pandemonium I would most likely ride if I return to the park, but Goliath and Mind Eraser probably not. (If only they took down Mind Eraser and put a B&M invert in its place...). Catwoman's Whip and Great Chase I also skipped, though I'll say this about the former ride. The train made an interesting whooshing sound when it went past, compared to the "freight trains on crack" sound that all the other coasters did. - I also skipped all flat rides at the park since my main goal was to ride the coasters. For what it's worth I don't know if Tomahawk was even operating today; when I saw it while on Cyclone's lift it looked pretty dormant, and the other flats, while most likely fun, didn't appeal to me. I would ride NESS (Nessy?) if I were to return however. - The food was decent but was really pricey, but that was to be expected at a park. I ate at the Riverboat Café since that was the first thing I saw after leaving Flashback's exit line and I was getting hungry, plus the BBQ place looked packed. Certainly not the greatest food I've eaten, but it was good.
  3. I called the park and they said it was open, so yeah, probably a glitch.
  4. Thanks for the responses all. I'll most likely will go on Bizzaro given the responses, but will probably skip Goliath since I heard it is pretty bad now. Ditto skipping Mind Eraser; I really wish SFNE went with B&M for their full circuit invert as supposed to Vekoma's Hang-n-Bang but unless I'm wrong - and I'm probably am - the closest B&M invert is 4 hours away at SFGAdv. Or at least SFNE should get the new trains Vekoma offers that are supposedly more comfortable. In any case I'll skip it and Goliath. I'll probably go on Flashback; at least it looks short. Batman, Thunderbolt, and Cyclone are all must-rides then from what I gathered here. Pandemonium and Gauntlet I'll ride as well since they look fun. As far as the flats go, I'll see what they're like at the park. I'm not a huge fan of the spinning rides since I have gotten sick on a few of them though I have not ridden any Frisbee type rides (like Tomahawk) so I might go on that. Then again, that sickness was from an Orbiter type ride, so if there are any of those I'll avoid it. I'm skipping the slingshot type ride since it has an extra charge; plus it doesn't look too appealing to me. One more question; should I carry cash or do the restaurants at the park take cards? I rarely carry cash on me and instead use my debit card but I have read there are ATMs.
  5. Hey guys; I'm heading to the park on Thursday, and while I have lived nearby for 6 years I've actually have never been there. Since I know nothing about it (aside from reading the thread), what should I know? The coasters I will definitely ride are: - Batman (It's a B&M; what's not to love) - T-Bolt (It was partly designed by Harry Traver; what's not to love) - Pandemonium (why not) - Gotham City Gauntlet (Wild Mice are always fun) Maybe: - Bizzaro; I have a fear of heights, but it is a world class ride. - Cyclone: I know it's closing on the 20th, so is it worth it to ride it now or should I wait until it's re-tracked? - Flashback: I've never ridden a Vekoma Boomerang; they don't look so long so should I endure the pain or forgo it? - Goliath: See above - Mind Eraser: Does it live up to its name or is it bearable? Also what flat rides should I look for? I'm probably going to avoid drop tours since I don't like sudden drops, but I heard NESS is really good. Buzzsaw looks to be a Fabbri Flying Carpet type ride, which aren't too bad but are run-of-the-mill (I remember going on one at Parc Asterix). I'm also planning to go to Hurricane Harbor since it's there in the park as well. Other things; - How is food in the park? I heard there's a good BBQ place. How's the price of it and the rest of the park? - Can I bring in my own water or do I have to buy my water there?
  6. Saw this on CNN and with CNN being CNN I decided to turn here because people here know about coasters more than most of the people on CNN. In any case, it's a terrible tragedy that this happened, and my thoughts are with the family and the park. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but who will be conducting the investigation? The NTSB?
  7. Several things: - I really like how the park feels; it gives a nice "down-home" feel which is very nice. - Buildings look fantastic, though the brown and green one needs something special. I don't know why, but it looks too spartan compared to the rest. Maybe a railing on the roof would do the trick. - The restaurant is awesome. - Diamondback has some things I'd also like to address. -- The "DNA" trick-track looks very intense. Maybe smooth it out some? (IE put 1 banked straight bit in between the transitions) -- The name doesn't really fit the ride. While the diamondback might be the state snake of Georgia, with the way the ride is painted it almost should be called "Screamin' Eagle." I can see Diamondback used for a later woodie or a corkscrew coaster though. -- I personally love Diamondback's station. I don't know if it's because the station is so airy or if it's because it fits within the park, but I like it. In all, I think it's coming along well; would love to see more!
  8. Orphan Rocker is just full on weird. Cable lift towards the end of the ride, a rather shady past, and check out those trains! Now, tilting trains are nothing new in the railway industry, but this is the only instance where I have heard of them placed on a roller coaster, bar suspended coasters.
  9. Orphan Rocker and its tilting trains. Just, something about a normal sit-down that tries to act like a suspended coaster just seems very, very weird.
  10. I'm in, tentatively. Can someone point me to Viscosity's woodie supports? I've been using the ones that came with NetOn and NetOn2, which I think are BigBurger's supports.
  11. I would hope B&M could come up with a more elegant solution to rotate the seats. Arrow's millions of moving parts on exceptionally heavy trains is not great! I'm all for it if B&M can refine the idea. The easiest system would be what Intamin uses; having the trains' seats freely spinning. However, I don't think that would work on a ride such as this one, since the track isn't parallel top-to-bottom like a Zacspin. A mechanical system could work, but these trains are large enough as it is; an overly complicated system like what Arrow used would indeed make the trains much heavier. Plus, X's mechanical woes are well known by all. I don't think B&M wants to risk putting a complicated system on their ride. The sensor thing MIGHT work, but then comes the problems with computer failure. Maybe the seats can rotate to normal position (how the seats are pictured on the current trains) if a sensor or onboard system fails. Then again, I am probably reading wayyy too much into 2 pictures. I'm sure the safety envelope has been designed so that you won't be able to reach the wheel assembly regardless of the cover being there. What if the cover falls off mid cycle and you could touch the really heavy fast spinning wheel? I think B&M have that covered (quite literally!) Dave "I'm really looking forward to this thing!" Wilson I can't think of any instance of a B&M wheel spat falling off mid-ride. And I thought the spats were to protect the wheels from the outdoor elements rather than the riders. Like you said though, B&M probably designed the safety envelope so one can't simply reach the bogies. I too can't wait to see this thing in action. Would love to see one here at SFNE!
  12. (I know I'm going to get shot down for this). Great Adventure; it's closer to me. Are you an Alpha or a Beta?
  13. Why does that fish remind me of OJ Loc of GTA: San Andreas fame? I'm not a huge movie goer, but from what I have seen, here's what I think: Dreamworks: - The original Shrek was funny. I the characters were great, the storyline was good, and it was funny, once you got past the toilet humor. I think that it would have been fine without its subsequent sequels, but that's just me. - Shark Tale was mediocre. Everything from Will Smith's character (who, again, looks like a certain Grand Theft Auto character) to the plot and everything in between was just bad. Sure I might have smiled once or twice but really, this movie was nothing to write home about. - I actually want to see Antz. From what I read it has a more "adult" (adult in the sense a more complex, not the other way) storyline than A Bug's Life. - Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and Bee Movie (Cedar Fair naming, amirite?) don't interest me. Pixar: - Toy Story 1 was a masterpiece. TS2 was also damn good but I don't think it was as good as TS1. Haven't seen TS3 (would love to) but from what I read it's as good as TS1 if not better. - Monsters Inc; another great movie. What needs to be said? - Let's not forget two other great movies; Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Both really good movies that made me laugh, and in the end, make me feel satisfied with watching those movies. - That said, there were a few bad apples. A Bug's Life honestly was not that good. I just couldn't connect to it, and if anything, follows the same movie plot many other movies, animated or not, do. X character lives in A society. X character gets exiled from A society to live off in another world. A society has some kind of downturn (pillage, famine, drought, etc). X character comes back to save A society and is then revered as a hero. It's for this reason why I didn't like ABL. Sure, T(oy) S(tory) might have had something similar, but it was written a lot better than ABL, and again, made me satisfied. A Bug's Life did not. - Haven't seen Up, WallE, or Cars. I've seen clips of Ratatouille and it did look really well thought out, but I have no opinion on that movie. So I guess I would prefer Pixar. RCDude summed it up the best I think. Also, let's not forget Ice Age (even though that's a 20th Century Fox film). While not great I thought it was a good movie, though not enough for it to get more sequels.
  14. Machine spits Coke back at you Insert a locker
  15. Makes me wonder what kind of 4D system B&M would use. I mean, one can have the seats attached to some assembly attached to a special rail* a la X or have the seats freely spinning like on a ZacSpin. Or heck, maybe a 3rd system we don't know about? *This of course is a very simplified way of how X's cars rotate. I know that it's more complicated than that. My guess is most likely. There are pictures of Black Mamba testing without its wheel spats/fairings on RCDB. I'd be really surprised if they didn't put wheel spats over the bogies.
  16. Never. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  17. Personally I just say how many times the train goes upside down. No confusion about Inversions, Looptie-loops, spirals, etc.
  18. Receive the Togo Stand-up it was on. Insert a copy of Duke Nukem Forever...
  19. I actually saw that image on a different forum. It's by a German manufacturer, but I won't say which one!
  20. Worst car in the world, you say? That can only mean you test-drove a Reliant Robin or Lada 2107! Anyway, thanks for the pics.
  21. Will take a look at the set; thanks! I have the trees already, and yes, they are great. I also downloaded something called Japanese Rice Plantation III or something similar and it keeps crashing my game (SVD for SID error). And yes, I did install it correctly (put that folder to style/themed). Weird.
  22. I'm kinda stuck on what to theme this B&M Flyer. I've been thinking something Tropical/Southeast Asian/Islander but I haven't found many CS sets that really fit my needs. The terraforming and the support work is done. I did look at the Temple of Torment scenery packs and while they work I'm kinda bummed there are no windows in either scenery pack. There is the in-game scenery, which I would use except that for whatever reason I can't put any of those scenery pieces above any paths unless it's at a ridiculous height; on top of that the pieces don't fit in flush, which is annoying. So, I'm open for any suggestions on theme. Also, if you know of a good tropical or Southeast Asian CSO pack, let me know. Thanks. --Dan Layout of ride. As you can see, there is no theming but supports are done. Pretzel Loop Yes, that is an inverted vertical loop. Because why not. Another shot of the layout.
  23. Mammoth indeed! Looks awesome, and the color-scheme fits very well. FYI; there is a new re-texture for B&M tracks done by CPCisco that make the tracks look newer (no weathering, shinier), and it has a "Patriot-stripe" running alongside the tracks (like how Patriot has that white stripe running along the spine). Hope this isn't against the rules mentioning that, but I think it'd look awesome on this coaster.
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