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  1. I said this on RCTLounge, but I am definitely looking forward to the Millennium Flyers. They'll be great for my Traver coaster I am putting in for my park. The other stuff looks great. Thanks for showing us!
  2. I read the entire thread. What a park! Love the coasters, and that new B&M Flyer looks awesome.
  3. I remember having a railroad station set that was all in German. Think it was called U-Bahn or had something similar. It was on RCT-Theme-World, but that site is down and even when it was up the link had disappeared. Thanks!
  4. Going back and forth between yellow and red dots; eventually it just gives up and gives me a red dot. Hope this helps.
  5. Got some more work done on the park. I'm kinda stuck though for flat rides, considering I am trying to keep this period specific (1920s). I had a Aileron ride which I thought was an older ride type but it turns out they were introduced by Chance Rides in 2003, which of course, wouldn't work. In any case, here are things as they stand. _____________________________________________________________________________ John Spencer here; things have really changed in the past few weeks! Since your last visit, we have constructed a new roller coaster to compliment Pelican, had a Mini-golf built, and constructed a few more flat rides as well as other essentials. This is the new coaster; Flip-Flap. It's a reverser type which we bought the plans from a park that was sadly going out of business. The ride is a lot less intense than Pelican, so I think it would be good with the families. Our Mini-golf. I am sorry that the weather is quite gloomy; we had a freak thunderstorm come through the area. Good thing it was fully built before! We commissioned Hector Guimard to design our Mini-golf entrance. He is also the genius behind our main entrance as well. Shame that tree is in the way though. Here is Dive Bombers. It's the "big boy" version of Sopwiths you saw earlier. Should be a hit with the guests. Banyan Cruisers is another family ride. Like with Pelican, we tried to incorporate the ride with the local vegetation. Here is our main arcade. Plenty of games on the 2nd floor of the 2nd building! Good fun too. Our 5-star restaurant; The Grovestand. I wish that pole was not in the way; terribly sorry about that. We are 2 days away from opening the park. Stay tuned; I am sure guests will love this park!
  6. Clicked the link provided, and the chat isn't loading. Clicked the chat link at the top of the screen, but I get the red dot. I don't see an error code either (where are they usually?). Hope this helps.
  7. Well they HAD 2 Batmans. Gambit went to SFNO and then SFFT. Nevermind that, the Intamin drop ride vid was priceless.
  8. Not to go off topic, but Kings Dominion has said various times that Shockwave won't be going anywhere soon, the ride is one of the most reliable and cheapest rides to run. The park also has the 2 old King Kobra trains from Kings Island. In addition last year they installed a brand new lift-motor. I still see Kings Dominion being a possibility, with the ride most likely being put in the old Hypersonic site. Generic Name, would this be the post? Yes, that'd be the post. Thanks! I knew I wasn't dreaming when I saw that.
  9. Man; I haven't been to KD since 2003 and probably won't go back there any time soon since I moved north, but these are some great photos. Avalanche is a great ride; sure, it isn't fast or intense, but it's fun, and if I hadn't ridden Trace du Hourra in France I'd say it'd be my favorite Bobsled coaster (well, Avalanche and TdH are my only Bobsled coasters ). Anyway, thanks for the pictures. I hope I can make it back down there one of these days and ride Dominator.
  10. I hope I am not just thinking this but I remember reading here (I think in this thread) that stated Shockwave will not be taken down for the foreseeable future, as it's cheap to maintain (amongst other things, which I forget), and even has some of the old King Cobra trains*. I wouldn't rule out KD yet, but if it goes in, I don't think it's to replace Shockwave. *Seriously, if someone can find that post, that'd be great. I can't find it anywhere in the search function, and I swear I am not dreaming that post.
  11. Don't play guitar myself, but I do play bass. Here are my babies. EDIT: Trouble getting the image up. Schecter C-4, Peavey Grind, 60s Japanese bass, and Tune TWX-41; no it's not falling over, that's just how it sits without a stand
  12. No, but I should considering SFNE is 30 minutes away from me. Do you think Orphan Rocker will open before Flying Turns?
  13. Thread of the month? Thread of the month. Says it all really
  14. Well good thing there is none here in Western Massachusetts. That one in Richmond (and there were several!) was downright bad. At least here it doesn't look terrible; now they have to actually bring decent food. ...or bring in more props from a failed Chinese/Indian/Thai/whatever restarurant.
  15. Looking at those pictures of that Winn Dixie made me realize how much they improved. I remember one location while I was still living in Richmond, Virginia. It was cramped, rather dim, and while it was clean the interior just looked...yellow. That, and it felt very Southern (similar to Food Lion...but that's a Belgian company). This looks on par with a Whole Foods or Wegmanns.
  16. I really love these images. The ones from inside the park make it look like one that has closed down permanently. It's eerie in a way. Thank you very much.
  17. You know, I am quite curious about the story behind Thunder Eagle. In this (rather dated) book by Todd Throgmorton, he mentions a coaster built by Coaster Works (the people behind TH and Dania Beach Hurricane) at Race World which I assume is Thunder Eagle but under a different name - The Intimidator (9-10 years before the rides at Carowinds and KD!), though RCDB says nothing of that name. I'm guessing the closing of this ride is what caused Coaster Works to go belly up, though I am not sure. Did Race World/Belle Island Village not advertise enough? Or was it just completely outclassed by Dollyworld and other attractions/parks?
  18. So, after installing RCT3 on my PC again I decided to make a new park. Here goes nothing. This is Beach Grove Amusement Park, an amusement park set in North Carolina (like everything else it seems ) and I am starting from the year 1922. On the way the park will go through highs and lows, and at point will be closed and construction will be "stopped" (I'll continue the park but it'll be abandoned; don't worry, I won't give up the park yet). ____________________________________________________________________________ Hello! Welcome to Beach Grove Amusement Park! I am John Spencer, the Public Relations coordinator of the park. We opened 3 years ago and we have had a good time. Since this is the off season, I can show you around the park that people don't normally see. Here is the main building of the park. This contains everything for the well being of our park, such as guest relations, park resources, and the like. It's our "Central Building," if you will. You can see our carousel too; that was donated to us when the park opened. The ride itself is from 1910, so it's not that old. This is our "midway" so to speak. We have a Ferris wheel, rotor ride, and a spiral slide for the kids. That building right there? That contains more offices for park management, as well as the kitchen; the food cooked there is brought over to a small dining area where you order. We use fresh ingredients; don't worry! Here we have our flagship rides. The Parachutes, which takes riders up to 120 feet and then drops them gently, simulating the effect of parachuting; the Wave Swing, and our crown jewel, the John Miller-designed Pelican. Pelican is what you would call an "out-and-back" style roller coaster. It goes out through many hills, turns around, and comes back. Simple, but very effective! Here is the turn-around. Pelican is built in a lot of vegetation. This is something we want to keep in our park. And how can we forget about this ride? This is Sopwiths, a roll-o-plane type ride. I can't describe it; you'll have to go on it yourself! Well, here is our "back-stage" tour, so to speak. The park is very near opening, and I can't wait to see the rides in full operation. -John Spencer _________________________________________________________________________________________ Several things; yes I am influenced by Coasterdude5. I think his work is great, and what I have done pales in comparison to that. Anyway, if you see something that needs fixing or doing over, please post. Constructive criticism is good! --Dan
  19. Hello all. My name is Dan; I've been browsing TPR since 2002 and I thought it was high time I sign up to the forums. Rides...to be honest, I haven't been on may coasters, and I would like that to change. I did live in Richmond, VA, but never really got the chance to go to Kings Dominion or even less so, BGW. Spinning rides? I'm fine with spinning coasters though the only ones I have been on were Reverchon Wild Mice. Closest theme park near me would be Six Flags New England, which I am about 30 or so miles away from. I'm a huge RCT2/RCT3 junkie. Tried NoLimits and it was wayyy too out of my league unfortunately. I really appreciate the hard work that has gone into the trips, website, reviews, forum, and everything TPR. You guys make it awesome, and if it weren't for Robb and Elissa.
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