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  1. A Major Step Forward Year: September 1971 Roanoke Hills Newsletter - John Ucess Roanoke Hills is gearing up for 1972! In addition to 3 new thrill rides, we have come to announce our new coaster, Jet Setter! This coaster, designed by Meisho Amusement Machines in Japan, have come up with an exciting design that will provide buckets of fun and thrills for the whole family. This coaster will take advantage of the local topography, providing an experience not brought thus far currently. We have also signed several technical partnerships with Arrow Dynamics as well as Norfolk and Western Railway, to provide more exciting rides and to continuously improve our park. Paratrooper is a new ride meant to simulate what sky divers feel when jumping from aircraft. I'd like to think the ride is the safer option! Wave Swingers are a staple in many parks, and this one is no exception. This is a larger model, meaning we can accommodate more guests, meaning more fun. This large ride is Zipper, which is best described as an unforgettable, disorienting experience! Riders travel in cages swinging upside down while the assembly rotates. You have to ride it to fully understand what it does!
  2. Led Zep would be a good fit for Yomiuriland, especially since they got rid of that monstrosity known as White Canyon.
  3. Vekoma Boomerangs. I've ridden one - SFNE Flashback - and while it wasn't rough it just made me sick. Funny, because on the way forward I was fine, but the way backward was hell. So I am not getting on another Boomerang for a long while. Barely any headbanging though. Go figure. As for flats, these things might as well be the Devil's electric whisk.
  4. Like RCT4, color me cautiously optimistic. The game does look fun, but I'm more worried about the finished product. It's less about the realism and more of the many bugs, graphical glitches, and awkward UIs that might come with the game that make me worried. Time will tell.
  5. Rock N' Rollercoaster at MGM. For an enclosed launched Vekoma spaghetti bowl coaster it was surprisingly good; barely any headbanging.
  6. Still better than the bathroom in the dorm I stayed in my freshman year. SFNE's restrooms were alright; at least the ones I went in which were near the skylift. The most surprising experience though was at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton; fairs usually mean disgusting restrooms but here they were clean and well taken care of. There were even paper towels in the dispenser!
  7. That's probably the worst idea I've ever heard in my life. That being said I wouldn't be surprised if they do that. The coaster would live even more up to its name.
  8. One coaster that was surprisingly loud for its size I thought was Catwoman's Whip. It has an unusual whooshing noise that I really didn't expect. I know it's a family ride but next time I go to that park I'm going to ride it. Bizarro SFNE was pretty loud, but no louder than some of the other rides at the park. If anything it gave me nostalgia about my old house and how I had freight trains running behind it. Cyclone was loud as hell, especially since the trains screeched when they went around bends; someone here said it was down to a lubrication issue and I guess since the ride was to be shut down soon (I went on the 17th) they weren't going to do much about it. Recalling from memory I remember Scooby Doo (now Woodstock Express) at KD to be louder than I expected it to be. Surprisingly good ride too! Also, is Batman: The Dark Knight sanded or not? I was standing next to it expecting a B&M roar and really all I got was the sound of the trains going down the track, not unlike Bizarro really.
  9. It would be an upcharge. Also, keep in mind this is 1971, so no loopers yet. It might be an Arrow, or it could be something else entirely different.
  10. Hopefully Lake Compounce, though when I do not know. I'll probably go for the woodies and whatever flat rides they have however; the boomerang and kiddie coaster I'll skip.
  11. Bizarro's test seat did worry me a bit since it was a tight squeeze for me. I'm 6'0", 250 pounds, and have longer legs; not exactly a small guy! I know there are people my size that have ridden Bizarro in either of its iterations and have come out fine, but it does worry me that I might not be able to ride it if the ride ops are not having a good day. So I ask you guys a question; would I be able to ride the coaster with my size? The PTCs on Cyclone and T-Bolt were also a tight squeeze; damn things have barely any legroom. I hope Cyclone's new trains will be a bit more accommodating. It also makes me a bit worried what Lake Compounce's Boulder Dash would be like; I know that's a different ride at a different park but it does use those PTC boxcar trains. Batman was not a problem for me; I managed to get the restraint to click though it did hurt a bit on the chest. And oddly the only ride that had the most comfortable trains was Flashback. Yeah, the ride was what it was, but the trains themselves were quite roomy.
  12. Continuing on. Removed the frog hopper for a 2x2 space ring. I'm sure those existed back in the day since it's 3 steel rings interconnected, and if they didn't, well, they do in this reality. ____________ Further Growth Year: 1971 Stan Johnson here, bringing you more updates on the park. We've had a great first year here at Roanoke Hills. The crowds have been excellent despite the lousy weather we had, and the park is growing quite considerably! There is some big news coming up as well. A round up ride, Rotor, had been purchased from a carnival operator and subsequently installed. Sorry for the poor photo; it was raining very hard when I took it. This ride here is a portable model, which is a good thing should we need to move it for whatever reason. Highway 81 is our new Bumper Cars ride. Everyone loves these rides so there is no reason not to have one. Little Jumper was taken out. Rumor has it that the park owners "didn't like it." Whatever the case is, it's been replaced by a space ring. Even though it's small and is a family attraction, Happy Mountain still has some hidden surprises. I was taken aback by the laterals on this thing! They weren't painful, but the coaster packs a bigger punch than expected. This large building houses two very important operations. On the bottom floor is the more upscale restaurant The Red Shutters, while above it hosts our park operations. This was vital since we were conducting operations from outside the park, and that was barely feasible. I even get an office! And there's something over there in the distance; looks like new coaster track! Happy Mountain won't be the only coaster in the park anymore, but the owners are staying quiet on what type it even is.
  13. I wouldn't say that. If we were to go that route, B&M's Dive Coaster would've been a failure since only two were built...until SheiKra was built in 2005, and subsequently parks bought them left and right.
  14. If Flashback goes I won't be sad. It wasn't a bad ride - I didn't get much headbanging and overall I thought it was pretty smooth, but it was the only one in the park that made me have to sit down for about 20 minutes. Getting a launched ride (that's not a shuttle) would be interesting, though if I remember correctly Flashback isn't a large ride to begin with so putting in something in that place would take a bit of work. Iron Cyclone will be a must ride for sure. I'm glad I got my ride on the original Cyclone but the new coaster will not disappoint (I hope). Also, Cyclone was making some funky noises when I was there, usually happening when the train was rounding a bend - the noise was not unlike, well, a full size train rounding a bend. Dunno what was up with that (since Thunderbolt didn't make those noises and that's a much older ride!). That however is a moot point since that ride is being replaced. What I would love to see is Mind Eraser being replaced with a B:TR clone (or similar size B&M invert).
  15. Ssh, they're prototypes that were built by time traveling aliens. In seriousness though the frog hopper was used to fill in a 2x2 hole near Catapult; I'll try to find something that size to fill it in that is time appropriate. As for the Wacky Worm, I thought there were some older versions prior to the one listed on RCDB. I guess I'll just say "screw it we have the first one ".
  16. 200ft B&M Dive coaster that pops out of the ground? I know Cedar Fair doesn't own any of them but it'd be different.
  17. So I have started a new park; I have decided to set it so far in the early 1970s and will continue onwards. I have used a starter park - Vodhin's Generic Park 1 - since I have not played in a very long while. Hence why the entrance is just the normal park entrance used in RCT3; I might go back and change that later if it's possible. _________________________ New Beginnings Year: 1970 Hello all, my name is Stan Johnson and I am the park manager for Roanoke Hills Amusement Park. We are located in Roanoke County, Virginia near the Appalachians, and currently are a family oriented park with goals for expansion. Right now we don't have many rides; just a small roller coaster as well as a carousel, Ferris wheel, and a few other flat rides, but we hope to add on to that and continue an outstanding level of service and fun for the community! As you see, we have just opened and guests are streaming in! This is a good sign as we are a new park and the more popular it is, the better the park will be. This is our first and so far only roller coaster here. Happy Mountain is a Wacky Worm type ride that we have bought new; it wasn't cheap, but plenty of guests will be flocking to it for sure. Little Jumper and Catapult are great thrill rides we have received used. They needed some sprucing up, but are looking fantastic and are proving to be a hit. Behind Catapult are our two main eateries; Market Fresh Goods and Center Street Eats. The kitchen in Market Fresh Goods produces food for both it and Center Street, and from what I heard they are delicious. And right when we open the Carousel breaks down! This was an older model from 1945, so it isn't at all surprising but I hope this doesn't become a portent for things to come.
  18. Are you joking? The SLC is one of the easiest layouts to recreate. I'm not. I have attempted a recreation based off the RCT2 layout (which wasn't that accurate) but nothing to the detail of the one posted here.
  19. Great park; loving the Vekoma SLC and the B&M floorless! Speaking of both, where can I find them? The Vekoma especially, since trying to do a realistic SLC with the stock one in game is near impossible.
  20. I was thinking Zamperla since GIBs don't take much space. Plus with the numerous issues the park was having I would think they would retire it completely. Or maybe it's being replaced by a SCAD tower. It'll be certainly unique.
  21. First off, I want to say that this thread has been a great read. Good to see that the park wasn't Geauga'd when Cedar Fair took it over. Several things: - Where can I find that Big Apple/Wacky Worm track? I haven't seen it anywhere and it beats using the junior steel track for those designs. - Will the park get any relocated rides? - I am also curious about the addition of a Sky Sling since Cedar Point did have problems with theirs. - If the replacement for Deja Vu is a flying coaster, what manufacturer do you plan to use? I'm half expecting Zamperla because they don't take much space, or it could be another Vekoma, but all three were built in the early 2000s. So my guess is Zamperla (though surprises are nice!)
  22. The ride in the back was definitely nuts, I'll tell you that. The first drop was crazy and I definitely got some ejector air. Here's hoping its Iron Cyclone iteration is just as great; a park employee told me there is going to be a few inversions though this is probably old news. What time did you ride Cyclone? I entered the line at around 12:20 and didn't get off the ride until 1-ish I would say. Also, do you remember what time Bizarro reopened?
  23. Ok, after watching the TPR videos on youtube (which are great by the way; the commentary adds a lot to the rides), I have to ask; what is the most painful coaster you guys have been on? Is it the Chinese Arrow/Senyo/Meisho knockoffs, the various Chinese Hang-n-Bangs, or the wild mice that look like they're held up by rust and toothpicks?
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