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  1. LOL ^ i want...hm... 1. digital camera 2. ddr ultramix 2 and 3 4. money for when i go to new york *gasp* i forgot to put three...silly me...
  2. 1.not beverly 3.fitz ginger ale 4.monster energy drinks (green ones) 5.amps and any other energy drink but crunk, and sometimes red bull
  3. *revives thread* i live in mississippi, but i don't have any kind of flag, i hate nascar and country music, i've never ridden a four wheeler (they likd to go mud riddin') i've never been hunting...yea...i'm like the anti redneck stuck in redneckville, there is white trash across the street in a trailer park tho...*no, i don't live in a trailer park, i live in a big house without cars in the front yard away from the rednecks and white trash*
  4. i am...i don't know my background... WHITE!
  5. hm....that's pretty sexy... i don't really have anything to rand about, but when u do rant, when you're done yell in a really redneck voice "BY GAWD! SH*T!"
  6. there was a possom on the front porch, and i chased it with a light saber...literally!
  7. http://www.themeparkreview.net/forums/files/img_0001_891.jpg that first pic of the "guest" being greeted by tweety bird was me!!!!! haha, that was when the security guard asked to see what metal objects i had so i was holding my cell phone and my sister's hand is floating to the right side pointing at tweety bird's butt...crazy...the paparazi love me! :edit: it was on page 3...
  8. make mine "el gato esta en mis pantalones" plzthx!!!!!11111
  9. mmm...food... oh um...what makes me happy? lets see... for some reason i like when other people are happy *call me retarded or sumthin but i almost cried from happiness when i saw robb and elissa's wedding* food roller coasters and new rides ideas food putting things together talking to friends and hanging out
  10. my breath stinks really bad, i bet i could kill a horse with it right now! *runs to brush teeth*
  11. in the words of paris hilton: that's hot.
  12. Call me a nerd, but i really want to see the new Harry Potter movie because I love the books and stuff so...i also want to see rent cuz i love musicals and i happen to be a rent head.
  13. not as cute as me!!! jk...um, i just got out of the shower...steamy...
  14. ok, you guys can stop bein jealous of me! u know u want this (that was my "fishy" face)
  15. 2008... "Don't hate" "'08" "you not gonna hate " "'08" sorry...i just felt like doing a chant we did at the parade last year...
  16. one time i went to waverly, which is a haunted plantation and like when u go there is a little girl that haunts the place and there was this bed that when she sleeps on it, it makes an impression, and when we went, we saw the bed and it had an impression in it, and then like 30 seconds later, it went away, i was like :shock: this is waverly on the inside...it's like the main room that's like 4 stories high with balconies all around it
  17. hey everybody, just felt like saying me and some friends are going to sfog next week, this was very unscheduled, i found out just today when my mom randomly said "we're going to six flags next week" i was like HO$HIT!!! yea, that's about it...what's the next amusement park the rest of yall are goin to next?
  18. dag yo, that's pretty sweet there... um, i don't really know a dumb moment...there's a lot of them. today i learned how to drive a stickshift, which was a nightmare, and oh yea, onetime when i was like 9 i used to be able to flips off the diving bored and i was gonna do some kind of hand flip were i put my hands down and flip off, i guess i was gonna do a cartwheel. well, i put my hands down and usually they stick cuz the diving board is like sand paper, but unfortunatly, they did slip and so i feel face first into the diving board and busted my face and shoulders and stuff up...yep...onetime i fell out of a go kart head first, but i won't go into that...
  19. a penny, so i took about 2000 metamucil (sp?) tablets and...
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