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  1. ok ok ok...i got extremely bored yodaomfg.bmp hahahahahahaha, look what i made!
  2. shirt: brown with a grey hoodie over it pants: aeropostale jeans no shoes or socks... undergarments...um...lemme check...varying shades of blue stripes
  3. i actually have a german shepherd puppy, a chocolate lab, some cats (live next door), two guinea pigs, and an aquarium...but this is the only pic i have to my pets...left is peepers, right is schmitty. these are my pride and joy!
  4. light, standard, or heavy? i'm on standard/heavy right now...
  5. si, what time is it? can you play ddr on heavy?
  6. AWWWWWWWWWWW...their heads are too big for their bodies!
  7. i didn't read it cuz...i hate essays...i hate school...i might read all that stuff later...or now HAHAHHAHAHAHAH, nvm, i just read it...that was hilarious!!!!!
  8. *jealous* it never snows here...i'm sad now cuz i like to play in the snow OMG, onetime we tied a sled to the back of a four wheeler while it was snowing...that's sorta redneck but fun...
  9. i have to take my spanish exam which makes me sad
  10. my sister is practicing her solo for something at school...she's a really good singer... *I AM WHAT I WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR* ^that's what she just belted...it shook the walls...hahaha
  11. nice pics...i found a pic of me i took this summer when i got in a mess war at church...basically we covered each other in chocolate, powdered suger, smushed water melons, basically anything we could find in the kitchen: freefall.bmp IT'S BLOOD! *not* chocolate, and my hair was stuck like that until i washed it like 3 times.
  12. hm...that's a crazy word... i got like 5 cuts on my hand from my dog...he's a puppy.
  13. ...they demolished the perfectly good old roller coaster next to the log flume so...
  14. pied piper, it's a local kids theatre group and i'm in charge of spot light...there's an older kids play and a younger kids play and they're western themed this year (country christmas carol and the littlest star) well, this girl was about 1/3-1/2 of my size so...it was a little awkward.
  15. haha, my mom's a teacher, but she's cool. some random 4 year old girl told me she had a crush on me at play practice tonight....
  16. AWWWWWWWWW, how cute!!! I have two guinea pigs right now. they're names are schmitty and mr. peepers (peeps) they're soooo cute, i think i have a pic of them... Peepers is on the left and Schmitty is on the right (now schmitty is about the same size as peepers)
  17. My friend and I pretend to be gangstas...and when we hear sumthin we agree with we say "WOAH KILLA!"
  18. I've never actually gotten stuck, but onetime on S:UF, i was sooo scared, i pulled down my shoulder harness and it locked my feet in and locked the lap thingy in; but for those who have ridden on it already know that it has a vest type thingy that keeps your upper body in...well...my vest thingy didn't lock so the whole time i was hanging there by the bars that you hold on to...it didn't lock until coming out of the pretzel loop, it was pretty scary...
  19. hm...i don't like wasps and mosquitos and...poinsonous animals. I've been stung countless times by wasps and i'm allergic so when i get stung it hurts really really super bad and i get a huge welt and then it turns purple when it heals. i actually don't mind spiders and snakes. just as long as they arn't poisonous. i killed a cotton mouth earlier this year; it was in MY HOUSE and i chopped it's head off with a shovel. spiders are cool. especially the little fat ones that jump! i got a dog (german shepherd; so cute except around strangers cuz then he's like...crazy), some guinea pigs (yes, plural), some cats that hang outside the house, and some fish so, i like most animals
  20. i've only been to one and i like it so...yes do u play any sports?
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