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  1. ...and then decided to go back to france...
  2. depends on what kind of christmas music it is... have u ever actually been afraid on a roller coaster?
  3. I saw Harry Potter and Rent this week and i looooooooooooved both of them.
  4. well, since this is a picture thingy...i'd figure i'd get a pic of my sister and her friend...they're two really hot acers:
  5. depends on the person and the topic... do you like guinea pigs? *btw, guinea pigs are sooooo cute...i have 2 of them named mr. peepers and schmitty*
  6. HARRY POTTER the five people you meet in heaven-it's a super good book, everybody that has read it that i know of cried...i didn't cry...but it made me go *without tears*...or english books suck...a tale of two cities can rot in a dumpster
  7. i fell through a chair at play practice tonight and bruised a rib and my elbow, it hurts a whole lot.
  8. Hey everybody, I just thought of making this new game. What you do is you say a word and then say another word that reminds you of it. For example: water toilet gold etc. etc. etc. i'll start it: couch
  9. About the laptop thing...I just realized i've had my laptop for a year...HA, I went shopping like before the mall closed and it was actually not that crowded.
  10. i think i'm in love! *won't go into detail*
  11. merry christmas and happy thanksgiving! this hasn't been a good one for my sister, her boyfriend fell for one of her friends... :? :shock:
  12. i saw rent yesterday my first concert was...was...was...ELTON JOHN, OH GOD! KILL ME NOW!!! :shock: i sell my body for energy drinks...and anything with caffene! i danced to the macarena (sp?) the other day...and enjoyed it...too much.
  13. i'm not really into video games, they entertain me for about 30 minutes and that's it. i didn't even know there was a new xbox until this afternoon! :shock: i should get out more often...i'm just happy with my ddr, metal platform, and halo 2 on regular xbox.
  14. I'm not getting a flu shot...I HATE SHOTS!!! just the thought of a needle going into my skin :shock: ...it gets me nauseated...i've actually had a shot in my gum when they filled a tooth in the back of my mouth, and before that they put numbing cream on and i literally couldn't feel it at all, i saw him with the needle and flinched...but...nothing happened... i still hate shots tho...
  15. It's not a roller coaster train, and it's not the most comfortable, but I think Acrophobia's seats are pretty neat for a drop ride...it's my favorite.
  16. I've only been to liberty land once, but that one time was enough to convince me that they should save it!!! zippin pippin was AWESOME and...yea...a little scary, and revolution was...um, yea. well, save zippin pippin!
  17. happy anniversary! at least when robb gets older, you'll be used to him loosing bowel control.........
  18. LOL ^ i want...hm... 1. digital camera 2. ddr ultramix 2 and 3 4. money for when i go to new york *gasp* i forgot to put three...silly me...
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