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  1. goodness...i got out of school last thursday... i just got finished cutting a pile of wood with a chainsaw...
  2. VH1 for two hours cuz...i watch it anyways... would you rather eat pizza hut or dominos pizza?
  3. my sister and i went to the mall and played with these huge dice...it was one of those things wur u had to be there.
  4. Everything looked in order when i saw it.... jk...
  5. well...ok...i'll include a download...but keep in mind i havn't played this game in a while and i didn't worry about it being smooth. i'm probably going to build a different one soon. test.nltrack wooooooo...it's here!
  6. I think it's fun to go to sandbox mode, building a reverse freefall coaster, and launch it down the path at it's top speed (like 200 something mph) and it'll even go through the entrance and peeps will go flying everywhere!
  7. Hey everybody! I havn't played No limits in a few months so this is my new one that i've been working on for a few days...It's nothing special, I didn't really care about how smooth it was or anything, it's mostly just eye candy. So, tell me what you guys think so i can improve or...yea... TEST~1-051216200316005.bmp tight turn into the brake run! TEST~1-051216200300004.bmp It switches direction really fast right here... TEST~1-051216200236003.bmp wierd helix thing! TEST~1-051216200201002.bmp woooooooo!!! airtime!!!!!! there's like 3 more of these so i only took one pic! TEST~1-051216200145001.bmp swirlyness and helix! TEST~1-051216200122000.bmp first drop goodness! (these pics are small so i got a few close ups) TEST~1-051216193513002.bmp first part!!!
  8. the trick is jump right when it starts to go down...me and my cousin did this in an elevator in memphis and i almost hit the cieling and it felt so wierd cuz i stayed in the air for like half a second or more and finally i cam down...my cousin almost got just as high and she's '5 '2
  9. white socks...aeropostale jeans...blue and green boxers...lime green shirt...grey hoodie...glasses (eyes are giving me trouble lately)
  10. you also need to see wicked! i'm going to new york spring break with our theatre group and i think we're getting to see spamalot and some other stuff...
  11. wow...the world is starting to run out of things to do...
  12. yay!!! tis excersise for my orbicularis oculi! thanks, looking great!
  13. OMG, build this soon pleasseee!!! i'm now addicted to see how this amusement park is growing...i don't know why...
  14. OMG, the suspense is killing me!!! what's in the boxes????????
  15. i also want to know when u guys go to sfog...i go there like once a month so i might could go at the same time as you guys.
  16. for some reason saying the word blargh makes me wanna gag...
  17. ok ok ok...i got extremely bored yodaomfg.bmp hahahahahahaha, look what i made!
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