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  1. I haven't been on all of these rides, they are selected from experience or similar rides. 1. El Toro (Big Surprise!) 2, Diamondback 3. iSpeed 4. Superman Krypton Coaster 5. Pyrenees I'd call it Diversity Land with each area dedicated to informing people about world cultures and have it in rural Mississippi.
  2. Gemini and Cedar Creek Mine Ride at twilight. On gemini others seem to have no problem with the bugs which seemed alien like to us. On the lift hill we head into one of CP's famous insect swarms and it being our first ride my brother and in ducked for half the lift hill while others let the bugs sit on them and walk all over as if others didn't know they existed! I guess employees and locals get used to it.
  3. I love how they continually are trying to play games with us about what their big new rides will be. Its nice to see somebody want to put in time money and resources to make their biggest fans happy.
  4. While Disney World may charge $14 their water parks are free.
  5. While at the bitter end of a day I rode Volcano at KD about 6 times in a row. I got off and ran around each time to an empty station while other people stayed on. So after feeling stupid on my last ride I was going to wait one train for the front row and my dad started screaming at me to not get in the front row. He apparently thought they wouldn't let me ride. So I ran around through the exit to station about 5 times totally unnecessarily. I have started to scream random things when on rides sometimes. Things that I might have heard or have no meaning at all whether I'm with friends or alone or are with other people on a ride who look at me strangely.
  6. I said the "Light theming" Thinking of coasters and rides but probably falls more into a moderate theming category overall as stated above.
  7. A waiting period will just hype myself more for whatever your finale is. It has been nearly impeccable so far so, I have nothing else to expect except the best out of your world class park.
  8. BGA is pretty light on theming with most rides having very minimal theming but, it is still raved about for it's coaster collection. So theming doesn't significantly improve rides that are already good. (EX. Sheikra)
  9. I have heard of rumors of Zach Randolph coming to the Magic here is what I like better. Get Troy Murphy a 1 year deal then after the season sign Randolph (FA after this year) and don't resign Murphy. Jason Richardson or Bass might move or not be resigned. Oh yeah RESIGN HOWARD!!!!
  10. Similar to other opinions I think that theming can make a ride significantly better but cannot make a ride go from awful to good. Mean Streak is still pathetically bad no matter how much theming is added. In the case of an immersing attraction it is helpful for a full experience like on Expedition Everest or Manta. Expedition Everest might have the most stuff to look at in a queue I have ever seen. (I feel like I'm forgetting something though.)
  11. So are they going to build Fastpass machines and a queue house for: Mickey Mouse the Experience? I will love to see how this really works so how is this going to work with people without a FP? Well referencing the splitting of seats I assume something like that.
  12. The log flume at SFGADV got me more wet then any non-themed log flume I've been on. For a surprising non-soaking I came off Kali river rapids dryer then I came on.
  13. ^Doesn't B&M have similar dominance in the golden ticket awards? These are some very nice stats to look at.
  14. At Jurassic Park in IOA there is an exit visible for a defunct boat ride. (Not sure what it was) Space Mountain at MK has a sticker on a suitcase that before the moving platform after the ride that says Mesa Verde on it from the old horizons ride at EPCOT.
  15. This maybe somewhat well known but, on Revenge of the Mummy in Orlando there is a little golden statuette of King Kong in the room with the treasure and warrior mummies(and fire!).
  16. This kind of layout reminds me of a Motorbike coaster with its launch and low height. I hope they aren't passive on the theming as Manta in Florida had one of the best Queues I've ever seen.
  17. ^Avalanche doesn't count. Well if this has some good airtime this will have the potential to be a very good coaster. Interested to see what this launch tunnel turns out to be with its projection.
  18. This might be one of the most comprehensive TRs I've ever seen! Was the park empty? It seems like you did a lot between your 11:20 entrance to the park and your 3:55 return time.
  19. These have to be some of the best and original captions i've ever seen!! Is the hurricane worth the trip? I hear pretty good things about it are they true?
  20. The Eagles decided it was necessary to make their offensive line coach their defensive coordinator. The string of secondary coaches being interviewed makes a lot of sense now.
  21. I seemed to have a decent idea of what will happen in the NFC. (Winner of Pack-Eagles game goes to super bowl, Pack blow out Atlanta) I have been totally wrong picking against the steelers versus Baltimore and generally throughout the season. I say pack in something like 23-17.
  22. Not too surprised with this instead of an Intamin rocket. It looks stunning! The park continues to be RCT3 art! Seems almost like a modern update to a old concept for the park. Should be a great addition!
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