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  1. A rematch of 2004? This time, it will be Vick against his old team. Hmmmmm Eagles beat Atlanta pretty good in 2004 and we killed Atlanta this year in by far Atlanta's worst game of the year. So I would expect a repeat assuming Vick's last performance was a fluke. Still Green Bay scares the crap out of me! Well in 2002, 2003 and 2008 The Eagles made it to the NFC championship game and lost games to teams they blew out in the regular season which makes me think twice about playing in Atlanta.
  2. Maybe the whole cypress garden fiasco is something to add to the list? It might not be poor management but, possible the location that made it destined to fail over time?
  3. I was on spider man at IOA and in the spinning mist tunnel the ride stopped. We moved forward with no spinning straight the rest of the ride with random scenes appearing at the appropriate times some showed up some didn't. We only started moving after about 10 minutes of waiting though, I don't think this counts but, I was on one of those single tube slides at Blizzard Beach where some are enclosed and some aren't. (I don't remember the name) I was maybe 6 and I was out of control on the slide and made one complete loop upside down on the ride before making another loop and not making it all the way around the enclosed flume and hit my head and the rest was a body slide!
  4. ^The NFC is indeed wide open for everybody except the rams. I still don't see Chicago or Atlanta beating the Packers again I think the winner of the likely eagles vs packers game is going to the NFC championship game to play the saints.
  5. uh.. that awful team that beat the Eagles came into the game with the same 10-4 record.. The Vikings came in 5-9 and the Eagles came in 10-4. They got beat by a 3rd string rookie QB who was drafted in the 6th round as a WR!
  6. Well that delayed game was about as terrible as a planned game could go. They delay the game so all the fans can witness the Eagles worst (2nd worst) game of the year. That showing was absolutely pathetic!!!! WTF Eagles!?!?!?!? Did the miracle at the new meadowlands really need a let down game at home against an awful team? This cost us a likely first round bye! (I think the Packers at home would beat their rival to get into the playoffs, Chicago beat us but, I still think we are the better team) Are the eagles going to lose their last game too? Well rest your starters for some of the game; we want some sharpness but, don't need Vick going down right before the post-season. Play your starters like it's the preseason I want to see Kolb play about one half of the game (against Dallas) as it means absolutely nothing With the packers likely coming to town we need all the rest we can get for the wild card round. The Eagles hopefully are here to finally win the super bowl! (Well if we get there can we really stop Tom Brady for one series?)
  7. I have been on Big Bad Wolf, Vortex, Flight Deck/Top Gun and Iron Dragon. My first of the 4 was BBW. I find BBW the second best out of the 4 behind Vortex. BBW seemed like more of a complete ride experience then the rest of them. Iron dragon was slow and downright unexciting, Flight Deck seemed way too short to be enjoyable and Vortex had a little more length then Flight Deck (RCDB doesn't completely agree with that) Vortex also boasted more speed then the rest as well as intensity. BBW seemed like a full ride but was kind of mild leading up to the drop over the water. This made it seem like a full ride though. The 2 different, definable parts of the ride gave it a more complete feel to me. I do believe that it has been over praised somewhat because it is gone this is partial to people taking it's existence in the park for granted. It was a solid fun ride nothing overly spectacular and just had it's small area dedicated that will feel a little strange to me in future visits. (I visited in 2009 about 2 months before closing.) Before anything is built it will seem a little empty and it feel a bit strange to see the new coaster in that spot. I have a feeling (I'm sure a lot of others too) that it will be a very similar type of ride to Cheetah Hunt.
  8. Hello! My name is Jacob. I have been spending to much time on here without joining so I finally decided it was time! I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and Orlando Magic. Just like to state some of my Non-Coaster interests due to the heavy concentration of conversation on this forum.
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