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  1. Nice Pics! What is so bad about Rockit? The brakes can be annoying but why is it so horrendous? Yeah Intamin probably was the better choice and this doesn't really seem to be a B&M style project then again neither was the hulk so they might have made a better ride but, I think it is still a solid ride.
  2. I've been on Bizzaro, Kraken Dominator, Sheikra and Griffon. Of the traditional floorless Dominator in a land slide with Bizzaro second and Kraken is just bad (I ranked it below my one SLC!) IMO. Kraken is OK in the front row but, I don't like to wait 20 minutes more for it though. Overall Griffon is the best of the 5 though.
  3. Nice Pics. I was there on 1/20 too! Based on your pics and my day I was shocked to see anybody at the park! I thought for sure nobody would be there. Looks like you had to wait a bit for stuff in HP I still got to walk on that. I didn't get there till 3:30 though so most of the park cleared out. Have fun with the rest of your trip!
  4. I first saw this a while back while visiting family in South Florida and my parents didn't want to stop there because they claimed it was old and rundown. Based on what I just saw it is one of the few things that isn't rundown. It is one of the few credits left in Florida I don't have.
  5. Something just as exclusive as one in the world? AQUATRAX!!!!!!! A B&M 4D or whatever it turns out to be will likely sit better with the GP though.
  6. Biggest doesn't have to refer to the world it could be state or region. I don't think it will be a huge strata as it seems too obvious. I've over thought things and been wrong before.
  7. I used to have more of them but they all seemed non-sensical to me. They were something like I wait in line for something unrealistic/unsafe or something very real. Most of them I remember were either Sheikra or Rock'n Roller Coaster where the restraint would come un done and then the best ejector air ever would occur and I would fall out and wake up. Sometimes I jumped out after the restraint came unlocked. These used to occur often but, are rare now.
  8. ^Truly Impressive! I wish Rockit would get an express pass line too. It's already built! Use it! Even with rain I would love going to any park full of empty operating rides! Hoping for the same luck this Thursday night! (Even less reason for people to be there!)
  9. Shamu Express has a 'FIn" between your legs which can really hurt. Probably worst overall would be Son of Beast. Besides it's initials being a good description it is a huge let down. (I never rode it with a loop though)
  10. An Intamin rocket seems inevitable but it could just be misleading as the answer is too obvious. Dive machine isn't out of the question nor is a Intamin Pre-Fab or a Flyer. Still it must be AQUATRAX!!!!!
  11. El Toro FTW!! The first drop and the last major drop going into the curvy ending are my 2 best. (Doesn't the park call a twister finale?) Maverick's first and USF's Mummy launch-drop are pretty good too as well as "Horse I lost my train of thought" and the last drop on Dudley-do right. (Please don't remove it!)
  12. Was Harry Potter empty too? That would be impressive! More so than an empty Rockit. Nice Pics looks like you managed to have a decent day with the rain.
  13. This whole plan just seems like Disney's attempt to one-up Universal's Harry Potter land. Looking forward to the coaster hopefully it will turn out to be good as Magic Kingdom's last "Thrill Ride" was what? (If you can consider anything there a thrill ride)
  14. Yeah those Wild Mouse coasters are great aren't they! This is a pleasant ad-on to Cheetah Hunt. I am likely not going to get on this till Cheetah Hunt opens though. Hopefully I can get short line as everybody will be at Cheetah Hunt.
  15. I would be surprised to see a B&M stand up as i would like to see a GCI terrain to help even out the coaster selection. I'm sure you will make it work though. ^I would like to know how to use a flash pass like that!
  16. After that heartbreaking INT by Vick I'm hoping for Seattle to win (As long as its not the Falcons or Bears as they are both extremely overrated) In the AFC I want anybody to beat the Pats and am predicting the Ravens to emerge from the AFC. (I really don't see the steelers beating them again) I think that the Packers will go in and win blow out the Falcons. I was never convinced on the Falcons being dominant all season.
  17. Five times? Did you get there at opening, stay to closing or was the park just empty? Every time I go it seems to still have a 30-45 minute wait. Well maybe you just don't mind waiting or the annoying queue TVs. I didn't feel any differences or was really looking for any between the original and rehabbed versions. I've always found it pretty smooth and having some airtime.I also haven't found it that painful to ride Gwazi 4 times in a row either. The concept of the ride seems to be capacity=bad pacing and brakes.
  18. Vulture is leaving! At least it wasn't too much of a surprise. Maybe (and hopefully!) a B&M flyer or maybe a new mega woodie as a replacement(not sure how well this would work with the terrain though). Weather its a GCI, Gravity Group ( they were starting around this time) or a Intamin Pre-Fab. It seems that the park could use a new wooden coaster. A B&M flyer seems like a more likely and natural fit though. Still excited to see how the masses respond to Vulture's closing and it's replacement.
  19. Say I go to IOA and the people I'm with complain that around $6.50 for a burger with fries is too expensive. (I think thats around what they charge it could be a little more) Then I'll say something like: It was $13 for a subway foot long at CP. Then the other people are amazed for a minute and by the next meal they will be complaining again. I'm not sure if that is strange but, more frustrating that people don't know what really expensive food is. (not like Epcot fancy sit-down restaurants more like a $10 cheeseburger at CP) I think I've seen this a few times but, I still here the classic: "What if the ride gets stuck on the loop?"
  20. I've been following this park for few months now, (even before I joined TPR!) and I was so interested I read the first 90+ pages (to what ever the current update was at then) in one sitting. I would like to say that this park is truly amazing and should have a reality show made out of it's awesomeness. Too bad this park isn't real because it would likely be my top priority this summer. Why can't Six Flags run a park this competently now though? (Well I don't know how much food costs here) Till I saw this I didn't know that a park of this detail and meticulous realism and design was possible in RCT3. (as I am not very good at it)
  21. I'm hoping that they make the queue very similar to manta. They should have it set-up so while waiting in line there are windows to see the cheetahs like the entire manta queue is an aquarium. I hope they add this to Quick Queue right away. (Maybe by the time this opens manta will have ride again privileges for platinum pass holders! Maybe they can add this to that benefit quickly. It would be a nice incentive to get platinum passes again!)
  22. ^Gravity powered coaster? Isn't that the definition of a roller coaster versus a powered coaster? I will assume you mean non-launching coasters and apparently Millennium Force and Steel Dragon 200 don't count. Trims typically don't bother me except when they are insane and over the top like on the beast. On such rides like Montu or Apollo's Chariot I don't really mind them as I haven't seen them making a major impact on the rest of the ride. Still they would be better without them but, subtle trims won't ruin a ride for me.
  23. One of my friends 3 or 4 years back swore that Rock'n Roller Coaster (DHS) went 158.3 MPH for less then a second but, was so fast that you couldn't feel it and at the end of the launch it went back to the correct speed I told him. He was convinced on this for about a year. Maybe he just really liked the ride after all, he did give it a perfect rating lol!
  24. ^Chaney has played surprisingly well in Bradley's spot so I'm not sure that they are trying to get on the field as early as possible. I would take Chaney's play over a rusty Bradley, I would want to make sure Bradley is 100% before putting him in as the drop off from Bradley to Chaney hasn't been as stark as I thought it would be. I have to come to the conclusion that the winner of the GB-PHI game will go to the super bowl(Just furthering this game's status as the cream of the crop for wild card weekend while IMO the rest of the games are rather easy to perdict). If the Eagles win they will win a revenge game in Chicago then be able to slaughter Atlanta like they did already. If the packers win they will go into Atlanta as the hottest team in the conference and I would think they blow out Atlanta and they can beat either the bears or saints as they will be on fire and they are frankly better then the bears IMO. The saints are the other team that I think could contend. Well I have a very strange prediction that would be a statistical anomaly to happen. With both the 1 and 2 seed going one and done and a possible wild card match up for the NFC championship. Then again I not at one point saw Atlanta as a contender. AFC seems pretty easy to figure out New England is the massive favorite I think they win the super bowl regardless who comes out of the NFC. The 2 teams to possibly contend with them are the Colts and Ravens. (Also the 2 teams that played best in Foxboro this year. Sorry Packers you were a close third.) I'd guess and say i'm right about 60 percent of time. I would love to see how other people think this will pan out. Above all... GO BIRDS!!!!
  25. Cheetah Hunt First trip to Dollywood Possible trip to Europe (PortAventura?) Possible trips to SFSTL, SFOG and a longshot at Carowinds. (SFSTL and Carowinds would be firsts) Going back to SFGADV for the 4th consecutive year Well most of my theme park plans for the year are not finalized still. Non theme park things Philadelphia Eagles Playoffs!!!! Orlando Magic new roster shakeup (Have no idea what will happen!) Possible cruise on Freedom of the Seas during Thanksgiving week.
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