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  1. I went on El Diablo twice since it's been in the park, both times in an end seat and I got the WORST, WORST, WORST case of motion sickness. I take Bonine to be safe, but as of lately I don't need it anymore, but I was on it both times I rode El Diablo and I still got disgustingly nauseous from it. So all I can say for that ride is "Good riddance"
  2. I've been on a ton of pendulum rides. Pendulum, Delirium, countless KMG Afterburners, Street Fighters (Revolution) and more. I'm curious to see how this monster compares.
  3. I really hope that they RMC the remaining part of Rolling Thunder under Toro just for the laughs it will provide the community. If I was RMC, I'd troll that hard.
  4. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Has the RMC POV which looks crazy good.
  5. ^I was looking at the same thing, everything resets I believe.
  6. I thought it was busy when we went at the end of September and left at 7:30 and there was traffic down 537 in both directions for miles because of the park. I'm sorry but I would have taken one look at that and left. How anyone can find that even slightly enjoyable is beyond me.
  7. I'm honestly unaware of what's been going on with it this year. Since when has it been down? I thought they had gotten over major downtime. There's was someone on Reddit who toured the RMC factory and they said they got the launch working consistently and reliably already and that they were working with Dollywood on parts of the track. I'm assuming it was the bottom of the first drop because I remember hearing a lot of mention about a big pot hole there, but nothing was confirmed.
  8. That's in the middle of the layout after the speed hill. The MCBR is after the helix around the fountain, right before the diving/climbing U-turn into the final breaks. It has a set up similar to Shambala with the MCBR being at the end. Red circle is the banked element in question, Blue is MCBR as far as what I observed. I guess we'll have to wait for construction photos or the official announcement to know for sure.
  9. Looks like the B&M hyper has a reverse bank type of thing at the top of the first helix. Sort of like Fury's "treble clef"
  10. I've seen a photo on Twitter circulating. Lightning Rod is apparently testing
  11. Everything in the announcement sounds amazing. The rendering of the entrance and surrounding areas is beautiful and I'm a huge sucker for B&M Hypers so I'm also excited for that.
  12. I don't know why they'd replace an existing ride with the same ride when I'm sure it's more than possible to just add a new control panel. I guess we'll see.
  13. You may be on to something. Remove Diamondback and replace it with a bigger, faster, taller B&M Giga and call it Diamonderbacker
  14. I'll have to ride it again. I rode it before the major refurbishment from GCI and absolutely hated it. It was painful, jarring and too much work to ride comfortably because I was bracing for everything. I hear nothing but positive things about it now, so I'll have to make my way to Brooklyn and get on it
  15. The suspense around this is killing me. I want to see a rendering of it, but at the same time I want to be left in the dark and be surprised by everything like Steel Vengeance
  16. I still can't believe this is actually happening. I always wanted to truly believe Gwazi was going to be RMC'd but I never wanted to fully get my hopes up so I tried to downplay it by expecting it to be demolished. Now that it's all but officially confirmed I cannot WAIT to get back to this park for it. I freakin' love BGT so much.
  17. I feel bad to basically kick Tigris aside because I really love the name and the color scheme, BUT it looks like I really have to get back to my favorite amusement park in the world in 2020.
  18. More parks need to put in Screamin' Swings. They should be the next flat Six Flags invests in after they're done loading their parks with Discoveries! This is an awesome edition. It did confuse me for a second because I didn't realize there were 3 (technically 4) versions of the Screamin' Swing so when I saw 45mph as the speed I thought it was an error because I know Skyhawk is 65mph. I then quickly found out that Skyhawk is the largest, 40 person model and this is the medium sized 32 model.
  19. Maybe we could introduce a foreign tree frog residence to the peninsula and they'll take dominance and eat all the bugs, but then we might get complaints that there's too many tree frogs, so we would have to introduce snakes and birds that eat tree frogs and then animals that eat birds and snakes, and then we'd just basically spiral out of control until Cedar Point was real life Jurassic Park.
  20. No one was looking to argue or debate. I was just simply confused and had a lapse of memory that the Dining Memberships change price depending on what Membership level you sign up for. I apologize for the confusion and misunderstanding.
  21. You can! I asked too when I was weighing my options but I found $6.10 for the deluxe dining membership equals $73.20 a year without fees and taxes, whereas the $84.99 Season Dining is more.
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