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  1. Park flooded after and they shut it down. Pretty sure I witnessed Ka being struck by lightning because the bolt was so bright and the bang was instantaneous and I was looking right by Ka but it was blocked by a tree. Saved a GIANT bull frog from Main Street and put it in the lake by Joker. Lmao. It was a fun ass day.
  2. Currently at the park. We decided to do a Hurricane Harbor day, park was dead, of course just as we’re about to swim, weather ruined that. I gave up and as I was changing they reopened everything. Already changed I decided to head over to the dry park. Went straight to Nitro, got on with no line. Did Batman quickly too, no line as well. Skies opened up with a mini thunderstorm, so during the brief periods of the rain slowing down, I would dart from food place to food place making my way to Macho Nacho by El Toro. Once there it was done waiting, finally I heard the all clear I got to do Toro 7x without leaving my seat. My friends finally met up with me, we did Runaway Mine Train, then booked it over to Wonder Woman. Got on Wonder Woman just as the skies opened up and holy crap, coolest ride experience ever. The rain stopped in time at the height of the swings and you fell with it. At this point we ran to Granny’s because the sky really opened up and now we’re currently inside as lightning is going crazy outside. Surprised they haven’t shut the park down yet but we’re leaving anyways Nitro: 1x Batman: 1x El Toro: 7x Runaway Mine Train: 1x Wonder Woman: 1x
  3. Here's some of my favorites from my CP/KI trip last week
  4. Could it be one of those. There's only one that I'm aware of in NYC at Coney Island. It's Zamperla and they worked with Zamperla for the Discoveries....
  5. I never have any issues at the park. I mainly go on Wednesdays and the park is almost always ghost town. I love my Wednesdays at the park.
  6. I really wouldn’t mind a GCI like Mystic Timbers. It’s fun as hell and such a good family coaster. It could go out and back under Nitro so we have another good night ride as well.
  7. Don’t really do trip reports but this was my first time ever at the park after wanting to go for 19 years. Bought FLP immediately and this is my ride count in order of how I rode them from 10am-12:15am Top Thrill Dragster: 1x (F)‬ ‪Steel Vengeance: 2x (FB)‬ ‪Maverick: 1x (F)‬ ‪Skyhawk: 1x‬ ‪Millennium Force: 1x (B)‬ ‪Rougarou: 1x (F)‬ Raptor: 2x (FB) ‪Gatekeeper: 4x (FBLR)‬ ‪Wicked Twister: 1x ‪MaxAir: 1x‬ Power Tower: 2x (Red & Blue) ‪Corkscrew: 1x‬ ‪Cedar Downs: 1x‬ ‪Scrambler: 1x‬ ‪Blue Streak: 1x‬ ‪Valravn: 2x FB‬ ‪Magnum XL-200: 1x (MS)‬ ‪Gemini: 2x (Red B & Blue F stuck)‬ ‪Cedar Creek Mine Ride: 1x‬ ‪Maverick: 1x (B)‬ ‪Iron Dragon: 1x‬ ‪Millennium Force: 1x (F BUGS OMG)‬ ‪Magnum XL-200: 1x (MSN)‬ ‪Steel Vengeance: 1x (back night OMFG)‬ ‪Maverick: 3x (FB2)‬ ‪Steel Vengeance: 1x (B)‬ ‪Top Thrill Dragster: 1x (F)‬ ‪Millennium Force: 1x (BLROT) First morning rides on Vengeance were kind of underwhelming. I tied it with Toro as my #1 because I was expecting more but it was fantastic. At night the beast inside woke up and it demolished Toro 14 ways from Sunday. My jaw was on the floor. After 13 years Toro finally lost it’s throne as my favorite of all time. Abbreviation meanings: F: Front B: Back L: Left R: Right LROT: Last Ride Of The Night MSN: Magic Seat (Night) Photos:
  8. I’m going for the first time ever tomorrow. Opening to closing with Fast Lane Plus. Is it possible to park in water park lot and get in the Magnum entrance? I forget the tips and if they stop allowing you to park there after a certain time.
  9. ^How dare you call Wawa GAS STATION FOOD!!!!!!! I believe there are wraps available at some places. Don't quote me on that 100% but I feel like I've seen them at Granny's at least.
  10. ^Well damn. I felt nervous going with a travel backpack! Now I'm even more stoked.
  11. These rides in foreign countries always seem so sketchy to me and I love me a frisbee. I'm no engineer but the center column that holds the "frisbee" looked barely strong enough to support one human alone, let alone a whole "frisbee" + riders...
  12. Another question. Does Carowinds have larger lockers that will hold a decently sized backpack? I'm coming straight from the airport because my Airbnb doesn't allow check in until 6pm and I get in at 11am. For reference this is the bag, and it's only gonna have small toiletries and like 3 outfits.
  13. Why do I have a feeling they’re going to tame down the ride like they did to SFOT, where it barely swings 90°. I hope I’m wrong but ugh, not looking good
  14. I booked my trip for August 16-18th and I'll be doing the park immediately from the airport Friday, and all day Saturday. I'm so excited. Does anyone have tips? Favorite seats for the coasters?
  15. I can't figure out if that's part of the first drop based on the aerial shots. I love the mystery of this project. It looks incredible! I'm about 90% sure it's the climb into the big, high turn that goes into the barrel roll under the lift hill.
  16. Spontaneously decided to embrace the heat & drive down to the park today at 1:30pm. Got there at 2:45pm and was in the park by 2:55. The park was dead. El Toro was the longest wait of the day, almost an hour even though the line was barely full (just the last set of switchbacks) because no one wants to fill the back of the station & heavier people ignore the test seats (each train had 2-3 minute dispatches due to heavier people in 1 or 2 cars, about 7-8 walk of shames in that time period) Toro: 3x Kingda Ka: 1x (front obvi) Nitro: Lost count, but at least 10. Batman: 8x Skull Mountain: 1x Was eyeing Wonder Woman, but I got spoiled on opening day and rode 3 times without leaving my seat so now I'm tainted and can't justify a wait longer than 10 minutes for it. (It stayed at full queue all day) Here's some sunset photos I snapped as I left the park at 8:30pm.
  17. ^I'm going to second that. One of the carnival Sizzler's I've been on was absolutely insanity and the ride cycle was like 3 minutes.
  18. I don’t find the tightening bad at all and the restraints don’t bother me in the slightest, but they do tighten but not by much at least on Wonder Woman.
  19. Yeah they definitely tighten during the ride, I was trying to counteract it with no luck because I’d forget to lean forward slightly. I can definitely see them being restrictive. I’m 6’1 and average build and I can see the seats are very uncomfortable (hard) and the restraints the same.
  20. Got another 3 rides in without moving. My favorite seat is the one that faces the leg closest to Batman, every ride I was at the tippy top of the full swings. Wonder Woman: 5x Nitro: 1x El Toro: 1x Skyway: 1x Now time to head back to Staten Island and go to work.
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