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  1. Where are you getting the $9.75 for the Deluxe dining membership? Mine was 6.10 and added to my Diamond Pass is 18.20 a month which comes to $218 a year without taxes/fees, but you also get preferred parking every visit which would be $15 a visit, private seating and stuff. So all in all, it comes out to be way cheaper in the long run.
  2. This and Maxx Force and my home park Giant Discovery are my favorite announcements of the day
  3. Six Flags doubling down on ride types doesn't surprise me. Just yesterday I found out that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a Zamperla Giant Discovery and a Huss Frisbee so I wouldn't be surprised if they got a drop tower that offered a slightly different type of experience.
  4. ^Awesome advics/information guys. Thank you. It’s starting to look way more like a yes, I just like to have everything solidified and thought about because I’ll be going alone.
  5. How does Scarowinds work? Do I need a separate ticket or am I just able to stay in the park? Crowds don’t bother me as I’m used to GADV’s insane Fright Fest crowds and I’d 100% be Fast Lane Plusing. Also seems to be tons of ubers that relax on Carowinds Boulevard as of what I just checked in the app.
  6. I might plan a spontaneous trip Friday Oct 19-22nd for the park on Saturday & Sunday. Does anyone know how reliable taxi or Uber is? I know it’s close to the airport so that’s a huge Uber hot spot I’d imagine, but I wanna make sure I’d have a way back to the hotel from the park.
  7. TO ADd on to what they were saying with memberships. I want to switch from a pass to membership during the flash sale. I wouldn’t have to go to the park during FF to get all the perks because they just “come with” the pass?
  8. I feel like they could definitely wrap it around somehow and attach it to Bizarro's dead end and then wooo, a big loop something like this, even including the path from Plaza Del Carnival into Zumanjaro's area and then loop it around to Bizarro.
  9. ^In my head, ripping out Rolling Thunder, adding a path that connects to Zumanjaro's path and fixing Zumi's path into a normal path, while adding flats, shops and more there would be a beautiful thing.
  10. Things may be starting to get busier in the line department; but I don’t find them unmanageable yet
  11. It took like 10-15 minutes max to get in and there’s no waits for anything really. 5 mins max. The midways are busy but the lines are empty
  12. It’s moving prett fast but it’s just 4 separate long lines with security walking up and down to keep people “single file”
  13. Just got here and the park is gonna be slammed. This is the line for security, to the parking lot.
  14. ^No, it definitely looks to be, they already have the metal cross beams/track connectors in place
  15. I welcome B&M's anywhere and everywhere. This is just more incentive for me to get back there.
  16. No one is entitled to anything, nor is anyone demanding that's what our addition will be., it's a figure of speech that I've picked up from Twitter It originates from these two gifs but I guess it was lost in translation.
  17. Wow I must have gotten lucky when we went in July because it was a dead zone. Neither Wacky Taxi or Vapor Trail or any of the flats had lines. The waterpark seemed to be the only place housing lines, maybe 10-15 min waits at max
  18. It must be so hard having SFGAdv as your home park. Duh, it is But we did always deserve to have a frisbee ride of some sorts ever since Pendulum was ripped out, in my opinion.
  19. ^I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought it was pretty crazy for a "kids" ride. I love that little coaster
  20. ^It's the empty pad that's on the path that leads to Cyborg immediately right of the fountain.
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