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  1. Well thank ya! That's awesome that you guys are using them for your wallpapers
  2. Recently bought the Canon 80D because it was on sale, also picked up an iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil for editing in Lightroom. Here's some shots I've taken, mainly from Carowinds
  3. I believe next visit I'm going to attempt to bring my camera to the park. Hopefully they'll let me in, I'm not quite sure about their DSLR policy, I remember it being strict but all traces of it are gone from the website now. Hopefully that means they've relaxed because I would love to get shots of the park and my lenses should help getting super tight to some of the trains.
  4. I got on one at the Staten Island Mall Carnival and I vowed to never go on one again. The standing floorless seating was a mess. Get ride of that and make normal seats and it would rival the Top Scan as the best flat.
  5. Here's some more shots of Fury 325 from my trip two weeks ago
  6. The only bad experiences I have at the park are during Fright Fest and in 2018 we decided to take a hike on Saturday in April, it turned out that day was 85 degrees and everyone in the tristate decided to go as well, the food lines were an hour and a half long, the rides averaged at 20-40 minutes. I'll stick to my Wednesdays in the summer. Without fail no matter the weather, the park is usually dead and everything is walk on to 10 minutes.
  7. I was more than surprised by this coaster. I was not expecting something this big or this long to be put in. I am so ready for 2020 and now there’s another big swinger by Nitro It’s also very weird they don’t consider the Raven Dive an inversion. I definitely think it classifies as one, weird.
  8. lol, i rode dragster and ka from the front row 5 times each in the same week.. the difference in experience is so negligible to me. the theming, viewing area, and location in the park are considerably better on dragster. but as far as the actual ride experience? the launch, etc..? the launch on kk was better, there's no difference in "roughness" from the front row.. however the further you go back on kk the difference becomes very noticeable.. but you shouldn't be riding either from anywhere other than first row. and the infamous restraints... maybe if you're a really big person it could make a difference, but the OTSRs on KK don't ever touch my body and i'm 6' tall. so there was no difference there for me, i did not feel more restricted whatsoever. the differences between these rides has been severely exaggerated, and i'd say claiming TTD is 30x better than KK is the most hyperbolic exaggeration i've yet to come across. I'm on Ka almost weekly and got to ride Dragster in July. Dragster was about as smooth as Nitro the whole ride, where as Ka is smooth during the slow parts. Ka has a vibration and shuffle in the front, not as bad as the back, but it's still there especially at the end of the launch track. Ka's trim kills any airtime you'd get, then the shuffling and almost "bounce" going into the 270 degree spiral which leads into a pot hole right before the pull up that feels pretty big. Ka's launch is 0-128 in 3.5 seconds and Dragster's is 0-120 in 4 seconds. It's not much different after the initial take off, but I def get more a kick in the back from Ka than I did from Dragster. Again, this is all subjective and can vary from person to person. It's just how I feel about the two. I still enjoy Kingda Ka quite a bit, but it could be way better.
  9. Dragster SMOKES Kingda Ka in my opinion. The smoothness of Dragster combined with the lapbars makes it like 30x better. The ONLY thing Ka has is the initial take off feels a bit stronger on Ka than on Dragster, in my opinion.
  10. In the same interview he also said they’re working on a medium rail concept that we’ll likely see before the T-Rex. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we got that but I’m not expecting it. It’ll probably just be a custom raptor.
  11. I started going back to the park from a 9 year hiatus back in 2015 from 2007 but I heard they got backlash for teasing the hell out of El Diablo and it just being a Larson Loop. If that's true, I'm not sure they'd want to take that risk again, but who knows.
  12. I don't know if I'll be able to handle our line up anymore. Nitro, Batman, an RMC, Wonder Woman, and Skull Mountain next to each other and then Ka, Toro, and Bizarro next to each other...
  13. ^That's funny you say that. Over the weekend, every time I got out of the Copperhead Strike train, I thought that there should be some sort of handle bar to pull yourself up from. I also thought there should be a covering to the restraint mechanism because it looks like it could chew a finger up if they got too close.
  14. I heard the crew is scheduled for Friday from someone that works there as well. I mean obviously that doesn't mean it's going to open Friday but that could be a good sign since they haven't been scheduled for 21 days or s/t like that according to said person.
  15. I believe it's GCI as I've heard people say they've seen GCI marked stuff around the area of construction.
  16. Actually they're buying 12 scramblers. World record, most scramblers in one park.
  17. Just got home from my first ever, two day excursion at Carowinds. I was there Friday and Saturday. Friday: Landed at 11am and Ubered straight to Carowinds, this was me leisurely exploring, photography day. Since it was National Roller Coaster Day and I needed 8 credits to get to 100. I wanted Fury to be my 100th coaster, so I went around the park clockwise starting with Intimidator, Afterburn, Copperhead Strike, Flying Cobras, Ricochet, Carolina Cyclone, Hurler and then finally Fury. HOLY. F**K. If you blind folded me and I couldn't tell anything about restraints, I would never have guessed Fury was a new school B&M. I know it was 97 degrees, but that rides HAULS ASS and gives mild-medium ejector on the airtime hills at the end. Fury is now currently my #4 coaster and favorite B&M of all time. After that I decided to do a photo pass, I got my camera out and had some fun walking around taking photos. The photos weren't coming out the greatest because of the direct overhead lighting, but that changed around sunset when I got some KILLER shots of the coasters. Went back and did more rides followed by another photo lap at sunset which is when the magic shots happened. Wound up doing Fury 16 times, Copperhead 5 times, Afterburn 2 times and everything else once. Favorite seat on Fury is back left, front left being second favorite. Left side of the train makes a HUGE difference. Saturday: This was the day I was waiting for, I had the all inclusive pass, it was set to be another scorcher but it was my day to just ride until I can't ride no more. Did Intimidator in the front because I did it in the back Friday but couldn't bare the 5 minute dispatches to sit on the brakes in the sun for 10 minutes because they triple stacked each train. Honestly can't really remember all that I did Saturday but everything was walk on with FLP. A random storm rolled through at 6pm and created a GREAT double rainbow that you'll see below. Fury: 28x Copperhead: 4x Afterburn: 4x Everything else: 1x, got the missing credits like Vortex, Nighthawk, Goldrusher. Only 2 coasters I didn't get were Kittyhawk, Wilderness Run and Woodstock Express because I didn't care enough. All in all, I love this park so much, it's so tiny but it has some killer rides (mainly the 3 good B&Ms + Copperhead Strike) I prefer Intimidator to Diamondback, I was either getting good rides or everyone else is a bit too dramatic because I was FLOATING. Photos Typical Fury 325 photo Typical Copperhead Strike photo Empty train during the Hive Dive Empty train post Hive Dive B&M goodness Fury being absolutely MASSIVE Slow your roll Don't worry, this was during boarding and my phone went in a zippered pocket right after. More of Fury being MASSIVE Intimidator's lovely lady lumps Nice old school B&M invert Copperhead Strike twisting during sunset More of Copperhead Strike twisting during sunset Now my two favorite photos of the whole trip: Double Rainbow Ridin' into the sunset (no rules broken, my zoom lens was against the fence)
  18. I think some people are in the wrong hobby. Parks aren’t going to splurge on the Intamin 30000 hyper launch coaster Xtreme with 40 hours of airtime because that’s what enthusiasts want. Parks are going for crowd pleasers, people movers and an overall experience. Hate all you want but B&Ms are well loved by the GP and probably even more well loved by parks because they’re reliable and can move thousands of people an hour and don’t require insane upkeep. If that upsets you, then cry all you want about it, but just remember parks do NOT give a single crap about what YOU want.
  19. Both Cs are hightlighted.....CC in roman numeral is 200. Could we be looking at a 200 footer?
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