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  1. That picture and a few other of the low lying turns with only 1 wooden support holding them up have me really uneasy. Just doesn't seem like it can hold the forces of the trains, especially in the turns when there will be higher G's. 1 crack that goes un-noticed can end in disaster. Other than that, the ride looks outstanding and crazy. I can't wait to hear the reviews and to see testing footage.
  2. This just makes me want to go to Australia even more This is awesome. Simply put.
  3. I'm upgrading to a smartphone and I was looking forward to the iPhone 5, but seeing the specs of this and comparing them to the S 3, it just seems like the S 3 is better for my needs. It'll be a pain in the butt to download 3rd party software to sink iTunes from my Macbook, but it'll get the job done. Though the iPhone 5 design in black and white are absolutely STUNNING. If someone was offering me one a Galaxy S 3 or iPhone for free, I'd take it in a heart beat over the S 3. I can't justify paying the price of the iPhone and not being able to have all my music with me wherever ago, unless I want to spend 200 more dollars. I can easily upgrade the S 3 to 80GB for 60 bucks totally 260 for phone and microSD card. Gorgeous phone and it'll make a ton of money. It's just not right for me at this time, which is unfortunate.
  4. I like the way I look with short hair, I just have no balls to actually cut it.
  5. Control It - Shystie Ft. Azealia Banks Azealia outshines Shystie on her own song.
  6. Not them using "YOLO" seriously... This looks interesting, definitely didn't live up the expectations, but still looks awesome. Also, yay FLYING SNAKE DIVE!!!
  7. Oh my, this looks amazing. Now, I can't tell which I'm more excited for Outlaw Run or IRAT, but they both will be exceptionally good, so I say they tie.
  8. I put my arms up on Kingda Ka and I have never had a problem with it. Same, just don't use open hands, make fists so there's less drag, yeah your arms get jerked back ever so slightly but there's no discomfort. After the jolt of the launch, everything is back to normal like holding your hands up on a first drop.
  9. I got this yesterday from the awesome "Bullseye Tattoo Studio" in Staten Island, by the owner Victor Modafferi. Compare to the image it was based on I've always loved spiders growing up, I used to catch them and play with them, and what better way to show that, then to get a giant black widow that's the length of my forearm. Be sure to check them out on "BIG ANG" this Sunday at 9pm on VH1!!!
  10. Silver Bullet is also a B&M, they could be the test dummies from it... As others are saying, don't read too much into it.
  11. What sort of language are you guys speaking???? I was saying from everything I read, that Rattlers rough, and unpleasant, and frankly boring. So I was saying, Rattler already ruins itself by being painful/boring. Anything would be an improvement over it.
  12. From what I hear, it seems as if the ride, ruins the ride, anything would be an improvement.
  13. It could feature a Superman statue out front with a noticable bulge poking out
  14. The colors are 100% important But, no, seriously. RMC is remodeling so we have nothing to worry about, the ride could be puke green, neon yellow, i don't care, I have no doubt it my mind that this ride is going to kick ass and take names. I just have a vision in my head of royal blue rails, and it looks awesome.
  15. Of all the possible realities that could happen with this project, you're worried about the color choice for the track? How gay ARE you???? (This remark coming from a guy who once watched a "Design on a Dime" marathon on HGTV while the rest of the world was watching the Super Bowl!) 100% gay but seriously, I am. I like colors, especially pleasing colors. Hoping for a set of blue rails, but I doubt it. lol Oh, and I'm definitely interested in the possibilities. If you can go inverted with Topper Track, and this is supposed to be Iron Horse, this should be bat**** insane.
  16. This is exciting, I have a feeling this will have a few inversions, I just hope the track isn't red, I want a nice blue or some other color.
  17. If this was supposed to be sarcasm, that's a completely different picture...
  18. I'm surprised no one's posted these yet. I don't have the official source, but I found them on Nolimits-Exchange.
  19. Ahhh, so we finally have an official name for the Wingrider inverting drops "Wing Over Drop" "Wing Over Drop – once riders crest the top of the lift hill, the coaster train will rotate 180 degrees to the right, turning riders upside down before plummeting toward the ground at speeds of more than 65 mph!" None the less, this looks amazing.
  20. El Toro, no questions asked. For flat ride, definitely a Zipper or KMG Afterburner with the lapbars (It at Moreys Pier)
  21. I missed it I really really want to see the layout of this monster, and the double barrel roll.
  22. So the ride was pulling into the station and the bird flew into him? What A dumb bird, I know KK doesn't fly into the station, it's doing like 10mph maximum, so the bird must have been hauling if it sent him to the hospital. Also, how is the KK drop tower supposed to work? The support on the back of the tower angles as it goes up, so the drop tower would have to have a curve to it, or a structure built on to maintain the verticle angle. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work on the side because of the track, but who knows.
  23. If you listen to rap, I highly suggest you check out Azealia Banks, she's the next big thing, I guarantee it. This is what I'm currently listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPaXn2XR-P8
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