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  1. I'll interpret your question differently: Having ridden both, if I was told that I had to choose right now which one I want to ride at this exact moment, I would without hesitating choose wicked cyclone. Bizarro is a VERY different ride from WC, and they compliment each other extremely well. Bizarro is almost what Nitro is to El toro in the sense that it a much less violent/intense, and is a speed/height/extended airtime oriented ride.
  2. This ride was running in fairly cool weather, without having broken in much, still sort of squeaking around some of the turns and such. It was already running at such intensity. I'm almost nervous to try this in the summer when it is completely warmed up and broken in.
  3. ^^^The POV was underwhelming. It might be the largest culprit of not doing a ride justice I've ever seen..
  4. I was there for media day and rode twice in the back row. I actually wasn't expecting much but.. the ride was absolutely insane. The intensity and pacing seems to increase all the way to the brake run, and this is before it has even been opened to the public, on a relatively cold day, without having much time to break in. STILL, each of the airtime hills, notably the outward banked ones, have El toro Cross over hill airtime intensity. The rolls all have a really satisfying whip leading in, slow motion hang-time in the middle where they seem to stall, and then accelerate out with a forceful twist. I think that these extended hang-time maneuvers are a great way to for them to get a a nice long lasting airtime sensation amidst the constraints a compact layout. People worried about the end dragging on, I had the exact same worry. It was completely blown away by the whole ride from start to finish. I was talking to someone who said that it is just a hair behind Medusa Steel coaster, which to me just proves how good it really is..
  5. Can someone PLEASE clarify what makes Insane considered a top 10 ride, yet green lantern (a CLONE), gets bashed so much by the community?? I'm extremely confused.
  6. This looks like it has the potential to be a top ten coaster.. I could see this easily being one of the funniest coasters I've ever ridden.
  7. No they are new trains entirely with a new chassis and everything. They suck.
  8. I actually really really like the strap restraints they have on I305 because of how well they allow you to really feel the nuances of the track and the rotations. I don't find it painful with the other restraints, but I like that I don't feel the transitions on only my thighs with the new ones. The airtime and forces are strong enough on Maverick as well as I305 that the the vest doesn't affect your ability to feel them, it just allows the forces to be more dispersed which is nice because the round bars for your legs are not overly ergonomic.
  9. Heard from the grape vine that it is much smoother than last year. 2012 smoothness is TBD..
  10. I think we might be incorrect in assuming that they have different heart lines to begin with. Anyways, standup coasters don't have a fixed seat height and can be set at a very low position..
  11. Any of the classic intamin looping ships such as Berserker at KD. For some reason they are intimidating. The sheer size of the ride might have a part of that. Really bizarre and unique ride experience..
  12. I got to ride It today as well. Thought it was REALLY fun. I teeny bet vibraty but overall rides very smoothly. I'm not sure how I would rank it but it was definitely what the park needed. Best part of the ride is definitely the barrel roll at the end. The cobra roll is really bizarre because it maneuvers the top so slowly, but there is a nice diving feel on the exit. Of course the airtime on the drop is also really nice. Kind of caught me off guard on the flat section between that and the loop, it definitely makes the forces into and out of the elements more appreciable.
  13. ^Exactly.. So again, what about the premier? Seems like there's been no news whatsoever.
  14. On the contrary, hurler is easily the best wooden coaster in the park for me. I can't be the only one that gets ejector on the hills.
  15. the little bumper part stays above the brakes and mechanics on the track, and your feet stay above that bumper part, so as long as that is true I think peoples feet will be safe.
  16. ^YES alpengeist and storm runner all the way. So underrated. Bizarro does not even compare.
  17. ^Umm... What?? Could you please clarify where you got the idea that it would cut peoples legs off? There is definitely a possibility of B&M making any of their ride types launch at this point.
  18. Right? I think its kind of odd that people are assuming that they have.. It looks like they replaced the foam is all.
  19. I've been on the KD one and that was crazy enough without the foot choppers and amazing program..
  20. Woooowww the topspin looks AMAZING at this park. Why don't more parks build floorless topspins..
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