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  1. Less than 4 months away, its good to see things are moving along. Man its gonna be fun seeing the changes.
  2. The ONLY reason I'd ever want to get on this ride is for that insanely quick launch, with the vertical up/down tower. 0-80 in less than 2 seconds? Holey crap!
  3. Anyone know what color they're gonna be making this? What if they just keep it the same?
  4. ^But if they've already driven 2-3 hours to get to the park, whats the difference if they find out at the gate, or at the freeway exit? ^^^Definitely a good point. And besides that you can ride them over and over without having to pay. But for some reason, and its not like I decide on purpose to skip them, I can't remember the last time I went on a flat ride at a theme park. It must be something like 5 years. ^^You're very right. When you're within an hour of the park and you see it several times a year, the gradual changes kind of just happen and the improvements aren't so obvious. Once you start getting a couple hours away and only see the park every couple years, improvements really stand out from the past. I am VERY happy with whats gone on in the park the past couple years (Tatsu was in 2006, wow time flies!) and I hope the trend continues for a good 10-15 year span. Its an exciting time to be around Magic Mountain, I will say that for sure. Definitely better than what was going on 5-10 years ago.
  5. ^Sucking up or not, If I was a GM the last thing I'd wanna do is hear complaints from enthusiasts on a coaster site. I would NEVER go on the boards! We should be so lucky to be getting answers from higher ups. ^^That's actually a good idea when it would come to adding flats. If you add one in the area with each coaster you install, you can market the coaster AND the flat at the same time. A good example is Batman @ MM. They opened up a new coaster as well as updating flats in the same area. I don't see why they couldn't incoorperate that type of promotion with the new coasters that have yet to be installed. But I really don't care, I'm not a big fan of flat rides at established parks, I like riding coasters. If I wanna ride flats I go to the fair, not a theme park.
  6. ^That seems to be the only logical explaination. There sure are a lot of "approximately"'s on that ride stat sheet. Maybe in case some of the other numbers are wrong? lol...
  7. Okay Manic Monte already said it in the MM thread, but I wanted to reitorate. Jay, Its freakin AWESOME that you're coming to the TPR threads and filling us in and settling questions about the park that may arise here or there. Its really an honor to know that you're scanning the threads and reading our ideas about all things theme parks. I'm sure as more people on here find out about your presence, they're gonna be stoked as well. Above all, I hope everyone on here treats you with the utmost respect when it comes to asking questions or providing input. This is a great having you around! I'll be at West Coast Bash, ERT sounds booomb!
  8. Yeah there's a difference between being closed cause its questionable weather and the suns out, and being closed because its almost certain the weather is going to be horrible. Which, looking outside today *double checks*, the weather is horrible like its been the past couple days. I'm sure it has nothing to do with money. Think more "quality" customer experience. Why open a park to a couple hundred guests to have all the rides down for them not to ride? I think a big part of your answer comes from the man (Jay) himself, just because they close on a rainy day is no reason to doubt what the new management is capable of.
  9. In case anyone is wondering, due to inclement weather, Magic Mountain will not be open tomorrow, 1/27.
  10. ^Thats a shame. A couple trips ago it was open and I had the opportunity to ride. Missed the cycle by 2 guests and was gonna have to wait. I skipped it and never went back. Oh well!
  11. I gotta say, when I saw the artwork for this ride I was very eager to see what would come of it. And Holey cow I can't believe the angles of those drops! My only beef is that I don't know how long a wooden coaster with this type of designed track and extreme elements will last. If its rough as hell it really will take away from the ride. But from the POV the ride looks VERY long, and that can not always be a good thing.
  12. I hope that looping slide has smooth edges on the inside where the pieces connect. On some fast slides I've been on you can feel the ridges between the pieces, and when you pick up speed they can hurt like hell. I'd guess, if you were going fast enough to do a loop like that you'd be going pretty fast, so they must have some way to smooth it so its not painfull. When can people get on that slide? Is it open to the public?
  13. For some reason I've always been a fan of when they stretch the coaster out and build it up over a road. It just makes the ride exciting, whether or not you can tell when you're riding. Construction looks to be coming along nicely!
  14. Gay or not this just doesn't come off right...
  15. Because they're effin bad ass and intense as hell! Duh! What other rides (besides GIB's) do you fall straight down 177 feet in inverted style trains? ^^Very true. It was the plain fact that it was a crapshoot when you install 3 of these that one or two of them are going to have problems. Great America just didn't have luck on its side. I mean, MM's Deja Vu could very well have had the exact same luck.
  16. ^Doing both Disney's in one day is a stretch no matter how dead the parks are. But you'll prolly walk into Cali Adventure and not wanna stay for that long except get on a couple of the rides, after being in Disneyland there's really no reason to go there (you'll see what I mean 10 minutes after walking in). If you're packing all that in to 4 days you're gonna be tired as hell, so that might slow you down too, but damn it sounds like a lot of fun! Good for you!
  17. ^^So he didn't say "Metro is NOT coming back"? He just said it'd be "very hard to do"? *crossing fingers*
  18. Yeah this is awesome news, the more of these that they keep around the better! A big problem with Deja Vu is that its concept is a difficult one to begin with. Vertically catching a moving 4+ ton 8 car train with 32 riders on it, its a sketchy task in general-one you basically never see. Especially the way Vekoma did it, with the cables and catch car. If you watch the cart it speeds up with the train to catch up to it on the 2nd and 1st spike, pretty amazing it works at all if you ask me.
  19. ^^Because they're Debbie Downers. Well what if someones optimistic about the ride and then its really really good? Then what? Then you'd feel like an ass for not enjoying a brand new coaster for your first ride because the whole time you were too busy complaining about it!
  20. That's too bad the TT isn't going to be getting those 2 other flats. That would have made the addition that much better. I dunno about everyone else, but I don't have much faith in this Thomas Town as of yet. I don't think its official that it's not coming back. In fact, that would have been a GREAT question to ask the tour guides on Saturday. Since I wasn't there, did anybody happen to ask about the Metro? If so, any answers worth mentioning?
  21. ^^Thanks a lot for the shots, the ride looks great! With the angles of those drops and the newly designed trains, this ride looks like it'll be a lot of fun--unless they brake the hell out of the car at the mid course. But since all of us on here are "cautiously optimistic" about the ride, maybe that means they won't use the MCBR at all?
  22. I'm already regretting missing the DVD release party, so I'm making a big effort to be able to get to WCB this year. Thanks for letting us know Robb I'm excited to hear about whats in store!
  23. ^Yeah, he's good at them. Tis a damn shame I couldn't make it, everything sounds like it was awesome. Thanks for the TR, its nice to know what I missed out on!
  24. ^Exactly. And I think they will, heres why: I don't think the B&M sitdown trains are that great at all for a couple reasons. The 4 across seating doesn't provide the "open air" feeling, and the seatbacks are so high, the view was horrible. Another reason is if you look at this picture, I think a big reason why most B&M coasters like this one are so tame, is because of where the seats are positioned--directly above the wheels, It affects a lot of the airtime and positioning of the cars while they're riding the track. With these prototype seats, the seats are positioned between the wheels, much like most Intamin hyper trains, which I really think will improve the overall experience of the ride. Also, the spread out V seating, will provide a better view and a more "open ride" feeling. In my opinion, these seats will definitely make the ride experience improve. In fact, I don't see how they couldn't!
  25. ^I got that too. A couple weeks ago actually. I'm pretty sure they only use rollers and brushes. I think it has to do with the overspray because it would get all over the other parts of the ride. However if you do see spraying, it is typically high powered water to clean the dirt off the ride before they apply the paint.
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