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  1. I save money at parks by not spending any. ...complicated, I know, but it gets easier the more often you do it.
  2. Tough schedule or not they went 18-0 all the way to the last game which is pretty amazing in itself. It looked like they had NO steam on Sunday. Brady got knocked up more than a 14 year old Mexican girl living in TJ, and Manning made the moves when it counted. That 2nd to last catch of the game between Manning just getting away from a sack and David Tyree holding onto the ball with one hand and the helmet, that had to be one of the most amazing plays I have ever seen in my entire life. If Brady and Moss deserved the win, they would have gotten it. But the Giants played scrappy football, it was obvious to me by watching that when the time came, they wanted it more.
  3. SHHH!!! We discuss rookie initiation methods in PM's, not on the public forums! For some reason, I really don't think that'd help...
  4. From the video Tim Burkhart mentions S&S. "And S&S will tell you that's given them a fair degree of heartburn as we've gone through the process because we would not allow any deviations from the design." Sounds like S&S helped design the cars to the specifications of the park/company. They had ideas to improve the design, and S&S made them reality.
  5. ^^Besides the reason EBL mentioned above, it might be possible. You'd have to re-arrange the proxy sensors and brake fin. But the wheel bogies and placement of the car could turn around with no problem. It'd actually be sweet to have both sides running, facing opposite directions.
  6. I don't Superman will be scrapped until there's an opportunity for the park to replace it with something just as massive.
  7. Thanks for the shots Robb! Looks like it was a typical dead day, and by looking at the pictures it was a cold one at that! I'm pretty bummed about Freefall. Man I dug that ride!
  8. Thanks for the link, nice shots and I dig the tunes! Here's why it doesn't matter which angle the ride falls at, its the overall height that effect the speed. MF at Cedar Point has a drop of 300 feet and hits 93 MPH while MM's Goliath is 255 feet and hits 85. As you can see, regardless of the angles of the drops (which are substantially different (Goliath at 61 degrees and MF at 80 degrees)) the top speed to height of the drop ratios are pretty consistent with one another. It goes to show that degree of drop really has no outcome on the overall speed of the coaster. MForce 93/300 =.31 as compared to Goliath 85/255 =.33 Factors that come into play with the differences in these numbers could be the "stall" at the top of Goliath's drop, as opposed to the "push" you get at the top of MF because it doesn't slow down. I mean, there's a lot of factors, but you can see how consistent the rides are with the laws of gravity.
  9. I looked at the pictures and can't find what you're talking about. Is it in this picture?
  10. Colossus raced back in the 70's and 80's because there was a need for it. With only the option of 1 or 2 other coasters in the park, Colossus was the e-ticket attraction in the park. With 2-3 hour lines that'd wind up the county fair walkway, racing Colossus helped with capacity. Nowadays Colossus may hit a 1 hour line, on a busy day. And the waits not consistent, so there's no need to run 2 sides. Overall, its one less track side, and less trains for mechanics to check in the morning. I'm very sad to hear about Freefall, it definitely was one of my favorites back when I was younger, mostly because how tech it was. However as of late it was so rough, it slammed a lot and I'm sure this put wear and tear on the structure. In this day and age, a ride like this just wasn't made to last as long as it has. RIP Freefall. I think the perfect replacement would be the worlds tallest launched S&S tower. It'd be different from SS at Knotts, and it'd fit perfectly.
  11. If you watch the video Tim says one thing very clearly. "The train as you see it is missing one piece of plastic that is not installed right now and its what we call the elephant ear...so you can't get your hands into anything that might pinch them." There will be no coverings over the rack and pinion like the original (the parts that said Magic Mountain), but from what it sounds like there will be a cover over the X gear rod (the piece sticking up with the teeth on them). So, I wonder what they'll look like? I vote camouflage.
  12. Maybe its just me but I've always thought the S&S drop towers without some sort of "crown" on top of them (like Supreme Scream at Knotts) look really odd and out of place.
  13. I think part of the problem is that there's not much going on with the ride so there's not much to talk about so there's all this speculation when really nobody's sure (except those who went to the TPR even) what's actually going to be going on. I'm just glad its going to be better than it was before.
  14. ^Which will be proven when and only when the final product is introduced to the public. I'd imagine this is one of those improvements they don't want to screw up, they're trying to withhold a new image for the park which can stand or fall with the success or half-assness of this upgrade. However I've gotta be honest I'm almost always disappointed with SF and their "final products." They just never match up to the drawing board. But I'd love for them to take this opportunity on X2 to prove me wrong. Just as they need to do for the public, which I'm sure is pessimistic about the promises and you can't really blame them.
  15. I don't really care how early we get thrown the information, we'll all see the tunnels eventually. And as "conceptual" as the tunnels look, I think they're horrible. Besides not lasting for more than a year or so, its going to feel like you're going through a tent. Unless its dark and enclosed, I don't see the point.
  16. If you look at the very top of this page, the answer is practically impossible to miss.
  17. ^^^Wow dude you were WAY off! But when 2 people above me don't get the joke (as I read the update and didn't get it either), I kinda assume it wasn't. Its cool! Chill pill! Wait, so is the ride better? Rehabbed trains or not, I doubt it.
  18. ^^Or Deja Vu. Man I love when there's a 2-3 hour line and I can just hop right on.
  19. New paint doesn't really effect how well the ride feels, a lot of that has to do with the gap between the rails and the wheels. The ride has never seemed to have potholes to me, if the ride was going on straight track it was smooth anyway. The roughest parts of the ride, IMO, are the quick direction changes caused by crappy wheel to rail design (which is very similar to Gold Rusher except you're going about twice as fast) and badly designed track sections. For example, the quick left turn at the top of the drop (which I love but can be rough), after the first loop to the turnaround (a hard yank to the left) and after the brake run all the way to the double corkscrews (a bunch of design flaws which after 15 years of use, definitely become worse). These are things a coat of paint is definitely not going to improve.
  20. ^^^Not having to wait for the seats to rotate, move to load, and rotate again to load position will shave off a good minute or two between each dispatch, no doubt. I wonder if all the trains are going to be blue? Or if there'll be different colors for each train like Ee? And who cares what the colors of the train are!!! You don't even notice when you're riding. If everything goes smooth about the installation and the rides better than ever and all any of you have to complain about is the darn color of the trains, we should be so lucky. Yes i'd prefer the trains to match the track color too (like the original X) because matching dark grey and blood red trains would have been unbelievebly bad ass. But I'm not going to let it ruin the ride.
  21. ^^I don't know what you mean about a small pullout. I've been on both the edge and the ledge and they were botth pretty amazing water slides. I've always wondered why they closed, and the post above which explains it seems entirely accurate. The thing about both rides is you didn't think you'd be hitting the speeds you did until you were riding. Its like all of a sudden you're flying around the circle tubes, hit a little air dip before the drop then see the light and know its coming. Effin radical. The landing was a bit rough but there's really no other good way to slow you down in that small space they packed it in. My dad's about 6 feet tall so he's a pretty big guy and picked up a ton of speed. He nailed his toe on the roof of the ride right at the top of the drop cause he was going so fast, and his ride down and landing looked horrible. His toe was all busted and bloody, we made a stop at first aid cause he thought he broke it. I used to go to wild rivers a couple times a summer with a bunch of friends. Its a nice little joint.
  22. Yeah he says that in every article he's made. I think he should get over it, its going to be gone shortly anyway. ^I was thinking 2 trains are on site, and the pictures are just the ones they've gotten on the transfer track thus far. I'm just guessing, but that seems like the most logical explanation.
  23. ^All in good time, I'm sure. Yeah Scream has its headeaches, but for now its fine, like X, it doesn't need theming, the ride speaks for itself. But if anything goes down in a season or two to facelift the ride, I wouldn't see more happening than a new entrance plaza and grass beneath the ride instead of parking lot, if that.
  24. I may be wrong, but as far as I know vertical movement is the only thing that effects speed, in theory. But when it comes to a not so controlled environment there are certain factors that can come into play. A heavier train (a full one compared to an empty one) does create more positive momentum. So a full train keeps speed longer than an empty one.
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