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  1. ^That intersection has been such a mess for so long. First for widening the bridge, and now to move the old road. I just don't know what you meant by this, could you explain better? Do you mean Wendy's? And are you sure you mean south going north? Cause this parts confusing. But that'll be amazing to see the 126 connect right through to MM Parkway, and then maybe it won't be called that anymore? And for some reason all this time the roads just been a dead end, waiting to continue, when for so long its been destined anyway. That land all the way northwest to south of the park is already landscaped to build houses, which I'm sure will be there in less than 20 years. The people that own that land are freaking filthy rich. God I hate getting old.
  2. The video Robb provided from the day he visited has Tim saying one thing very clearly: "The train as you see it, is missing one piece of plastic that is not installed right now, and its what we call the elephant ear...so you can't get your hands into anything that might pinch them." 14 plastic covers make more or less the difference in weight of a lot of kids riding on one train, and a lot of big adults riding on another. Or a full train and a test run. They're in the center supported by the train, I don't think the weight of the covers really throws it off that much. Jah-"I'm just going with what he said in the video"-ames
  3. ^My head hurts from trying to read your post. I think the ride ops control it. But my hands are up when it launches anyway.
  4. I don't think so, at least we know it can be as big as Colossus. However I think there's some land issues back by where Psyclone was which may have been one of its reasons for its short life span. So maybe that reason alone will keep a coaster from going back there, or maybe it'll have to be steel. All I know is I'm excited to hear the announcement, in 6 months.
  5. Agreed. ^^^Agreed. I don't think the tunnels will be that bad. I actually look forward to zooming through them.
  6. I don't think it will be a clone. I feel like its going to be an Intamin. Wood or steel, I'm hoping wood as much as everyone. I'll also guess its going to be happening back by Deja Vu. Although they just got one in 2006, this opening is set for 2009, so 3 years and the demolition of 2 others leads me to believe it will be something big. Much bigger than a Tony Hawk or Dark Knight. Who knows?
  7. Sweet. I bet it's weird seeing it run, it looks like a whole new ride now! Maybe they'll let us watch it cycle at WCB lol. I'm really interested to see what these tunnels are going to look like on the ride (not just the model), maybe they'll be black?
  8. ^^^Aqui Y Aqui The spots that have evacuation platforms (not in the second picture). ^There will be "elephant ears" or plastic if you will, over the x gear that moves up and down. If that trains together my guess is they're already cycling it during the week to test it out.
  9. I don't. Sounds like a good time at the park though!
  10. This photo is really awesome, the park looks energetic and makes me want to visit even more. Thanks for the photos!
  11. ^Because of the "freshness" and creation of the burgers upon order, 10-15 minute or longer wait times were made during the summer for people waiting for their food at Johnny Rockets, sometimes 30 minute lines or longer. Hopefully a second store in the park will ease some of that congestion. And the burgers, in my opinion blow, I just think there isn't much better food in the park (unless you want to sit at Moose burger) so people gravitate to it.
  12. I love it, word gets out and 3 hours later we have a confirmation about its location. Not a fan of Johnny Rockets mainly because every one I've been to (like, TEN) has horrible service and is overpriced, has dry burgers on plates the size of the bun so everything spills everywhere, fries that are unaccommodating, and an unsatisfied stomach at the end of the meal looking at the menu to spend more money to be full. But as far as I know the JR in County Fair has been a popular hit with the crowd since it opened, I mean, at least its fresh, so no wonder guests are going to love it. But replacing that area for another one will keep the lines low at the other one, Justice League Feast was nothing of success anyway. Its amazing how almost every week, someway or another I hear something new going on at MM...
  13. Raven Simonés? Aren't those the cheap Mexican candies with the Lucas surrounding them?
  14. ^I like it! It allows the coaster to have a new upgrade feeling, with the same Scream! tacky-ness its known for.
  15. I'd say from what I remember, Scream!'s roar is about as loud as The Hulk's. That Scream sign does need to be replaced. Or taken down. Or something...jeez. Thing is, they've been looking like that for 4 years now!
  16. ^And I think he was treating you the same way as well. A down with it guy that was like, look this is whats going on right now down to the details I can tell you, and the rest of the "secrets" are business. Its what keeps people attracted. I'm not complaining one bit about the interview, it's awesome that the opportunity was had. I just wasn't surprised how he responded to some of the questions, its the way it goes, he's not obligated to answer anything he doesn't want to. Personally I've never heard an interview more satisfying or straightforward than that. What more could you ask for!?
  17. Gonna have to disagree with you there. Scream is definitely one of the B&M's in the park that coins the B&M signature roar. Ghetto for sure, but hey, you gotta think of and test ideas somehow...How about instead of adding a sound system to Scream, you first tear up that parking lot and add some green! Two steps back to make one forward, know what I mean? Thanks for the photos Rob, sounds like you and the SF higher ups are becoming pretty good buds!
  18. ^They'll be put in some sort of graveyard to rot until they're beyond use. The park pretty much keeps everything that doesn't get destroyed in other ways. For example: Psyclone trains, Freefall Carts, Batmobile, old Roaring Rapids boats. They keep them because they can take them apart and use them for parts some time in the future; be it something as simple as nuts or bolts. But really, think about it. If you were the park manager, what are you supposed to do with completely useless old X trains? Nothing. So that's what they do, they sit around.
  19. I don't know what it is but every higher up that works for SF acts like that when it comes to talking to their lower employees, or being interviewed for things, much like this. It's almost degrading, like how servers at restaurants can be treated. Shapiro is the CEO of one of the larger amusement park companies around, and is the GM of a MLB team. He's surrounded by and is worth lots of money, Its no surprise he'd be cocky, I'm sure I would be too. But putting that aside for some reason I feel like he was undermining Robb's grasp on business concepts, something that should have been made clear to him before or during the interview. It sounds like he was informed of repeated "tilt a whirl" removal complaints (from enthusiasts maybe?) that he was taking out on Robb or something (because they read the forums?), I didn't understand his obsessiveness with bringing up that ride. But appealing to the public eye is not important when it comes to doing an interview for coaster nerds. Either way he's going to be the CEO for some time, unless he gets sick of it. He doesn't need to be courteous or polite, hell, he didn't even have to do the interview if he didn't want to. I agree about the attitude, I heard it right off the bat. But the attitude he has is something that has proved to be successful for him, and I think it's the attitude the company needs to have right now if they plan to be successful. Yes the coaster explosion years at the SF parks were awesome, but I think we all need to get over it and realize what mess that ended up getting them into. The chain needed change, and now its happening.
  20. ^^^X2 is a little different. But If there were 2 wood coasters in the back corner (with wood finishing), I really think that might confuse guests that haven't been there in a while, especially non-locals. They might think its the same woodie they rode 10 years ago. ^I enjoy dumb people, It's easier to take advantage of them. I'm hoping for a woodie as well, however i despise the idea of a Tony Hawk or Wiggles World. Maybe i'm just getting old but I just don't see how these themed rides appeal to kids, I'm certainly not impressed by what I've seen SF do with them thus far.
  21. Years of being a SF Fanboy has finally paid off. Welcome, my friends. Awesome interview Robb! What an awesome opportunity and you hit the nail right on the head with the questions. The new X2 trains couldn't possibly have been running yet, if you look at all the pictures its not completely assembled. But I'm sure it'll be secretly ridden many times before opening day...
  22. ^^^^If you have the will and you stick around long enough, you can move up. The pay at the park isn't that awesome, but some of the jobs offer full benefits. I know they pay $16/hr for mechanics, which is pretty low because it's not easy work. But like any job you want to live doing, its one of those places that you have to put a lot of time and work in for your money.
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