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  1. Could Spin Out and the Dragons old station possibly be enough room for the station of the new 2009 roller coaster? We know its not going back by Deja Vu, ever since I heard that out I've been trying to think where the heck they're going to be putting it. The Three Point Challenge looks like a lot of fun, and like the update said, guests smiling and having a good time is definitely a good sign.
  2. This is a perfect example of GP hearing something like a radio ad for a theme park and repeating it completely different. I believe after the "male pregnancy" movie introduction, the guy is asked what he thought of the movie and he says, 1 Flag. Using stars to rate movies comes up somewhere too, but that rating system is shunned by the commercial, saying something like "stars are far, Six Flags is close." Eventually leading to the new 6 Flags marketing slogan, coining that at Six Flags, "more Flags, more fun." The ad also says "13 record breaking coasters," not 15, which is the type of language in advertising that might lead you to believe all the coasters are record breaking, but they're not necessarily saying that. They're referring to some of which that are or were record breaking. I personally have not been a fan of Six Flags commercials in a couple years now, they always seem to miss the mark, and I can understand how they'd be confusing to people "not in the know" of what's going on in the park. More flags, more fun? I dunno, sounds like it was made up in minutes, considering the company is trying to face lift their image, I think it could have been done much better.
  3. The train is long, but the ride looks awesome, and so do the cars. That last hill after the helix's looks like it'll have some sweet ejector air. During the summer when temperatures heat up i bet they'll be using those trims to slow the trains down, its already going considerably fast, they're really gonna be moving when the heat comes along.
  4. The ride looks amazing, I cannot believe how quickly its been put together. I wonder how long it will be until this ride is rough as hell? After watching the video on You Tube it seems like the first part of the ride before the brake run is awesome, following that, I dunno, looks questionable. And the length, again, it just seems way long. Too much of anything can really kill the fun.
  5. ^How did you understand his post enough to respond? Gwaaah?
  6. Excellent report Robb, you had some very awesome pictures in there! My favorites being the two up in the Sky Tower at night. Its funny finding myself in the pictures, some of them I didn't even know were being taken. ^That lady was crazy though. It's like, they give us Morning and Night ERT, breakfast and lunch, tours throughout the park, an opportunity to ask questions, and that old bag had nothing better to do than bitch out Jay because she lost $1.50 at the M&M machine! LOL! We all should have booed her out of the theater as soon as she asked the question. Same with the bathroom hooligan. Regarding the old X trains, I think they should have set out a car or two of the old X trains and let us take sledgehammers and torches to them. Talk about fun!
  7. From what Tim said I would not expect a better ride from the new trains. It sounds like that wasn't the plan, even more so they didn't even have that in mind. It sounds like the main reason for the upgrade is easier maintenence, and less wear and tear over the long run. Hopefully they will run about as well as they did right before they closed the ride for the rehab, because it was running pretty well then. Watching the trains cycle on Sunday basically proves the point. Yes there are probably many parts of the train that have to be "tightened" or "double checked" but that doesn't necessarily mean its going to stop the back and forth swaying we all saw happen at the break run after the last turnover. Adding riders might help dampen the sway, but it most likely will not be substantial amount. Kind of a bummer actually, but hopefully like Tim said, the intended improvements will in a way spill over to making the ride experience better overall.
  8. ^That's a great video thanks for posting it. I really think this is awesome that Nick is going to have this park, I hope it proves successful, as this uplift is definitely an addition to the Mall of America. Spongebob Squarepants looks sweeet!
  9. I don't think they should leave all that stuff out up in the Sky Tower unless they're going to find better ways to protect the pieces. That, or have more than 1 or 2 employees watching. There are still shady guests lurking around the park, I'd hate to see some of that awesome museum stuff vandalized or stolen. Thanks for the update, you've got some awesome photos included!
  10. You totally guided me and my lost friend to the yellow wristband group in front of the Sky Tower on Sunday, after we showed up 6 hours late. Thanks Elissa, Happy Birthday!!! Jah-"Even in person she doesn't look over 30-what is she doing with Robb?!"-ames lol
  11. I just don't get it. There's this entire event with so much time before for so many questions and comments and the bathroom problem seems to be the biggest subject of concentration. And that's fine, I guess. But I can't remember the last time I walked into a bathroom and its quality ruined my entire day, whether I was at a park or not. And Magic Mountain bathrooms, although they're not like high class restaurant bathrooms, they do the job. I'm sorry if you have to "use your hands" to flush the toilet or turn the water on, sheesh. I just felt that with the amount of higher ups in the room, there would have been a little more respect and class from some of the people asking the questions. Of course its fine to ask questions, but a lot can be assumed by how you ask. There's no need to let out on the guys who were nice enough to spend a whole day walking the park with us, answering questions left and right as HONESTLY as possible, and doing things I've never even heard of before (flipping burgers after park closing for people who were hungry and couldn't find food anywhere else). I guess my problem is, they explained the entire day that the face lift of the park is in a 5 year phase, having a grudge because the bathrooms haven't yet been fixed (and they're right, bathrooms are NOT cheap) in the first 7 months of that face lift puts our group (TPR) in an awkward situation, because the last thing we'd want to do is make them think that we're ungrateful. I, for one, would like to be given the opportunity to have this size of WCB sometime in the future. And showing them our appreciation does nothing but make the opportunity more possible.
  12. Missed morning ERT, breakfast and lunch, but got to the park at about 1:00 just in time to check out the Sky Tower, X2 and Thomas Town with the tours. The tours and announcements with the Q&A session were very nice (although some people seemed to miss the point of Q&A), I missed the announcement about nightime ERT being all of the coasters in the park, but discovered it quickly after noticing all the rides were open at 9:00. Got rides on Rockin Scream (really liked it), Batman, Goliath, Sky Tower and Tatsu (which seemed like it was flying through the course last night), and headed out of the park after 10. Tried to get on Superman but it was down by the time we got up the hill. All in all it was an amazing day, very well organized and a time I won't forget for a very long time. Thanks to everyone responsible for the event (all the higher ups at MM, and all the people on TPR who organized everything), and to all the TPR members that showed up to make it such a memorable time. Holla!
  13. ^^^Thanks Robb. If you're up later tonight and get a chance to confirm you got my payment that'd be great. James
  14. Wow, it doesn't even look like the same ride! The brown patches in the grass really stand out now, but it looks very slick and even if the ride doesn't improve, the look of it does. I'm very excited in thinking we may get a tour on this ride tomorrow. Thanks for the photos!
  15. Alright, well I thought I'd be there before 8 to be able to pay for registration and the park tickets but it looks like that's not going to be happening, it may be after 9:15. Is there a way to just pay now, under my previously registered name? Because I know that I'm going to be late I have to pre-pay for the event, but I don't want to make another order under my name. Or should I just go to the store and make another registration and pay that way? This one was directed at Robb or Elissa, or if someone else knows a way lemme know. Also, will it be a problem if I pay tonight before eleven?
  16. Sounds like typical SFMM operations (different answers for everything). So the tickets aren't going to be at will call? Robb I think you're worrying too much. All the stuff people are disappointed about will be mundane after the event because of everything that's going on. Tatsu media day was amazing and there was nothing more than that going on then. This is going to have so much more, the day will take care of itself.
  17. ^Dude, its a good thing you have all the answers to their problems, you're just the type of guy they're looking for! Report to location Mission: Magic Mountain at 1400 hours and inform the officials post haste. The worst problem is that as these events (WCB) and this site get more and more popular, more people like ^ are around constantly typing gibberish. It must really be hard to keep the forums looking professional. FUCLA Holla.
  18. ^^Kawasemi is more about $15 Mill. I think a lot of the "smaller" installations going around in the chain are this years investment. Magic mountains "smaller" installations included the upcoming Thomas Town, and a $10 million refurbishment. The other parks included Tony Hawk rides that were no more than $7 Million. The fact that the company is only spending $7 million on other parks for brand new rides, and $10 mill on the refurbishment of an old one speaks volumes, and that's not even including the Thomas Town cost. Magic Mountain has always gotten big rides when it comes to coasters, and minus the installation of Thomas Town this year, pretty much gets something unique to the entire chain (of course there are exceptions, the most recent being Scream, but again, it was mirrored and marketed under a new name, not "Medusa"). Its one of their highest profit parks, so it gets rewarded that way. I just don't think a Tony Hawk or Dark Knight would fit at Magic Mountain, its known for its big rides, there's a lot of room back there were Psyclone was and there's no problem keeping that way as long as they're continuing to add "family thrills" every other year as well.
  19. ^I was thinking the same thing as soon as I saw some of the surrounding nations, but didn't want to bring up the topic. I mean, look at Iraq, its only a couple thousand miles away. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, its surrounded! This is why I don't understand the attraction to the area or the reason for growth. For native born people, what's happening in the area is great. It's creating jobs, moving money, creating an economy to last far beyond its oil income (which probably won't dry out for another 50 years anyway), but taking away travelers from Florida? I don't see it happening. It is a major pain in the ass to travel to this area, a good friend of mine who's a soldier in Iraq right now has to take like 4 planes just to travel between there and America. On top of that, everything is pretty much man-made, meaning, this could essentially be built anywhere in a gulf. This looks like it will be perfect for people in the surrounding areas so they don't have to fly all the way to America to visit a huge theme park area, I just don't know if it's (a) cheap enough for the typical middle class American to spend a week there and (b) desirable enough for the people that can afford it to want to spend their money, or spend time there. If I had the choice right now or even in 10 years, I'd much rather go somewhere else...
  20. ^Because they're bad ass, duh! And if anyone likes them it should be you, you're the one with freakin' dinosaurs as his avatar... Its roller coaster theming and its Six Flags; c'mon, you really can't expect much more than that.
  21. I think the people that will be willing to spend $10 dollars to play are going to be some of the same people that are willing to pay $5 for the normal basketball game, or other games. I don't think it's worth it, much like all games at parks. But I'm sure there are plenty of people that will be willing to fork over the cash. Lets just hope the person in charge of the game isn't yelling at people on a microphone to come and play, that can get annoying (Example: KBF) and detours people from even getting close.
  22. Anyone who's bummed that X2 isn't going to be open for WCB has nobody to blame but themselves, because thinking it'd be open just for us is just setting up for disappointment. Nobody who is in charge of the event mentioned or even brought up the chance that it'd be open. Think about it, even though we hear about theme park news before anyone else because this site is centralized towards the topic, we are still part of the GP. We will be, just like the GP, some of the last people to get on X2. I don't even care that X2 isn't going to be open, because I assumed before I even signed up that it wouldn't be. With all the sweet stuff that's going to be going on around the park during the day (FIVE behind the scenes tours?! Unheard of!), X2 really is the last thing on my mind. I would actually prefer that over Goliath with no MCBR!
  23. Magic Mountain 2009: I don't see why not. This is as much a "family ride without inversions" as anything else.
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