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  1. This is actually typical with that type of restraint. Sounds similar to the system used on Hammerhead when it used to be at Knott's. If you look to the sides you'll see a plate with holes in it, if the tooth locks and it's in-between one of those holes, it will adjust during the ride if they're not pulled or pushed prior to the ride starting. And it is a pretty loud clunk when it moves, so I'm sure that and the movement freaked you out. But even so, I'm not a fan of carnie rides anymore. Too many rides traveling around not getting taken care of like they're supposed to.
  2. Compared to a conventional sit down coaster design like Hulk, I think its an improvement on feeling more out and free during the ride. And the fact you can see the track below you adds to it for me. To me, Scream is a pretty fun ride.
  3. ^^I agree 100 percent. I'll take the floorless design over any conventional B&M sit-down train like Hulk anyday. The front is cool and offers the best floorless experience, but on any seat in the train, I just like freedom of my legs swaying. Especially in the Zero G and Helix.
  4. Um...I disagree. There we go... I know someone that worked for the show too, so I do know the amount of effort that goes into a show, especially out in the 100 degree Valencia sun during the summer. But he wouldn't be offended if he heard that, because he knows how sub par the show is.
  5. ^Yeah I don't understand why coaster shirts are always so horrible, i almost never buy them, much less wear them outside the house. I'd feel like everyone was laughing at me behind my back. From what it sounds like the new trains are doing this ride justice, plenty of open air freedom, and comfortable restaints. Where's everybody that said they were going to stink?
  6. ^^^I'm sorry if you're offended by my Dubai comment, I didn't mean to make it sound like it's a terrorist target. But what I mean by its "off in the distance" is that it's not much more than 1,000 miles from Baghdad, one of the not so safe places in the world right now. %5Bimg%5Dhttp%3A//img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/iamsosickofthis/dubai.jpg[/img] I never knew of Dubai before too long ago, and I found it by using the exact image above from Google. I zoomed out and saw the surrounding countries and I have to say, I would honestly be on edge while visiting there. Same case as with this park. Everyone else is more than welcome to visit and feel safe and that's fine. But to me, and this may just be me, I'd rather take a trip to another part of the world to visit another country, or find another park. To be honest, I'd just rather have no part in it. So i don't mean to sound like I'm making generalizations. Unless by generalizations you mean "in fear to go to that country", than yes, I'll agree with you. I'm sure its different if you haven't grown up in the US, so I know where you're coming from. I'm just saying how I personally would feel about making a trip to the park.
  7. This kinda throws me into the same feeling I have with the giant construction and city uplift in Dubai, with the Seaworld park and whatnot. I mean, who can have a good time at a resort when in the back of your mind your worrying about some whackos with giant warheads and men with ak 47's not too far off in the distance. Personally, I'll stick with WDW.
  8. *begin small clap* *and the crowd begins to stand* *leading the crescendo to* *APPLAUSE* I saw that Grand Canyon jump. LOL
  9. Holy cow that's quite a large TR! Maybe its just my piece of junk computer, but the POV's not loading. Is this a problem for anyone else? It seems like it starts then the buttons just go away and its blank. Otherwise the input and effort you took towards writing that is quite astonishing. Nice!
  10. ^Last summer a lady had her legs up against the car in front of her, and ended up braking her legs. Ambulance was called and everything, as far as I know there was no blood and the ride was up and running not too much later in the day. I definitly think the installation of retractable seatbelts would speed up the process for duration between cycles on Deja Vu.
  11. ^Sweet, less people ahead of me in line! Has anyone seen or heard anything about X2's fire and fog effects? Or if they're still doing station construction? Or what exactly the fire and fog is going to be? Or if train 3 is on site? I just can't believe it's a month till opening and the "special effects" are nowhere to be seen.
  12. My point is that it doesn't have to be frustrating if operations are running like they're supposed to on a busy Saturday. You're saying poor operations are acceptable because its a Saturday and the parks crowded. And I disagree. The park should be OVERSTAFFED because the park knows its a Saturday and knows it's going to be busy. Its one thing if the park is busy; guests can accept that lines are going to be longer and things are going to take more time to get to. What guests don't accept is when they're willing to be patient, willing to accept things are going to take a long time, and they still end up waiting 2 to 3 times longer because the park isn't properly staffed and because there's 1 train operation on the rides. Just because people decide to visit on a Saturday doesn't mean the trip should suck. And you seem to think that's okay. Operating a park that way doesn't make people want to come back.
  13. ^Your right. Closing off the front of the line to regular guests shouldn't happen. Even if its the back row I don't find that acceptable, everyone should be able to sit where they want. Merging the lines at the loading gates, IMO, is the best way to do it. Exactly. That's YOUR level of expectation. A family of guests making their "once a year trip" to the park don't care if it's Saturday, or Monday, or if Robb Alvey suggets to avoid parks on certain days. They are paying to get in, operations need to be up to par. It being a busy day is a completely different topic. People going to parks on Saturdays know it's going to be busy. If a line has 20 people in it for a soda, and a guest gets through it in 10 minutes, they've got nothing to complain about. But when a line has 20 people in it and you can tell the park is understaffed and not prepared for such crowds and the line takes a half hour, or 45 minutes, that's not the guests fault for picking a busy day to go to the park. That's the parks fault for not preparing adequately for a Saturday during Spring Break when even they know its going to be busy. What it comes down to is just plain, lousy customer service, and it leaves a bad taste in the guests mouth.
  14. I don't think a Saturday during Spring break is any excuse for a park to have a bad day. If anything, the day should be better because they should be prepared for the amount of guests and capacity that will be coming in the park. Tell an average guest "Oh, its your fault you had a bad day because you didn't come at the right time. Come back in 2 weeks when Spring Break is over," and that guest will never step foot in the park again. I think flash pass users should be able to sit in any row they want, if I used one on Goliath and they said "Oh, you can only sit in the front" it'd be completely useless to me. There's no reason to have a designated area where they have guests sit, just let them merge with the regular line right at the loading gates so they can skip the majority of the line, and sit wherever they want.
  15. ^^Yeah, I'm with you on that. Something just doesn't seem right about the solutions that have come up. Either there's something missing that will come later or there's not a puzzle at all. I know I'm not helping or anything, but some of you have spent a lot of time on this and I just don't see where it's going.
  16. So...Maybe I'm the only one but it hasn't been clear to me due to the "it sucks" "its running faster now" posts. Is the ride being trimmed hard, is it creeping through the course, is it any good? According to the video it looks like its slow after the turnaround where I believe the first trims are at.
  17. That's such bologna that they trimmed it. What is wrong with B&M and making a coaster with some decent negative G's?
  18. Best post of this thread. I'm not watching any of the videos, I'm waiting till I get to Universal...
  19. I know, how can you not like Sandstorm! Easily. It's one of the most overplayed and annoying techno songs! Definitly. I'm not a huge fan of the genre but I've heard enough to know that song is not "top notch" techno. In my opinion, Oakenfold is one of the better techno artists, mostly because he blends the tracks on some of his albums. Crystal method and New Order (the artists of the songs in X's line) also make equally catchy tunes, and like I said already, hope to hear them get some spins in the X2 queue. I never understood why people complained about X's music (some did at WCB tempting Tim to perhaps not have the same style on X2), I always liked it, even after standing there for 45 minutes each ride. Now if Sandstorm was playing, I might've pulled my hair out...
  20. I think its bologna to complain about trashcans, even if they were 20 feet apart. Because what happens the second they try to get rid of some of them? Trash is all over the place and then somebody complains that there aren't enough. Be glad they're willing to spend so much money for so many cans to keep the park clean so YOU get to enjoy a nice clean park. From the pictures it looks like there's a couple big footers, with smaller footers connected to those. Like whatevers in that rectangular section in the middle of the photo is going to need a lot of support. I smell rocket Intamin...
  21. ^^^I liked X's queue music. I hope similar music is on X2. Were the people evacuated off the train, or did tower 2's catch car come down to latch onto the train and pull it back up to continue the circuit like in the video? Because that would pretty much be a routine breakdown for Vu, it really doesn't work out any better than that.
  22. I'm gonna let you guys try and figure out the puzzle, you seem to be into it a lot more than I am. As for the ride, the photos are awesome, the ride looks awesome, perhaps this will be on of the top coaster installations of 2008. I also hope the Norwegian loop catches on and a lot more parks start having rides with them. My hope is one day there will be an invert with one.
  23. Wow I think that was one of the largest photo TR's i've sat through in a while, but some of those photos were amazing thanks for posting them! I really wanna get out to CP this summer, I'm crossing my fingers to hope it happens.
  24. ^The reason I said that is because you, in fact, answered the very question you asked in your post by linking us to an update of the topic's thread. Which is great, I haven't seen any updates on Vu's removal since the loop was removed. I was just yankin your chain, sorry if it came off any other way.
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