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  1. ^Yeah that's what happens. It seems to be happening a lot these days, so I'm starting to get used to it. I wonder what they're doing with those huge S's at the top of the tower. I'd love to get my hands on one of those and put it in my garage.
  2. My God. There's a whole lotta coaster there. I kind of like that second hill--the one that's about as tall as the lift--It's almost like there's two big drops in one ride. Seems like there'll be a nice little slow crest over the top, followed by that steep drop for the whip in the back seat. From what I remember in the promo video, the ride's long enough to provide plenty of air during the rest of the circuit. It's amazing how fast they get these things up these days. ^I was having problems with the video...maybe its just cause I'm using a school computer? It seems like it's loading but it's not playing.
  3. At the pace they've been building this thing my guess is track work must be close to getting done! Does anybody work or visit there that could post a quick snapshot?
  4. I don't play the games. I have much better things to waste my money on lol. If I was CEO of Six Flags the first thing I would do is try to bring back the Looney Tunes theme and incorporate it back into the company. I know they still have characters walking around and a kids land but I feel like they've moved away from Looney Tunes. I'm a big fan of them, I feel like if they wanted to the company could expand them to the capacity Disney has with Mickey and the like. Not exactly that huge, but I feel like there's a HUGE potential to take the characters and make them popular again to the younger crowd AND to the older guests. It seems to me like they have this great tool (Bugs and the gang) to grow the company with, and they've kind of left them in the dust. Playing their cartoons in the queue lines, continuing Looney Tunes Land for the kids, having more of those types of theming fit in with the awesome DC characters they have already roaming the Six Flags midways. Incorporating the rides with the theming can entertain the younger crowd and families, and grow them into older individuals that want to carry the Looney Tunes characters onto their children. These types of things can continue the new beginning the SF company has already started, there's no reason why each park couldn't be as delicately put together as well as any other parks in the world, combining them with some of the best coasters on the planet.
  5. ^Locked or completely deleted? I knew I posted something there, I thought for a second I was losing my mind... Of course you won't be able to tell the difference between the speed of this and Kingda Ka, but 2.5 seconds up to 134 is pretty darn intense. I think, for a change, it will just be nice to be cruising at that speed for a nice straight and long amount of time. And the speed record is now taken away from SF and America...
  6. ^Every B&M that I've been on that has trim brakes, have not been used. Now of course I don't know about everyone else, maybe they've ridden a B&M where the trims do kill the ride. But my experience on B&M's leads me to believe unless there's some huge forces at the top of those hills, the trims might not even be necessary.
  7. Nobody's equal. Its reality, not a choice. Get used to it! As long as I get my 4 free Flashpasses as part of being an Xtreme Play Pass holder, I'm not complaining.
  8. Wow Sponge Bob looks awesome! This ride (regardless of the trains colors) is going to be a lot of fun! It looks really compact and intense, and will fit in with the spinning ride they have in there too. Can't wait to see videos of it flying throughout the circuit!
  9. I gotta be honest, although I love the new paint on X2, I am going to miss the old colors of X for these reasons: 1. I didn't believe X's colors (from the promo videos) were actually going to be pink and yellow, until the pieces arrived and it actually was. 2. They didn't mesh with Viper. 3. It was the only coaster that could be painted those colors and still be taken seriously. Other than that, the Arrow corner looks effin rad and VERY lah-tee-dah!
  10. Oh I wouldn't go that far...I prefer women over girls any day! But seriously, I'll leave you alone now lol. Although I would love to have participated in Knott's event, its no skin off my back. If that's how they want it to be, so be it with them, because I refuse to be in ACE. Maybe they'll see the event at MM and that will change things for next year. I've been pretty much disappointed in KBF the past 4-5 years, regarding these events and the unraveling of the park and its nostalgia. When I saw on the Knott's solace flyer that they were closing it off to only fatasse---ahem, ACErs, that was pretty much the icing on the cake. Nonetheless, I am going to try and be at the MM event. I just picked up a new job today, and I'm worrying they're going to be strict about the days I ask off. I'm hoping if I tell them I have a wedding planned for that Sunday which has been my plan for weeks now, that they might just make an exception and let me off!
  11. Wow I cannot believe the sign is actually lit up. I seriously can't remember the last time I saw it with the lights on, it must have been at least ten years. And for the record I'm so glad they haven't painted Superman those colors. For now, atleast.
  12. ^Exactly. It's just another way for them to make money & has NOTHING to do with security at all.They instituted the same policy on wild one & superman last season at SFA & it's one more reason why I won't pay them money for a season pass this year. If you're not getting a season pass just because they put lockers in the lines for you to keep your things safe, I don't know what to tell you. There's only so much a park can do to keep its customers happy. Good grief. I don't mind lockers at all, especially when they improve capacity and rider safety. A buck? They could be cheaper but you're at a theme park, that's not bad at all.
  13. ^^Wow awesome article, thanks for that! In the picture below, I'm guessing the building that's blocked off in pink is where most of the ride is like others mentioned? I've always been amazed by Disney rides, although there's usually so many rumors and secrets that's its actually hard to find out whats true and what's not.
  14. ^^ Please do not scare off other members, especially since it will be thier first TPR event. Anyways, glad that you will be able to make it nurse. LOL. I was just playin sheesh! ^I hope so too Eric. This is also going to be my first WCB. I think it's awesome how much the park is doing for us, I'm very excited about things going on this year in the park, and for many years to come.
  15. ^^Sweet, we should meet up so I can take one of those lady friends off your hands for the day.
  16. ^Yeah it sounds like it's not much but that they're hyping up to stir interest. As soon as its announced I'm sure we'll know right away whether this is something interesting, or something to miss.
  17. A 4-D coaster off the edge of Niagara Falls forever destroying its once beautifully photogenic landscape?
  18. I think the smoothest B&M i had ever been on was Silver Bullet when it first opened, but that was overshadowed by Tatsu a couple years after. I think reliability and smoothness get confused on B&M's. They're pretty darn reliable, but the smoothness is hit and miss. Riding a B&M today that was built during the 90's can be pretty rough. But getting on Tatsu almost 2 years later still provides the same smooth (but even more intense) ride. I imagine because this is a sit down coaster with no need for OTSR's, it will be about as smooth as any other recent B&M installation. Especially when it opens.
  19. ^It looks like they needed horizontal clearance between that support and the pullout track right after the loop.
  20. The nice thing about the pre-drop though, is that if you see it, at least you know its a B&M! This is only on certain rides, one of which you're probably thinking about is Goliath. The reason behind doing that on Goliath is the ride just moves too darn fast. They can't seem to keep its speed down, so slowing the lift slows down the pace of the ride. Otherwise the force at the bottom of the first couple drops would be much more forceful.
  21. Which was a near $20 million dollar investment (Deja Vu). And X, which was over a $20 million dollar investment (somewhere near the $30's, especially with this $10 mill dollar revamp). And Superman, which was a $20 million dollar investment... My point being, Six Flags WOULD invest millions on what you call a "guess". They've done it before, and they're doing it again. Who really knows how much better X2 is going to ride going to be before it cycles? Nobody. The new trains are in anticipation of a better ride, but nothings guaranteed. I'm not saying they don't know what they're doing. I just don't think its safe to assume with new technology that they're 100% going to work with no problems or dead ends right from the start. I don't think anyone fathomed the problems they would have with the above mentioned rides and look how those ended up.
  22. This ride looks rather huge, I will say that. And very photogenic! I'd be thrilled to take this one for a spin, with the new cars and everything. Opening day will be a blast.
  23. ^So does the Zero-G roll of Superman and Batma-ERR-Goliath's first flatspin. That's really pretty amazing how it worked out that way! Man I don't care how many clones there are, the Inverted Batman layout is sweet whichever the color or name.
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