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  1. When the ride does open to public, is anyone planing to report back on the time of day where the line is the shortest asides from opening? Not that I expect someone to watch the line all day or anything. Over here at SF:DK Medusa the main coaster is pretty much always dead at 3:30-5pm for whatever reason. I'm hoping most of the people still run to the left to X2/Tatsu/Superman at opening but then again, you sometimes can't be there for park opening either.
  2. yeah, you're likely right. Frankly I would of rather them save whatever money they used to buy this ride and the money used to power and maintain it to go into faster constuction of the area's getting upgraded. Though, the sea lion show is worse now theme and story wise I forgot if they even addressed the drought in it but the trainers didn't seem that into it. Plus what happens when fright fest rolls around? will they even rework it for halloween? It being Six Flags and all, I somehow doubt it. hopefully 2016 sees a dark ride, reopening of the 4D action theater or the park introducing bears.
  3. yeah it's right outside of roar next to the gokarts. I guess it's a ride but it's purely a excuse to get wet inside the park.
  4. It actually doesn't impact crowds as much as you'd think. But it's gonna be a busy day anyway so it doesn't matter. Just get there at opening and stay ahead of the crowds and you'll be fine. Save YOLO til the afternoon as its line will never exceed an hour (but it will stay there all day) while the others will start short in the morning and then exceed an hour by the afternoon. I never been to a cheer/dance day at SFMM but down here at SF:DK I've accidentally gone to 2 and they are some of the worst experiences I've ever had at a theme park. Parents/grandparents and girls clogging pathways girls doing last min warm-ups along the pathways of the park, girls carrying around trophies half their size that they'll all receive anyways, their siblings cutting in line (line cutters have been horrendous on these days for me.) and overall obnoxiousness as if they rented out the full park and acting like General Public isn't even there. however I was in bad mood's those days so I was likely only making it worse on myself and I should of just enjoyed the animal stuff. but yeah I wouldn't recommend cheer days to anyone based on my experiences with them. Except maybe if it was dollyworld, think they would be able to handle it better then six flags ever does.
  5. maybe if they only used lapbars then I would see a difference between it and hammerhead, but I don't see how it's going to be a unique ride experience at the park since both are the same thing IMHO. However Tsunami Soaker looked stupid to me but that thing's been plenty fun.
  6. Yeah maybe they'll just add more to the cougar enclosure since it's pretty small IMHO. Or if not hopefully Grzzly Bear or Polar Bear?
  7. Also the park has a bit of wasted space now with the last of the elephants being moved out of the park completely. the issue with putting any sort of ride there is that its *right* next to the cougars, across from the wolfs and just south of the future/new wolf den they got a place to show of birds and other animals from the wild life theater show. However Busch Gardens gets away with launch coaster right next/over it's cheeaths, but would SF:DK do the same? It is a big enough foot print for a dark ride, isn't it? it was working last Friday, a lot of people were on it the second time I passed by it. Also Dare Devil Dive doesn't have a reason to not be running as they'll be loaded guests "actors" onto it this Friday for commercial filming. Though I guess it stands a chance to be the worst ride SF:DK likely ever added asides for perhaps Kong.
  8. yeah the rapids ride should be ridden before it gets hot and therefore packed. If you want to get wet tsunami soaked is the best ride to go on. that ride can hold like 36 people at once I think.
  9. 1. on Fridays and Sundays i've been there, medusa's station is dead empty around 3-4 pm around 80% of the time. Even on may 1st when there where hundred's of school kids at the park the station was so empty I got on the front row in less then 3 cycles. 2. if you get inside the park before the rides open, go directly to Superman, the crews are quick but due to the rides low capacity sometimes you'll need to wait at least 20-30 mins if you try to get on later in the day. 3. V2 was still down on may 1st but the train/cars are installed onto the track again. So it might be open when you go. 4. The new rework of the sea lion show isn't that good IMHO, Drench is likely the best show you'll be able to see in the park since it's pretty much all dolphin tricks. the Tiger show is pretty good but not amazing. I would skip the bird show unless you like birds and wild life theater is closed down for matience/reworking. SFDK hasn't said why it's down and it might just be due them needing to close it for the refurb of the "wolf den" area they are installing. 5. always go see the animals at the rear/north side of the park. the butterfly exhibit is also pretty cool but hot and humid of course. The shark experience is okay but it's not as good as it was in the 90's or even early 00's.
  10. At least by then a lot of people will be a little sick of it. Though hopefully you don't end up going on a saturday or something.
  11. Does anyone know why many steel coasters don't have these elements? Besides the RMCs, the only other steel coasters I can think of off the top of my head are the Reverchon spinning coasters. B&M pre-drops aren't a double down right?
  12. Roar ride OP at around 11:30 am ish today "Anyone ridden Kong? It's a YORO ride. You Only Ride Once" anyways todaydespite the park being filled with school kids and all their buses outside the parking lot a lot of the rides I went on were a few mins of wait times or nearly walk on. Medusa x1 Skyscreamer x1 bumper cars x4 or so. superman (rear row) x1 Roar rear row x1 White water rapids x 1 tsunami soaker like x6 also the soft serve vanilla cone I got was around the largest amount of ice cream I ever got in a waffle cone. thinking at least 4 inch cone with a mountain of vanilla ice cream jutting out of it. so glad theres good snacks on the meal dining plan. i also took some (or tried to) of the work being done in "the wolf den". The major change is they got up at least 15 foot tall fence posts around the back just like the ones that encircle odin's tiger show. The tree('s) that were inside the area before are cut down and the stumps still need to be removed if they remove em. Edit: may or may not upload photos. I doubt they are anything to special and it was point n shoot off a iphone 4.
  13. I considered e-mailing them but i'm going on may 1st and the ride doesn't look that appealing to me.
  14. I really hope that is just that, a rumor.....the green train was going to be the best looking out of the 4, if they are going to omit one, it should've been the orange train, orange is already way overused in this park. over used? goliath is all orange, Tatsu is orange, Scream is orange track (blue supports right?) and then i'm sure theres orange soda somewhere. Yeah, you're right orange is a bit overused but GP and Six Flags don't care I think.
  15. greeased lighting (California's Great America) I never rode it when it got to SF:DK across the bay but I had a lot more fun on it then I ever do on boomerrange or kong at that park.,
  16. It's one of the few rides that will legit give me a headache for the rest of the entire day. I'm really not sure why people rate it so highly. When it first opened, and was smooth, it was outstanding. It was like that again for a short time after it re-opened as X2, but I have not taken what I would consider to be a "non-headache inducing" ride on it in a while. I've only ridden it twice so far I think, first time I was on back row it pretty much felt like I survived half of Kong at SFDK. The second time I rode on the front and I don't remember much, but the on ride photo SFMM gave me just makes me look like I want the ride to be over. I want to enjoy X2 and I do, the lifthill soundtrack, the drop and the raven turns are all great, however if it always kicks my ass for riding it there's no way I could marathon it let alone go twice in a row unless it was somehow a walk on.
  17. YIKES! Hopefully the boy was fine, but I'm surprised SFMM doesn't make it more clear how to adjust the harness on X2. Considering that it's one of the more complicated restraints out there, they should have signs (videos?) that show people what to do, or maybe stop the "are you innnnnn?" audio clips and play an audio loop discussing adjustments. OT: does X2 ever run 3 trains? I thought it was theoretically possible, but I NEVER see them do that. but I like there " is eveeeeevrybody innnnnn? The ride is about to begiiiin", until it gets stupid after 6 mins.
  18. on the newest park maps the area under construction where they had their wolves (a Arctic wolf "Tala"? and Gray wolf "Wyatt?") it show sit as "the wolf den". Last time I was there I looked between the slats of some fencing and they are doing some good stuff behind there but nothing of note. Either way I expect it to be a lot better then just a dirt patch with a few things in it. Just kinda sucks they aren't showing the wolves at all anywhere from what I can tell. also SF:DK is letting go of the asain elephants now too?
  19. I'm more concerned about the track getting installed and them testing it before "oh my god, is it going to have 3 or 4 trains!!?"
  20. Went today, it was alright. Not amazingly good nor amazingly bad. Biggest issue I saw was some ripe OP's changed out on Roar and the new one stacked the trains at the station while the one before hand was sending them out in time or just in time to get the unloading going from the train coming in.
  21. I will be going with my friend, his sister and her friend tomorrow (april 8th). Apparently his younger sister is "okay" riding medusa and I know it terrified me the first like 2-3 times and the lift hill still Kinda does. So I'm not sure what the rides I'll ultimately go on though at worst I'll try to get us all on Roar. I know I was terrified of going on coasters until like 14-15 and I still don't do water slides.
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