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  1. To me Goliath at SFMM is pretty scary.. I haven't been on it yet and went there twice, had plenty of time to get on it but that lift hill and drop is so high and steep. Of course what I hate most of all are water slides. Having no safety systems at all just freaks me out.
  2. Roar! from SKDK last Friday roar was shut down all day and opened like 2-3 hours before closing time. me and my friend got 3 medusa credits, 1 kong credit (he wanted to go on it.. worst invert coaster I ever been on) 1 V2 credit and 1 Roar credit.
  3. Demon at Paramounts Great America. (now known as California's Great America, owned by Cedar Parks. Sadly, ceadr isn't seemingly willing to do anything but possibly maintain the rides it has.. which is a shame since it could be a great park but six flags discovery kingdom trounces them now.)
  4. I hope the girl makes a fully recovery, she put her trust and life in the operators hands and so did her parents. I would love to see for her to make a full recovery, and this riding staying open while making vast improvements for rider and staff safety.
  5. I only been on Mudeusa when it rained (well sprinkled) didn't change the ride a whole lot.. that was my first day at SFDK (discovery kingdom) for my 2010 season.
  6. When I went to Magic Mountain I didn't even bother with Scream since my home park is SFDK and it looked exactly like Mudusa from a non-rider POV. I also din't go on batman since it reminded me as topgun/flight deck from California Great America (formally Paramount great America before the CBS/Viacom split)
  7. V2 at SF Discovery Kingdom... but thats only because I only been on it and Superman at SFMM.. Superman was scary due to the height but, really it was a bit of a let down. Of course I come 13 years after it's open.
  8. would this be the reason they don't run both sides of the colossus? I went the twice in about 4 days.. the first day it was riding on the inside of the track, the 2nd time it was on the outside (the outside track is a bit scarier to me on the lift hill... dunno why) The ride was always a station wait too. Less then 45 people at a time.
  9. I was there in late June and no one approached me and my group (dad and his GF) about early entry for 10 dollars. However we were the first 3 in line so it didn't matter. Terminator was a walk on ride when we got in.. everyone else (seemingly all less then 35) seemed to run to X2 and Tatsu.
  10. Tatsu or Collosus on my visit to see family in LA county. Hopefully will go back 2-5 times to SF discovery Kingdom before they go back to their random hours/days.
  11. Wow, this is my home six flags park. The place is great asides the parking lot is really half a mile freaking away from the main gate, at least 4 times longer then the parking lots at Magic Mountain and the pricing is insane. Plus since they are pretty much half animal park you don't get straws or lids for fountain sodas. But seriously, I could never imagine people getting this hurt from the transportation tram. oh also.. every time I been there in 2010, the trams take forever just to pick up new people to take to the park.. like a whole 8-15 mins. Edit: I'll take a picture of the gate I think it was next time, I'll even see if they locked it now, I always thought they did.. but I guess they want to save money as much as they possibly can.
  12. I guess I'll try and get the front seat next time.. I was assuming the very front or the very back are the best since your the first or last ones to experience everything. though it does suck that the music "Goiiinnng down!!!!!" isn't too synced up with the back, from my experience. Also I couldn't really hear the music asides from the lift hill, the breaking station and on boarding.
  13. I think this may very well be my first post here on the forums. Anyway's I live up here in northern/central california and I got a season pass to Discovery Kingdom Mudusa is the only coaster I really like there. Animal shows are good. that said there's not many good coasters there. So thankfully me, my dad and his girlfriend took a road trip down to LA at the end of june to the 3rd of july. The first day we spent all day at SFMM, we got there just before it opened and were the first three though the front gates. However none of us have been there, so we didn't know what to do or how to get there. We ended up going on perhaps the 2nd ride of Terminator and it was walk-on, me and his girlfriend took the front seat and where the only two on it. Of course there was no audio at all, but there was mist and flames. After that she somehow convinced me to go on Superman with her. I got a fear of heights, so we walked on that and it was a fun but very quick experience. I forgot what we did after that, but I rode collsus twice that day which is a great ride I think and perhaps my favorite wooden coaster I ever been on. We left the park, ate at wendy's down the road and went to our motel room. Me and my dad then go back to the park since he has a season parking pass. I somehow get the balls to go on Tatsu then X2, both of which are great. Though I hate how Tatsu makes me feel like im going to pass out on that huge inside loop. I was expecting negative G's there, not positive ones. Tatsu was a overall disappointment since it did not really feel like flying at all due to the position your in. Still fun though. As for X2, I went on it alone and got lucky enough to ride on the very back, I took the left outer most seat and that ride was amazing. So which seat is actually better for X2? The front, or the back?
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